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Yep that's my real post box below. You can reach me there via snail mail. Email might be quicker though. Let's stay in touch eh.

Martin Hurley
P.O. Box 1111,
Castlemaine, Victoria,
Australia 3450


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What else?

What do you say on a contact page? (Apart from I love receiving cards, notes and gifts!)

How about I just talk make a quick list of the...


Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Singapore, Myanmar, China (airport), New Zealand, Cambodia, Bali, USA (San Francisco, California, Arizona), Mexico (Tijuana), Nepal (airport), Germany and Poland...

Now for the countries I'd like to go and see...

Europe including Prague and Hungary; South America, Peru, Brazil, Argentina etc, more of China, Hawaii, more of USA, France, Vietnam, Canada, Alaska etc.

Pretty much everywhere eh!

I'm currently studying the German language.

I'm an enthusiastic traveller... who is keen to see airlines using sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) as soon as possible! What's your thoughts on that? Is it going to happen in 2023? Or will we be waiting much longer than that? How can we make it happen much faster?

Drop us a note at my P.O Box above and let me know where you're at!

Or Twitter if that tickles your fancy too.


Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.

- James R Cook, Explorer 1728-1779