About me

Hi, my name is Martin Hurley.

I’m a Bob Proctor Alumni, photographer, Youtuber (always working on bettering my vids!) and adventure freak into innovation, aerial photography, healthy lifestyles and happy planets, currently living in beautiful Victoria, Australia.

I always wanted to create a home (ie this website) where I could experiment with helping other creative people find good recurring income ideas and expand my knowledge by helping them.

So here at Earnaholic I tell stories of adventure and document the recurring income journey in all its different shapes and forms. Even the weird stuff!

I guess you could say I’m on a journey to discover how to help people really live a "rich life" or something like that!

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I write too many notes


I write too many notes! I'm always jotting things down... Something about getting it out of your head and on to paper. This is probably why I'm always creating printables, worksheets, to-do lists and more!

Current projects

My current project and goal is to earn $1k + a month from using human edited, AI assisted tools. I've actually been using an AI writing tool called Jasper for a couple of months and it's mind blowing!

The thing is, the AI tool is just your "pet" assistant - you need to teach it how to write! (I'm still learning... but it definitely allows me to speed up my productivity!)

Jasper has read a good deal of the internets so he can be a great research buddy too.

He's also really quick at delivering content... much faster than me! He can write content in a way that is very readable and in a bunch of different styles too, like helpful, fun, serious, witty (etc).

It's amazing times for AI tools and all!

I recommend you look into what these amazing tools can do for you... especially if you create content, are a freelancer, writer, copywriter or entrepreneur!


People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.

- F. M. Alexander.