5 Quirky Printable Alphabet Letter Sets to Download

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by Martin Hurley · Published MAY 2023

free printable letters

Learning the alphabet is a fundamental part of language development, and it's also one of the most enjoyable parts! With our printable alphabet letters, you can have fun while getting to grips with all 26 letters.

Not only do these downloadable PDFs give kids a chance to practice their ABCs in an engaging way but they also offer adults an opportunity to explore some weirdly wonderful font choices.

So let's get to it. Download our free printable letters below and dip your toes into the creative world of typography!

Download the alphabet set

Our free printable alphabet letters have 5 font styles to choose from. They are:

Click on any font specific PDF above to download or...

Download complete set of 5 PDFs here


Paper size: Print ready PDF / US 8.5 x 11 or download as A4

Includes: Printable letter templates.

Shows individual letters of the entire alphabet A-Z.

Useful for: Our free alphabet printables are good for educational needs including parents, teachers, classroom worksheets, kindergarten, preschoolers etc.

Uppercase (apart from Blueberry which is just what it is!)

Looks like ↓

free alphabet template
Ambiguity Inline is our first free alphabet template.

I can easily include some modern sans serif typefaces, classic serif fonts, and some truly unique hand-lettered designs. If you want these, just let me know! 🙂

free printable alphabet letters
Battle Scarred (outline) is part of our free printable alphabet letters.

I'm sure it's also possible to add fun illustrations that will get your kids excited about learning their ABCs too. If that's something you might find useful, let me know.

How to use the printable alphabet templates

To use our alphabet letter worksheets just download at the link above. Then print on your home printer or local shop / library at US or A4 size.

Then you can use them to your heart's content...

School ideas... colouring in... letter practise... alphabet recall... crafts... decorating... you get the idea!

free printable letters
Blueberry is the only free printable in (mostly) lowercase letters!

More project ideas

These printable alphabet letters can be used for a variety of projects, from making greeting cards to creating unique artwork.

The possibilities are endless... you can even get your kids to trace them or trim / cut around them and explore creating new words.

With these printable alphabet font templates at your fingertips, learning the ABCs should be fun!

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- Richard Bach.