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Glad you're here! Because I publish a lot of posts (or at least that's my plan!) they tell me it's best if you organise each post into categories or pods or whatever they call them. So that's what this page is for! It's an overview of everything I publish - from marketing tools to recurring income ideas, and from reviews and interviews to blogging and affiliate marketing!

Just click on any of the little 'tool boxes' below and you'll be taken to the related blog posts for that category. I hope that makes sense! Try it and see if it works for you...

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earnaholic 'Tool Box' categories

Affiliate Marketing

Blog posts related to affiliate marketing and online marketing!

Email Marketing

Curious about email marketing? Want to start building an email list? These posts will help!

Mindset & Ideas

Mindset and ideas for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts like us! Can't wait to go deeper into these!

Blogging & websites

Posts related to blogging, building a blog, creating websites, using WordPress!

Product Reviews

Posts on product reviews & tools and tips that will help you know the product better!

Small business

Small business ideas and so forth for creatives who want to make an impact and work from anywhere while doing it!

Marketing Tools

Posts about marketing tools for your recurring income business, so you get to make an impact!


Random interviews that I sometimes do! More soon but there's a good one in here!

Free printables

Money guides, printable lists, affirmations, printable calendars, planners etc. PDF downloadable!

So that's it! I always love creating design and content! My ultimate current goal with Earnaholic, apart from earning $1k / mo from using AI tools to help me write, is all about who I become as a person from doing it!

That's probably the most important thing. I am also invested (start date 29 April 2022) in the 90 Day Challenge (posting 90 blog posts omg) so I better scurry off and create some more content then!

Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.

- James R Cook, Explorer 1728-1779