DropFunnels Review 2022: is DropFunnels Really Worth it?

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by Martin Hurley · UPDATED AUG 29, 2022

dropfunnels review 2022

Did you know you could say goodbye to all the costly add-ons and time suck that afflicts most online businesses by moving to DropFunnels? Find out how in this DropFunnels review...

Switching from another funnel service provider or website host might seem like a difficult task at first glance – until you take into account how much money and freedom there is with the DropFunnels platform.

In fact, the average user saves $2300 per year by cancelling ClickFunnels, Kartra, WordPress hosting (including themes and plugins), and more!

Cool eh?

Anyhoo, let's find out what makes DropFunnels tick...

What is DropFunnels?

DropFunnels is the world’s first and only, all-in-one, tech-free, drag and drop, unlimited marketing system to grow your online business on WordPress.

Note: So you know, I'm a DropFunnels affiliate (who uses DropFunnels), and I earn a small commission when you use my link to try out their product. 🙂

dropfunnels review 2022
Our DropFunnels review shows you the options available...

So, in a nutshell, DropFunnels is…

A no code, no tech, launch in 5 minutes, sales funnel builder that lets you easily build landing pages, run your online business website, and way more...

And today we're going to explore if it's worth your time to use it!

Right off the top here's what stands out about DropFunnels...

You can...

  • Rank your sales funnels
  • Use unlimited sales funnels
  • Use search engine optimised tools (SEO)
  • Host your website/s too (yay!)

But what is DropFunnels exactly?

Because DropFunnels is a 'Swiss army knife' tool it's hard to define it exactly!

Is it an online marketing software tool?

A landing page builder?

Is it aimed at bloggers who want to optimise their content to rank in Google?

And probably the most important question of all...

Can you run an online business with it?

Glancing at DropFunnels from the 'outside' it's hard to see what lies within.

But as a marketing, blogging, membership, funnel building machine that is powered by WordPress, it does tick a lot of those entrepreneur boxes.

A good way to see what it does is by taking a peek here.

Basically it's a marketing tool that allows you to create blog posts, authority websites, hybrid sales funnels, memberships (etc), and so forth.

It also has some other rather attractive benefits...

  • Runs on WordPress
  • Fast page and post loading speeds
  • No plugins and updates required (hosting is included)

All for one monthly price (starts at $49.00 / month).

All the features for your online business?

If you've ever used WordPress then you may know that most self hosting websites involve frequent updates.

We'll talk more about this later but basically you can chew through a lot of time and money making sure you've got the right plugins and an updated website!

The thing about DropFunnels is that hosting is included.

That means you can now focus on creating content and not get bogged down in the hassle of tech stuff!

Which is great, but, why would you use DropFunnels when there are so many other excellent marketing tools available to you?

Why use DropFunnels?

Wherever you are in your journey - influencer, solopreneur, entrepreneur, blogger, work-from-homer, freelancer, the fundamental basics still work.

You basically need...

  • A domain
  • Website hosting
  • Simple WordPress theme
  • 50 to 100+ blog posts
  • Decent paying / converting affiliate program
  • Some sort of email marketing

This can get you a recurring monthly income.

But it also depends where you're at, and what you want to achieve online. 🙂

So yeah, why use DropFunnels, when you could use others like the ClickFunnels funnel builder or the popular DIVI WordPress theme?

Well... I can probably only speak for myself here.

dropfunnels review 2022
A basic view of the DropFunnels membership site.

A great sales funnel builder?

Before DropFunnels I self hosted with WordPress for years - and the constant need to duct-tape things together to make them work was insane!

Throw in all the 'essential' business tools too, especially if you want to have some resemblance of professionalism, and costs pile up...

  • Sales funnel websites $$$
  • Professional website themes
  • Website plugins (as needed)
  • Website hosting (can cost $10-$200+ a month)
  • Link trackers (so you know your statistics!)
  • Search Engine Optimisation plugins (like the Yoast SEO $ plugin)
  • Your precious time saved! (No C-panel, CSS, hosting setup, plugin updates!)

What is your time worth to you? 🙂

To me the obvious solution was to use DropFunnels for the sake of simplicity and to save time (and money!)

Is DropFunnels worth it?

Is DropFunnels worth $49.00 a month? ($97.00 a month for two websites).

As a DropFunnels user, one thing I really like is not having to update plugins or pay for things like link trackers or WordPress themes!

Plus, you can easily create landing pages and sales funnels for your online business.

It depends of course, if building high-quality sales funnels is your thing, or you have a totally different vision in mind. 🙂

But, hey, if you currently...

