40 Weirdly Wonderful Ideas on What to Write About

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by Martin Hurley · Published MAY 2023

creative writing prompts

If you’ve ever been stuck for ideas when it comes to writing, then you know how frustrating it can be. But fear not! Here's a list of 40 weird and wonderful writing ideas that will get your creative juices flowing in no time.

From the wondrous to the downright absurd, these topics are sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

And who knows - one of them might even make you famous or at least help you find fame through Amazon's bestseller lists!

The creative writing ideas

So grab a pen and paper (or laptop), settle down in your favourite armchair, and let your imagination run wild with these 40 creative writing prompts!

1. Write a story about an alien who lands on Earth and has trouble understanding human customs

2. Create an alternate universe set in the future where robots rule over humans

3. Compose a romance novel between two characters from different worlds

4. Draft a short story involving two people being chased by monsters

5. Brainstorm some plot points for a fantasy movie featuring magical creatures like dragons

6. Come up with an idea for a horror novel based on true events from history

7. Develop an interactive game centred around solving puzzles

8. Put together a collection of poems about love, life and loss

9. Create an outline for a science fiction series set on other planets

10. Invent characters and backstories for an adventure story in a world of your own making

creative writing prompts
Writing inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime!

11. Write a post-apocalyptic tale set in the future

12. Design a game show where contestants compete in trivia or puzzles for prizes

13. Imagine a historical novel about an important event from the past

14. Compose the script for your very own sitcom

15. Make up a fairy tale featuring brave heroes and wicked villains

16. Construct a mystery novel with clues, suspects and a thrilling plot twist

17. Develop an instructional guide for beginners on how to write creatively

18. Create a cookbook of all your favourite recipes

19. Come up with a children’s book involving talking animals and their adventures

20. Draft a screenplay centred around everyday life in your hometown

creative writing ideas
Every writing style is different (and unique!)

21. Brainstorm ideas for a non-fiction book about an interesting topic

22. Sketch out a comic book series with dynamic characters and original storylines

23. Draw up plans for a video game featuring futuristic technology and intense action

24. Write a blog post on how to become more productive as a writer

25. Pen a thriller novel with unexpected plot twists and intense suspense

26. Create a collection of short stories with an intriguing theme running through them

27. Write an advice book on how to realise your dreams and stay motivated

28. Make up an epic poem inspired by ancient myths and legends

29. Design the characters, setting and storyline for an animated movie

30. Brainstorm a musical based on real life events or historical figures

creative writing inspiration quote
Choose a creative writing prompt from this page and dip in!

31. Write a travel guide about the places you’ve visited and the stories behind them

32. Construct a choose-your-own-adventure story with multiple endings

33. Draw up plans for a strategy game centred around managing resources

34. Come up with an idea for a self-help book on achieving personal goals

35. Write a play featuring unique characters and intense drama

36. Create a biography about someone you find inspiring

37. Put together a collection of essays discussing topics relevant to today's society

38. Imagine a dystopian novel set in a future ruled by an oppressive regime

39. Compose a personal memoir about your own life experiences

40. Brainstorm an idea for a reality TV show with some crazy twists!

More writing prompts

You now have a bunch of different story ideas to percolate on...

But just in case, here's a few more writing prompts to ponder:

  • Tap into an older diary entry you wrote
  • A dream vacation (that turned upside down)
  • That time you met a pop star
  • About a time your best friend had

Here is my own writing prompt book for those of us who enjoy a physical copy.

Of course, the ideas are the easy part... the real trick now is to actually write and keep going with it until it's complete!

Romance writing prompts

  • Making eye contact with something that looked like it was from outer space
  • Was it really love at first sight (or something else?)

Sci fi writing prompts

  • Found myself in an unusual place (and it definitely wasn't earth!)
  • The main character had green horns and ran straight towards me

Horror writing prompts

  • The horror story that turned into something beyond words
  • The turning point in my life came one night in a building they said was haunted

Tap into your own life experiences and use any writing process you want (whatever works best for you). All of us have different levels of writing skills!

Now it's time to let the ideas flow and start writing...