What are the best marketing tools?

What are the best marketing tools to use, and which (online) tools can make your life easier?

On this page you'll find a curated list of the tools I use and strongly recommend for managing, organising and staying productive with your online business.

I use some of these tools myself and others I've come across over time. Are they the best marketing tools online? I'd like to think so, but everyone is different! Either way, I hope they help you out.

If you do click through and purchase please note I may earn a small commission. (Won't cost you any more). I've notated the marketing tools that I affiliate so you know.

Out of the marketing tools below, I've got a few favourite tools I use on a daily basis, for example - I wrote this in DropFunnels, so thats an online tool that I'd happily recommend! You'd be surprised how few tools it takes to run an online business!

These are all online marketing tools.

best marketing tools

the best marketing tools for daily use

What are the best marketing tools for daily use? Well... it depends on what you need to do, and what your goals are. For me I blog, produce content for my authority websites and so forth. But there's a handful of online marketing tools I generally use everyday. Those tools include...


I created this whole website with DropFunnels. Running on WordPress, it's one of the best (& fastest) all in one tools (hybrid sales funnels, memberships and authority sites etc) I've ever used!

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ActiveCampaign gives me a '10,000 foot' view.  Drop emails into an automation, choose what day, date, and precise time I want someone to receive them, & it'll flick out those emails over the next 6 months or so, totally on autopilot!

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Jasper AI

After using the Jasper AI tool (I know!) I haven't spent a cent on writers. Jasper does the bulk of creating content for me. It's great at content starting ideas and WAY more. You won't believe your eyes!

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is great for managing things, productivity tools, and using a gmail type email setup that features your business name / domain. Really, really good.

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UberSuggest is the king of SEO and keyword research. I probably use it way too much. It stays open in my Chrome tab. One of my best investments! (Only A$29 / month which I think is good for such a comprehensive keyword tool!)


If you're not quite ready to invest in sales funnels then ConvertKit have an excellent free sales page builder. Add in your domain and you'll be live within minutes!

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Do you know that I can pretty much run my online marketing business for about A$170.00 a month? That includes the 6 marketing tools above (including the free version of ConvertKit).

Having said that... I haven't factored in my domain names, using the Canva graphics tool pro version, Google Drive, internet connectivity and so forth.

But still... you can run an online marketing business for less than A$200 a month!!


I hate to say it but Spencer from Buildapreneur is a genius for all things when it comes to online marketing. He has some of the best affiliate marketing training free on the internets. Jealous. A little.

Anyways... If you're still wondering what are the best marketing tools then have a look at Spencer's smorgasboard...

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the best email marketing tools


As I mentioned above ActiveCampaign has amazing automation features. You can 'set and forget' it once you've written your emails. Note to self: send more emails!

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GetResponse are another email marketing tool that you might like to check out. They offer free marketing tools like a website builder, email automations, conversion funnels and so forth. They also have a customer success team that speak 8 languages and are online 24/7. Cool eh?

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A cool email marketing tool. Been around longer than all of us. I used to use Aweber then moved to ActiveCampaign. Worth a look to compare pricing and features...

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Like we mentioned, ConvertKit do email marketing, landing pages, automation and more. Particularly good for creative types. Have some great low cost plans!

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I use ActiveCampaign and love it. But Aweber is another option for a good email marketing tool. ConvertKit still does email but it also does landing pages, and sort of focuses on the creative entrepreneurs amongst us!

Usually paying per year is slightly cheaper than paying monthly for these marketing tools. (I pay ActiveCampaign yearly). If you really want to keep costs to a minimum use the ConvertKit free page builder until you are making consistent sales.

the best content creation tools


DropFunnels is in the best content creation tools because it's great for creating content! Create blogs, authority websites, membership sites, sales funnels and even SMS your customers. Need I say more?

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Jasper AI

Jasper won't replace ALL your writing. But it can spark new ideas, generate blog ideas, social media hooks, maybe even write most of your new book! You still need to tickle in your voice though!

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Konker is the (cheaper) people's version of Fiverr! Not specifically a content creation tool but Konker allows you to hire people who will happily do your graphics, SEO, marketing and audio and visuals.

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I'm sure there's many more content creation tools out there. As I find the best ones I'll add them in here ok!

