Are You Using This Printable Calendar by Month (PDF) Yet?

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by Martin Hurley · Published April 2023

printable monthly calendar

Printable monthly calendars are a great way to stay organised and on top of your schedule. But don't just limit yourself to using them for the standard list of errands and tasks - there are fun and creative ways you can use these helpful tools too!

From creating art projects to planning surprise parties, monthly and yearly calendars offer endless possibilities for getting things done in an exciting way.

Whether you're looking for unique ways to plan out your day or want something more entertaining than crossing off items from a boring checklist, here's some fun and crazy ideas that will make it easy (and enjoyable) to get things done...

But before all that, I bet you're hungry to start using your free printable calendars!

Download the printable monthly calendar

So here they are...

Below is your printable 12 month calendar for 2022. (2023 calendar on its way!)

Just download each blank month calendar for the year (1 month to a page), or download all 12 months together.

printable 2022 calendar
The top part of our printable 2022 calendar!

→ Calendar details

Portrait orientation.

PDF calendars (may create a Word template at some stage)

Design: Super simple calendar template with notes.

Size: 8.5 x 11 inch Letter (US) / Can easily download as A4 size format.

Print settings: Normal (if there's such a thing)

Important dates: Not included (but let me know if you need them!)

Week starts: Sunday to Monday

printable 2022 calendar with notes
What the notes part of our 2022 calendar looks like.

More printable calendars here on our printables for free page including yearly calendars, school calendars and other calendars that look gorgeous when printed!

free printable calendar
Lock in some outdoors exercise time on your free printable calendar!

Now for those ideas

Remember how we talked about all the different ways you could use a printable monthly calendar? Well, here's some ideas on that...

1. Create a theme for each month. Pick a different colour, type of food or holiday to make each month special and interesting. For example, March could be green in honour of St. Patrick's Day or December could be chocolatey in celebration of the holidays!

2. Plan surprise parties or dinners for your friends and family. What better way to make sure you're prepared for a special occasion than with a printable calendar? Jot down some ideas and mark the date that works best for everyone involved.

3. Play "Calendar Scavenger Hunt." Designate different places in your home or neighbourhood, then search them on specific days of the month. Put your calendar to work and plan out a route for each month that you can follow as part of a fun game with family or friends!

4. Use it for tracking pet milestones. Many people like to commemorate the births, adoptions, vaccinations and other important events in their pet's life by marking them on the calendar with special stickers or decorations.

5. Make it a movie night every month by assigning different movies to watch on different days of the calendar. Pick out some favourites for each month and turn them into a fun family activity!

6. Start an art project with your kids that you can work on throughout the entire year. Hang the finished product up in the hallway or give it away as a gift.

7. Create fun challenges for yourself and your family members. Make each month themed around something different, like trying out a new recipe every week or participating in an outdoor activity on the weekends.

printable calendars monthly
It's important to plan for some adventures too!

Printables for free?

Why not? 🙂

Printable monthly calendars are so much more than just a way to keep track of your errands and tasks. With a few creative ideas, you can make them into a fun and exciting way to stay organised!

From surprise parties to art projects and scavenger hunts, these free printable calendars are sure to keep you busy all year long. So get creative and put them to work!

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