  • Update your website’s plugins or core functionality
  • Deal with your hosting live chat when your website is down
  • Add code to make something work
  • Make sure not to 'bloat' your website with plugins

Then you'd do well to at least consider DropFunnels!

Sure - each marketing tool has it's own speciality...

But compared to using some of the other tools (ie; ClickFunnels), DropFunnels does a LOT more for less (ie; authority website, blog, SEO, hybrid funnels, SMS, etc!)

dropfunnels pricing plans
The current DropFunnels pricing plans.

Is it an affordable funnel builder?

This depends on your specific digital marketing needs...

$49 is about equal to 10 vanilla oat milk lattes every month. 🙂

(They're kind of pricey here in Australia!)

Alternatively ClickFunnels is $97 a month.

But with DropFunnels you can rank your funnels...

And search engine optimize the heck out of your website or blog...

How much are you prepared to invest into your online business?

Can DropFunnels run my website?

Pretty much.

But first…

We’re not saying DropFunnels is the magic bullet

Although it's a fast loading WordPress rocket that will help rank your content in search engines, it's no DIVI theme with award winning design elements. (Although that could be just my lack of design skills!)

You may be hesitant to switch to DropFunnels at first, but I found it easily replaced my current website page builder.

As well as being easier to use, it seemed to have more features and templates available.

Plus, the customer support is fantastic (the co-founder is readily available in the DropFunnels Facebook group) and always willing to help.

That said, DropFunnels can and will do a great job of replacing your current WordPress page builder, blog, or ClickFunnels sales funnel.

Why did they create DropFunnels?

The story goes that the co-founder, Jordan Mederich, pondered some simple questions, after being frustrated with what was currently available...

Why can’t funnel building be easy? (And what if it was?)

What if it was based on WordPress? (A hugely popular website tool).

Out of the weeds blossomed DropFunnels - an 'all in one' tool with options for building a website that was easy to use, without all of the extra bells and whistles. A marketing tool affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What it turned into is a unique, simple, easy-to-use platform that doesn’t require any coding or design experience. You can create a professional website in minutes, without having to learn any complex software.

Plus, at $49 / month it's possible for anyone to get started online.

DropFunnels is fast loading, all-in-one sales funnel and SEO website builder tool that runs on WordPress. As a marketing tool it benefits online entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, bloggers and work from home folks (etc) because they can build an authority website and sales funnels quickly with no technical know how needed. I use it for this blog / website you're on now. 🙂

Challenges with current funnel builders

One of the huge issues with current funnel builders is...

  • Not optimised (SEO) for search engines like Google
  • Slow loading sales funnel (people leave quickly)
  • Costly and expensive sales funnels
  • No blog or authority website ability (hard to build a brand)
  • Restrictions on design, leads, contacts, funnels, etc

Of course, some folks don’t want their funnel to rank. I personally LOVE to see my content ranking in Google!

Some people will disagree with me but if you're going to put your precious time and effort into an online business then why not strive to get your content to rank?

But anyhoo...

DropFunnels review pricing

You may be wondering about the DropFunnels pricing…

The DropFunnels price is a no-brainer for what you get.

But... you really need something to compare the DropFunnels pricing with. Otherwise the price is a little random.

Basically though, the DropFunnels pricing is as follows:

  • DropFunnels Lite Plan $49.00 a month
  • DropFunnels Starter Plan $97.00 a month
  • DropFunnels Agency 10 Plan $297.00 a month

The DropFunnels Lite Plan was created to receive up to 10,000 visitors per month, and is tailored to beginners, local businesses or hobbyists.

The DropFunnels Starter Plan, on the other hand, is perfect for high-traffic websites since it was designed to receive up to 250,000 visitors per month.

Or you could go the 'do it yourself' route:

  • Find a website host ($)
  • Upload a free (or paid) theme
  • Find the right plugins to use
  • Attach everything else you need!

So let’s look at the DropFunnels price compared to ClickFunnels… as ClickFunnels has some similarities (ie; ability to create funnels)...

DropFunnels pricing compared to ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels allows you to build sales funnels highly optimised for making sales and getting customers.

ClickFunnels also costs $97.00 a month, or $297.00 a month.

However you don’t get the authority blog / website thing with ClickFunnels, and the ability to do search engine optimisation with your funnel pages is severely limited.

Which is totally ok by the way – if you just want to build sales funnels and you’re not into establishing a personal brand or ranking your content in Google! 🙂

So many funnel builders!

If we compare DropFunnels to ClickFunnels pricing wise, then DropFunnels is going to give you way more 'bang for your buck.'

Plus DropFunnels is built on WordPress, utilising a WordPress page builder that’s simple to use.

And it gives you heaps of other cool abilities too, as we’ll get into below.

