ClickFunnels What is it? Why This WordPress Tool is Better

clickfunnels what is it

When it comes to ClickFunnels - what is it exactly? And what is this new WordPress tool which seems to be faster, ranks your websites in Google, let’s you build authority site and sales funnels as well?

Full disclosure: when you use my link I earn a small commission on the purchase. 🙂

Did you know that, every month, 59,000 people search Google for the word ‘clickfunnels’ and 368,000 people search for ‘wordpress’?

Weird, right?

Or amazing, depending how you look at it.

They also ask questions like…

clickfunnels what is it
Why is DropFunnels better than ClickFunnels?

We’ll talk about “DropFunnels” in a bit.

As for ClickFunnels, there’s no doubting its brilliance.

If you know ClickFunnels, you’ll know it’s masterful at allowing you to create any marketing sales funnels you want on this planet.

Even a simple dude like me can use ClickFunnels with ease.

In fact there’s a whole tribe of ‘funnelhackers’ out there right now squeezing every bit of ‘marketing’ juice possible out of every sales funnel in existence!

But before we dig deep into this new “WordPress tool,” let’s look at what ClickFunnels actually does…

What does ClickFunnels do?

So what does ClickFunnels do?

Apart from re-marketing to you anywhere you are in the world that is. 🙂

What it does is allow you to create marketing sales funnels, and it’s sort of mastered the whole AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) thing.

Attracting a tribe of obsessed enthusiasts along the way.

How it works (simple version) is that the ClickFunnels founders figured that a website by itself, just wasn’t going to cut it.

Because we all need a way to make sales right?

For example…

Take a peek at some of the ‘generic’ blogs or websites out there.

You’ll see they have a gazillion distracting links to everything under the sun.

Kind of like this little website below.

A million different links, right?

clickfunnels what is it - website header
Great website, with a million options…

It’s not a super bad thing to have all these links.

After all, you’ve got to let the world know what you do, right?

It just makes it a bit harder for your customer to take one specific action step. (Like buy your stuff, or opt in to your newsletter).

A website like this, like say WordPress or Square Space etc, can do great at ranking in Google and talking up your products and services…

But not so great at actually getting the sale…

Or leading a ‘prospect’ through a sales process to become a ‘customer.’

So the ClickFunnels posse burnt some midnight oil and pondered and thought how can we make this better.

And voila, the idea of ClickFunnels was born.

When it comes to your self-improvement and education, spend whatever you must.

~ Grant Cardone

And so ClickFunnels took off like a vegan hot dog stand in New York city! (Do they still have hot dog stand in the big apple?)

Anyways, I’m sure you get my nerd speak.

Everyone and their dog is now using ClickFunnels (or ClickFunnel alternatives) and if they’re not, they’re probably not making as many sales as they could be.

So hopefully that answers the question of what does ClickFunnels do!

Of course the ClickFunnels team are no dummies – they evolved to offer a whole bunch of cool, enticing add ons…

Those things that make you more coin, like one click up-sells and down-sells…

They’ve finely honed their testing so they know the exact 17 billion colour combinations for the right ‘buy’ button or email subject lines.

So after heaping all that praise, this ‘better tool’ must be cooler, right?!

Before that, let’s answer the question: what is ClickFunnels used for?

What is ClickFunnels used for?

So what is ClickFunnels used for?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel tool, so what that means is it can step you through the process from curiosity to purchase.

Kind of like the way a shop assistant might greet you when you walk into a boutique or clothing store.

They ask how you are, and inquire what you’re after, how they can help. They then guide you to the thing you’re after, and if they’re friendly and the price and time is right, maybe you buy.

However you got interrupted by Mr. Johnny Baker with his scrumptious, oven fresh croissants…

I mean, who can refuse, right?

So what do you do?

Well you get that croissant, right! (Priorities!)

This is why a good sales funnel will snap up your details in the first step.

That’s so they can follow up with you later down the track, because they knew how good those croissants were.

The fortune is in the follow up.

So that’s kind of what ClickFunnels does.

It’s like having a digital sales assistant that steps you through the sales process, from the point of interest to decision.

Sure, there’s other sales funnel tools that’ll do a similar thing, and we’ll get to the one I think is a much better ClickFunnels alternative in a minute!

