Use Our Grid-it Printable Grid Paper for Amazing Drawings!

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by Martin Hurley · Published April 2023

grid paper with dots

Are you looking for a creative way to express yourself, make your work stand out and draw whatever you want?

Because our "Grid-It" (clever name, eh?) printable grid paper is a handy tool for taking notes, drawing, or even practising your alphabet!

Whether you’re a teacher looking for an exciting new way to engage students in learning, or an artist searching for inspiration...

Read on to discover all of the cool ways you can use (and download) our grid paper!

But first...

Download the grid paper

Here's what it looks like... ↓

free grid paper printable
Our Grid-It paper (dot paper) is great for students, artists or teachers.

→ The PDF details

Paper size: Print ready PDF / US 8.5 x 11 or download as A4

Includes: Lots and lots of dots.

Details: The grid / graph paper is good for charting, flexible enough for pencil and pen games, or some people just like the simplicity of connecting dots.

Download the Grid-It grid paper PDF here

Looking for printable graph paper?

Note: Grid-It also has an older brother called Graph-It... Graph-It is printable graph paper you can download on this page. 🙂

Graph-It looks like this... ↓

grid graph paper
Graph-It is free printable graph paper made up of little squares.

How to use the grid paper

The easiest way to use the grid paper (also called dot paper) is by downloading it as a PDF and then printing it out. So you'll need a printer for this.

Once you have it ready you can use it in a variety of ways.

It's really handy for freestyle drawing, practising letters of the alphabet, craft projects, taking class notes, and multitudes of other things.

engineering graph paper
My postcard photo view from beautiful Queensland, Australia!

You can use your grid / graph paper for...

Note taking

Grid paper is handy for taking notes while listening to lectures or speeches. It’s an easy way to keep track of important information and to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Plus, the lines help create a visual structure that can help you better organise your thoughts. (And if you like to doodle while you listen, it's great for that too!)


You can also practise hand lettering and brush calligraphy on the lines of the grid paper. (Helpful if you're keen to learn calligraphy).

The lines (dots) help you maintain an even width and they also aid in the development of your lettering skills.

Drawing and sketching

Grid paper is great for artists too. Use it to draw symmetrical shapes, create patterns, practising cartoons and caricatures, design logos, or penning amazing architectural wonders!

There's always heaps of fun things to draw!

I know some people like to 'free style' with no guides, but there's some of us out there who find grid paper can help us to draw more accurately.

It's especially great for those who like a bit of structure in their drawings and need help with getting proportions just right.


You can also use our printable graph paper (and grid) to write letters. Writing a letter can be daunting, but our grid paper makes it easier to get started. The lines provide a structure that can help you create well-crafted letters with ease!

In fact, maybe I will design some alphabet based graph paper next... 💡

Hopefully your needs fit with the standard graph paper, or grid paper (or just call it dot paper if you want!) variations on this page.

If you want something a bit more detailed (like different engineering graph paper styles or quad paper), let me know!

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

- Pablo Picasso.