Who can take advantage of DropFunnels?

You can, if you…

Operate your own digital business, run a website, blog, want to improve your brand, or want to sell products or services (without the tech nightmare!)

Or you have a vision of building an online business (tools, software, services etc).

If this is you, then…

You might want to have a quick peek under the hood! DropFunnels has a 14 day free trial here to whet your taste buds.

Even though DropFunnels is still a new platform, it has (pretty much) everything you need to get started.

Creating a DropFunnels membership site

You can also securely create a membership site where you sell and deliver your content on DropFunnels easily.

You can deliver a link to your clients, and they can access any product by simply using a login with username and password.

The best thing is that they permit you to create both Free and Paid membership sites.

DropFunnels allow you to create membership sites, pages and posts without limitations.

Having said that, I haven’t used DropFunnels for a membership site yet, so I’m just going on some of the feedback I’m seeing out there.

Can you rank your sales funnels?

You can actually rank your sales funnels with DropFunnels too. The trick is to turn the sales funnel into a page. Then you can optimise this page to your heart's content.

The way you do this is by making the first funnel step into a page, saving it as a template, then create a page and import that template.

Just in case you were curious! 🙂

Now you'll have all sorts of SEO goodies to play with.

You have more flexibility and SEO tools available as a page. The page won't necessarily rank faster, but the tools are there to give you an edge.

ClickFunnels vs DropFunnels

Here's a quick ClickFunnels vs DropFunnels comparison chart to ponder.

Each one has their own unique speciality I guess.

If you just want to build highly converting sales funnels and not an evergreen, passive income machine that is fuelled by Google, then go ClickFunnels.

Otherwise, take a peek...

14-Day Free Trial Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Funnel Builder Yes Yes
A/B Split testing Yes Yes
Editable templates Yes Yes
Autoresponder integration Yes Yes
Audience Segmenting Yes Yes
Payments processing integration Yes Yes
WordPress integration N/A Yes
WordPress Built in Yes X
SEO powered blog / site Yes X
Built in Seo tools / optimisation Yes X
Customer Relationship management Yes X
Secure membership site Yes X
URL Link tracking system Yes X
Complete authority website Yes X

Below are some of the clearest differences between DropFunnels and other sales funnel websites.

This might help you decide which is most suitable for your needs…

Our comparison is a little generalised but hopefully you get the idea. 🙂

Search engine optimization tools

Simple setup Can be complicated
Impressive page speed Ordinary page speed
All in one solution Have to integrate other tools
No technical skills required Can get technical
Single domain for everything Connect multiple domains

What can you create with DropFunnels?

Ever thought about creating something really amazing in a single platform?

Well you can build pretty much most things with DropFunnels.

Ready to dream up some great ideas?

DropFunnels is not just a sales funnel builder. It’s WAY more than that.

DropFunnels lets you build…

  • Blogs and authority websites
  • Website pages & posts
  • Unlimited sales funnels and yes even “hybrid” funnels
  • Membership sites
  • Course hosting
  • Custom checkouts

It's also, as we mentioned, built on one of the biggest web infrastructures today (WordPress, which powers something like 43% of the entire internet).

Having your sales funnels built in WordPress can allow your pages to rank in search engines easier and faster with all the organic traffic that blog posts will bring.

dropfunnels review 2022
Setting up your global design inside the DropFunnels dashboard.

DropFunnels features (pros and cons)

I personally like the amount of customisation that DropFunnels hands you.

You can literally build anything that your heart desires! Plus pretty much ANY content you create can be search engine optimised.

They just released a ‘name your price’ funnel (a killer idea btw) where your customer can pay you whatever they feel your service or product is worth!

Another new function recently added is one-click import. This allows a ClickFunnel user to switch to DropFunnels, save $50 per month (and enjoy a faster loading site!) 🙂

DropFunnels also claim they invented the concept of the hybrid funnel...

The hybrid funnel (you can pick any funnel themes) allows you to build a fully featured website that can rank, but performs and converts like a sales funnel!

dropfunnels review 2022
Setting up your tracking analysis in DropFunnels dashboard.

Digital marketing tools (and more)

It's almost impossible to cover everything in a DropFunnels review!

What's important though is to question everything – especially before you go and trust your personal brand to a piece of software!

You’ll want to have a reasonably good understanding of DropFunnels before initiating any work with it.

There are some other sales funnel builders out there that are similar. ClickFunnels is the most obvious one, but also BuilderAll, Kartra, and I’m sure you’ll uncover others.