But first, let’s answer this…

Can ClickFunnels replace your website?

A great question to ask.

There’s a gazillion people out there using ClickFunnels and probably doing real good with it.

But ClickFunnels is not an ideal replacement for your website.

ClickFunnels is good at what it does – helping you build marketing sales funnels, but it doesn’t have the SEO capabilities and ability to rank websites in Google…

Or create rockin’ blogs or value-driven authority sites!

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

~ Bruce Lee

The success of ClickFunnels has been in their ability to focus on ONE thing (ie help you create marketing funnels) and do that thing really well.

You might notice that ClickFunnels doesn’t talk itself up as a SEO tool, an authority site expert, or a blogging tool, right?

They focus on what they do best.

So anyways…

Why I cancelled ClickFunnels

So recently I cancelled ClickFunnels. Definitely wasn’t using their tool as much as it was meant to be used.

You can call me a tool for not totally utilising their software tool! 🙂

Considering it cost me AU$140/m then I probably should have been!

But anyhoo…

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

~ Gretchen Robin

Just some big life changes going on, nothing much to see.

Honestly though I’d rather be writing than figuring out how to build sales funnels…

And get this – wouldn’t you rather be doing stuff that’s going to get you noticed and ranked in Google…

Than pushing out sales funnels that have zero chance of getting ranked?

So after that rant, let’s talk about this ‘drop funnels’ thing…

So what Is DropFunnels then?

DropFunnels is the new kid on the block.

Like just launched new. Still in the ‘iron out the kinks’ phase.

drop funnels review
What DropFunnels is kind of about.

Of course, I’m sure the “concept” of DropFunnels was percolating for years in the brain of Jordan Mederich (the founder)!

DropFunnels describes itself as the ultimate online marketing system – and I guess it is, because it kind of mixes ClickFunnels with WordPress…

So now you have a tool that bloggers can happily use…

And authority site builders…

Not to mention marketing sales funnel enthusiasts…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate for (and use) DropFunnels and I’d be happy to introduce it to you! Click here for your free 14 day trial.

So like I was saying, DropFunnels has a sales funnel builder and landing pages (just like ClickFunnels does)…

Except it’s built on the WordPress framework…

Which is COOL!

If you love WordPress you know what I mean.

I know it sounds like the great funnel wars, but there’s a point to it all.

If you’ve used WordPress you’ll know how EASY is it to use.

DropFunnels also allows you to have a SEO (search engine optimisation) blogging platform which means your blog or website can potentially RANK in Google.

This should be music to your ears.

I’m seeing some crazy results that people are seeing much faster page loading times for their DropFunnels pages (funnels) compared to everything else!

Do I need to tell you how important this is?

Please do your due diligence on this. I’m just going by feedback in the DropFunnels Facebook group.

And by the way…

Nobody has time to wait until a page loads anymore.

If your page or funnel takes like 3-9 seconds to load then they’re gone.

Remember your customer is only one click away from more Youtubes, or getting as far away from the Internets as possible! 🙂

clickfunnels what is it - country bicycle
My cousin has mastered 'away from screen' time!

So you might be wondering:

Why is DropFunnels better than ClickFunnels?

Why is DropFunnels better than ClickFunnels?

We could debate this until the cows come home.

But in a nutshell, DropFunnels will give you faster loading pages, easier to build funnels (just drag and drop), and a whole marketing system in one: website, blog, sales funnels, SEO…

And all that for half the price of ClickFunnels.

Just to clarify that pricing:

There are three DropFunnels plans: $49/m Lite Plan, $99/m Starter Plan, and the Agency 10 Plan at $299/m.

So we asked: ClickFunnels what is it? at the start so I hope I didn’t bamboozle you even more than necessary!

And we’ve covered why this WordPress based tool (DropFunnels) is better…

Like I said, you can create authority sites, blog like crazy and rank in search, as well as use sales funnels… to your heart’s content!

Plus it’s based on WordPress framework which a gazillion people use, including The New Yorker, Beyonce, Katy Perry, etc.

And WordPress is easy to use (I’m hammering this out with it!)

So if authority sites are your thing, or you just love to write, and you also want to build a list of passionate fans…

Then go take a quick peek at DropFunnels.

So thanks for reading and let me know when you get it OK!