How to Start Affiliate Marketing - Blog Notes & Life Hacks!

This blog is not all about how to start affiliate marketing! 🙂

It’s way more than that!  I thrive on helping people come up with creative business ideas… (my super power I guess). But why affiliate marketing?

I use that term loosely but what I really mean is passive income, or automated income, that is - doing the work once and getting paid (hopefully) forever!

And affiliate marketing just happens to fit into that niche pretty well.

My goal at Earnaholic is to dig deeper into documenting the journey, the crazy ups and downs, the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and the days where you just want to take time off and go do something else!

I like to think some of the passive income ideas we talk about are something you can use too…


I'm not big on the old dinosaur concept of working 9-5.

I think we need to be in control of our own life & business.

So you can work when you want and go where you want.

So you can do amazing creative work that adds value to the world.

It's not the easy road.

But it needs to be done.


You must be willing to leave the life you planned in order to find the one waiting for you.  

- Joseph Campbell


So what's your vision?

What's your dream?

What's stopping you from achieving it?

Maybe we can work together to help each other achieve it!

I've found that in the online marketing business sometimes you end up doing the wrong things in order to find out the RIGHT things. 🙂

But that's probably just me.

Plus being consistent at one thing makes all the difference in the world.

I also love the freedom of being able to write whatever I want to!

I don't always get my words right.

Coming up with a good headline can take hours.

Sometimes no one sees what you do.

But it's still worth it, in my books.

In the meanwhile, feel free to keep in touch and say hi!


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