20 Affirmations of Gratitude That Can Bring More Joy Into Your Life

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by Martin Hurley · Published March 2023

positive affirmations

Gratitude is a powerful force that can have an immense impact on our lives. It helps us to focus on the positive and appreciate what we have, rather than dwelling on the negative or feeling like we don’t have enough.

Practicing gratitude can lead to greater happiness, better relationships, improved mental health, and even physical benefits such as reduced stress levels and increased energy.

Here are 20 gratitude affirmations that will help you find more joy in life!

Gratitude affirmations to use

1. I am grateful for the many blessings in my life.

2. I take time each day to appreciate what I have and express gratitude.

3. I choose to focus on the good and be thankful for it all.

4. I am so fortunate to have such loving relationships in my life.

5. I am eternally grateful for the amazing opportunities that come my way.

6. I am thankful for all of the difficulties in my life; they have made me stronger.

7. I appreciate the simple pleasures in life and all of the beauty around me.

8. Each day is a gift filled with countless blessings for which I am thankful.

9. I recognise the abundance that surrounds me and give thanks for it every day.

10. I am grateful for my talents and abilities, and all of the ways they help me to achieve my goals.

11. I take time to appreciate the small joys in life that bring me so much happiness.

12. I am thankful for the experiences in life that have shaped me into the person I am today.

13. I find joy and thankfulness in every moment of my life, no matter how difficult it may seem.

14. I am grateful for all of the support and encouragement I receive from those around me.

15. I express appreciation for the wonderful people and things in my life that bring me joy.

16. Every day, I look for new sources of gratitude and happiness within myself and in the world around me.

17. I let go of frustration and stress, allowing myself to relax into a state of thankfulness.

18. I take delight in the beauty of nature and give thanks for its manifold blessings.

19. I look for opportunities to show appreciation to those around me in meaningful ways.

20. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for all that life has given me.

Affirmations for success are positive statements that we can use to help us focus on our goals and achieve success.

gratitude affirmations
Gratitude affirmations keep you in tune with the moon!

Positive affirmations

You can also make up positive affirmations that best suit your needs. For example, I often say quietly to myself; "green light, smooth flow" when I am in my vehicle approaching traffic lights or a busy intersection!

Or when I'm looking for a car spot in a packed car park...

Seems to work for me, most of the time!

manifestation affirmations
Start by affirming the thing or experience you want to manifest!

It's really just positive self talk where I'm asking for things to move and flow smoothly, and work out in a good way.

Better to have positive thoughts floating around your head than negative thoughts, right?

Manifestation affirmations

Of course, other factors come into play with the effectiveness of affirmations.

Things like self acceptance, self love, having a positive attitude and abundance mindset, plus your ability to reduce any negative self talk will help too!

The amazing thing about affirmations of self worth and gratitude is that you are in control of them and you can use them whenever you want.

You can wake up in the morning with them or spend 5 minutes at the end of the day just thinking a few good things that you'd like to see come to fruition.

I do it everyday... weird I know, but I'm sure it structures my thinking process!

dream life positive energy
Dive deep into your imagination to visualise your dream life.

It's all happening at exactly the right time

Gratitude affirmations rock!

Choose one out of the list above or make up your own.

Like this...

I radiate positive energy wherever I go.

I nourish myself with self care and positive self esteem.

Exciting beginnings are happening for me.

Embrace a positive attitude and visualise the dream life that you want!