I only use a few select tools for my online marketing business:

  • DropFunnels
  • Jasper AI tool
  • UberSuggest
  • ActiveCampaign

Still... sometimes you need graphic design done, a logo here or there, transcripts, and other bits and bods. We'll explore a few of these next...

the best social media marketing tools


NinjaOutreach lets you find the best influencers on Instagram or Youtube etc for your marketing needs. It's like a powerful influencer social engine on the web, made for you!

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Proof is about conversion and credibility which is everything online. Show how many people registered, bought something, signed up etc, through little popups on the bottom of your screen. It works like gangbusters!

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SocialPilot lets you manage and publish ALL your social media posts, and see who is clicking and who saw what. HootSuite and Buffer do a similar thing but SocialPilot costs less.

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In a world of social media where almost everyone has an iPhone and millions of photos and posts are uploaded every minute (second?) to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (etc) it can really help to use some of the social media marketing tools above!

Especially if you find your images and posts getting lost in the noise. Finding a enthusiastic influencer might just be the thing your online business needs!

On the other side of the coin, having (or showing) proof that people are buying your products or services or signing up to your courses and programs is also a smart move. This is where UseProof comes in!

This generation is drowning in information but starving for motivation. Sometimes all it takes is to start.

- Russell Brunson

other helpful tools


If you’re selling digital products online, you need an easy way to boost conversions, maximise customer value and run your business without worrying about technology. This is what SamCart does!

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ClickFunnels is probably the most well known sales funnel builder tool on the planet. Built for entrepreneurs and everyone else, it allows you to create great sales funnels to sell your products or services, without getting too tech!

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Legendary Marketer

If you want to know how to do marketing online then Legendary Marketer is it. I did their Business Builder 15 day challenge and got to learn heaps. David Sharpe knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

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I know when we start thinking about what are the best marketing tools online it can be a bit of a guessing game and it's easy to go down a rabbit burrow for weeks and wonder if you're actually getting anywhere!

Enough of that that damn rabbit burrow! Some marketers are just so good at showing off their shiny new tools that it's probably best to keep well away from them!

This is why I tend to limit my Facebook time now... way too much noise there... how is it serving you? I tend to dip into Twitter a little, and use Instagram for my art photography.

The rest of my precious time I use to create content / art and recharge / nature time. This is why I suggest only using the 3-4 tools like I use.

In my humble opinion, if you want the best free online marketing knowledge look at Miles Beckler on Youtubes. He has like 600 videos and each is a huge learning experience in itself. Watch him once a day then go off and create your thing!

the best graphic and design tools


Canva is an amazing graphic design tool. You can actually turn into a graphic designer overnight! (Well, almost!) Gazillions of templates, good fonts, photos, graphics etc. The free version is great too. Canva Pro is A$165.00 a year but is worth it for me.


Pixabay is one of my 'go to' free stock photo sites for any sort of illustrations or photos you need. They have a great selection of images that don't look like they were set up using perfect models and all that BS. Pixabay is my hidden secret!


ILovePDF is basically every tool you need to work with PDFs in one place. It is really good for reducing the size of PDFs and/or merging PDFs and way more cool things. It's just an overall really useful website, so I had to include it here!

If you're thinking that all these marketing tools are going to cost you the world, think again. if you're really on a budget, you can always use alternative tools:

If you need a website, you can always use Carrd which allows you to build fully responsive, one page sites. (You can use the ConvertKit free version too).

Need to edit photos? Use the Canva free version. Want to build your brand? Use Twitter for that. For selling your stuff, Gumroad works pretty good. And if you want to write then use Google Docs.

All the excuses you've been making have just been solved. 

the best website hosting tools


WPEngine is probably what I'd use if I wasn't using DropFunnels! It is WordPress specific web hosting that is known to be fast, and rocks some nice themes. Starts at A$38 / month. Food for thought if you want to go the WordPress route...

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I used BlueHost for many moons and they were always pretty good. They have some low cost website hosting plans that start at A$4.00 / month. They have an easy WordPress website builder thing too. See for yourself.

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ElegantThemes call themselves the most popular WordPress themes in the world. 800K+ people around the world use them. They use a WordPress page builder called Divi and have flashy looking website templates. Have a peek.

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Still wondering what are the best marketing tools?

You should be quite clear now! But, yep, I know there's multitudes of different online marketing tools available. I'm not saying the tools on this page are what will zoom you to massive success! But they might help a bit. And every bit helps.

Other references coming shortly: Namecheap, SemRush, Thrive Themes, World Wide Brands, Clean My Mac, CreativeLive and Udemy.

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- James R Cook, Explorer 1728-1779