Passive Income Examples and Resources

passive income examples

Passive income examples and resources you can start using today…

On this page you’ll find a bunch of work from home ideas you can use to start a little side hustle.

Kind of like I have, with this blog. 

By the way, don’t let anyone tell you this online marketing stuff is easy!

Everything is hard before it’s easy. 🙂

Here’s a few recommendation before we start…

  1. Study passive income ideas and learn diligently as you go
  2. Explore passive income streams (some good ones below)
  3. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest (quote below)

Other quick “nuggets of wisdom” before we go on…


If you really want to help the world, realise yourself.

I try to follow a few principles in my life. I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I get it wrong. But I always give it a go. 

Anyways here’s the three friends to help guide any decisions you make…

  1. Truth
  2. Integrity
  3. Humility

We’ve all  met them once or twice. 


Before we get to them passive income examples let’s quickly look at…

Passive Income Definition

I’m guessing you’ve been looking for some work from home ideas or you have a twinkling about how good the whole passive income thing could be, right?

But before we jump into it — we should make sure we kind of know what passive income is.

Some people call it “automated income.”

Others “recurring income.”

Or even “multiple streams of income.”

Some people don’t need to know what to call it!

Passive income is really about doing the “work” once and then getting a “return” on that work every month thereafter.

Passive income, or recurring income streams, can come from:

  1. Royalties for photography, design projects, art, t-shirts etc
  2. Royalties from music, composing, scriptwriting etc
  3. Writing a book, novel, screenplay, Kindle etc.
  4. Vending machines (not sure about this one!)
  5. Promoting (or creating) a cool piece of software
  6. Helping someone set up a website 
  7. Real estate (when you’ve got people paying rent)
  8. Being an affiliate for recurring income products 
  9. What others can you think of?

Or simple monthly commissions for referring a great product like what I’m using here.

Of course there’s an abundance of passive income sources out there.

I’ve narrowed it down to a select few, mainly digital products and/or software.

They are often the easiest to promote. 🙂

10 Easy Passive Income Examples

Here’s 10 “easy” passive income examples – relatively easy anyway (compared to creating art, shooting stock photography or writing a novel!)

These examples below are kind of what I mainly focus on.

Do the work once and get paid for it forever. 🙂

Most of the examples below allow you to sign up to promote their products, without owning or purchasing the actual product or service yourself.

However for Active Campaign you need to be a paid up customer in order to utilise their affiliate, partner, or ambassador program.

I recommend and use Active Campaign for building your email list.



I’m using DropFunnels to run the site you’re on now. Want to start an online business with drag and drop sales funnels? Want a WordPress blog that gets your content found in search engines? DropFunnels wins hands down!

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a fantastic, intuitive email software tool… it helps you set up automated emails so you can send out emails to your customers for the next hundred years on autopilot.  Best autoresponder I’ve ever used!


SEMrush is a specialised search engine optimisation (SEO) tool. So if you are really, really into doing stuff that helps you get ranked in Mr. Google then this tool will likely make you money. A lot of money. 


Bluehost website hosting. These guys are not recurring. (Sad face). But I use them for my (other) websites and have done so for yonks. You can’t really fault them… inexpensive hosting…. 24/7 help desk (I’ve definitely used that a few times!) Highly recommended! Read my review about how to get a free Bluehost domain here.


ConvertKit is another autoresponder type email thing. If you bend towards more creative aspects and need to integrate your stuff with e-commerce, landing pages and membership site providers then these cats are worth a gander.

Ninja Outreach

How to explain something that calls itself NinjaOutreach ?  (Very ninja, by the way). Think of things like influencer marketing, lead generation, and outreach automation tools and you get the drift. Around 20% monthly recurring commission for each customer you refer.

Social Pilot

I love aeroplanes and I love SocialPilot. These cats are experts at social media marketing and scheduling your stuff so it goes out across the Internets and everyone thinks wow you are “everywhere.” 30% recurring commission on each customer you refer.

Google G Suite

Google G Suite – who knew you could get commissions from referring Google Gsuite? Gsuite let’s you create a professional looking business email and has all these other groovy online tools too. Everyone loves Gmail. This is like a way better version of that…


SamCart Heard good things about these guys. They help you run e-commerce websites and have like super optimised checkout pages. Basically if you’re selling anything online and you want to sell a lot more, then these guys are worth a look.


Aweber is a good passive income source for you to get your hands dirty with. They are another email autoresponder and offer 30% lifetime recurring commission on each customer you refer. A lot of new marketers go with these guys. Been around for years.



If you are in need of a stealth link tracker so you can track all your online links then try out ClickMagick. They are probably the grooviest of all. Note: You won’t need them if you decide to get DropFunnels as they have one built in. 


Want to convert up to 300% more sales? Then “use proof.” That’s what these guys do best. Personalise your website without coding and show who is purchasing from you…

So there you go…

Any of the above products or services can potentially help you build a nice monthly income, if you work consistently at it. 🙂

And like we mentioned…


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin


Full transparency: I use my affiliate links for the products mentioned above.

Feel free to check out the “business” behind the affiliate program. An easy Google search can help you with that.

And remember…

passive income examples quote

I have used many of the passive income examples above (except for a few I haven’t tried yet).

Go forth and do great things!

PS. What’s your favourite passive income idea?