Other DropFunnels features to get excited about include:

  • Extensive mobile-friendly pages and posts
  • Limitless funnels and step funnels (unlimited landing pages)
  • Custom checkouts & one-click up-sells
  • Vast membership sites & courses availability
  • Unlimited blog posts and pages
  • Integrated link tracker (very handy!)
  • Integrated search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Strong hosting included
  • Professionally well-designed themes
  • Headers & footers can be customised
  • Great support team (on Facebook 24/7 – the support is brilliant!)
  • Fast page loading speed (this is HUGE)
  • Drag and drop, plug and play visual editor

And that’s just a few!

Not that a website page builder (like DropFunnels) is all about features.

You need the features, but how does the software actually benefit you?

Let’s look at what’s great, and what’s not-so-great…

dropfunnels review 2022
The DropFunnels knowledge base is helpful and growing...

DropFunnels pros and cons

The more you know about the pros and cons of DropFunnels, the easier your decision will be to use it, or another tool entirely.

It didn’t take me long to decide to use DropFunnels.

I wanted an authority site and blog which could be optimised for Google, was super fast loading and gave me a lot of creative and brand freedom!

But anyhoo…

DropFunnels pros

DropFunnels has many great points. Here’s a brief review of those advantages:

- Limitless page building capability
- Builder is easy to use (plug and play, drag and drop)
- Unlimited sales funnel templates
- Advanced and integrated SEO
- Great ability in ranking your sales funnels and website/blog on Google
- Good variety of pre-designed and customisable widgets / modules
- Coding friendly builder (yay!)
- Can create blogs and authority websites
- Easy to edit your blog posts, website pages
- Runs on WordPress

DropFunnels cons

As a long term DropFunnel's user it's been a mostly good ride although there's been - now and then - a few little challenges.

DropFunnels is kind of new software, so it has some disadvantages like other new startups.

Having said that... anytime I brought up an issue, DropFunnels team were fast to tackle it. (And the email response times are generally terrific).

Things I have noticed though are...

- To do really advanced stuff, you’ll need some technical skills.
- There may be a risk of bugs, as it is a new platform.
- It only permits you to connect a single domain. (Better for SEO, btw).
- Currently there are only a handful of pre-built funnel templates.
- Can take a while to grasp how to use DropFunnels.
- It doesn’t allow you to use external plugins.

Some of those cons are kind of benefits too, like using external plugins... (I'm happy to avoid plugins myself!)

Search engine optimization tools

But just because DropFunnels is new doesn’t mean it’s unstable and too risky.

One of the biggest things for me was adapting to using just one domain per user. It makes sense, especially for search engine optimization.

After all, you really want to be working on one domain as your brand and not spread out all over the place with a gazillion sub-domains (like I used to do in the self hosting days!)

One website takes enough time and focus already!

SEO wise, sticking to just one domain is a million times easier too!

DropFunnels examples and demo

Looking for DropFunnels examples? The most obvious is my passive income blog which runs on DropFunnels.

Be sure to check out different blog pages and posts (like this one you're on now!)

DropFunnels funnel builder - newest updates

Ever wondered what it would be like if you could turn your Gmail account into an auto-responder and sales CRM (customer relationship management) tool?

Well, now you can!

DropFunnels recently released DropResponder.

DropResponder will:

  • Turn your Gmail into a conversational autoresponder
  • Act as a CRM to track data and help making marketing decisions
  • Improve open, conversion and follow-up rates
  • Power Gmail with auto-follow ups, sales tracking and email tracking

DropResponder is not meant to be a replacement for your current auto-responder.

There's a free version which you can install into Chrome right now - or jump onto DropFunnel's low priced plan to give you even more features. 🙂

Note: I haven't used this tool yet (even though it sounds great!)

Quick questions:

Is there really a free trial? Yeahhh! The DropFunnels 14 day free trial is available here

Can you use your own domain? Yes!!!! ( I’m doing it with this blog! )

Can my blog help me rank in Google and search engines?  This of course depends on your content and how helpful it is for your audience, and other page/post factors like H1, H2 tags and so forth. But as a general guide I think it's possible as I am seeing good ranking for my posts in Google. (Consistency is key!)

Do you need to add other plugins to make things work? No need to use external plugins which is great because updating plugins can be a nightmare!

DropFunnels has everything built in. (They don’t use plugins in order to avoid conflicts and site crashes while increasing site speed and usability!)

Can you cancel DropFunnels at any time? Yes, of course.

Are there any hidden fees? None that I know of!

Do you need your website hosting? No, as DropFunnels hosts your website and funnels for you.

Can you rank your sales funnels? Yes... you just need to turn the sales funnel into a page. Then you can optimise that page for Google...

Do you get unlimited sales funnels? Yes... you pretty much get all the features included with your DropFunnels account.

Is the DropFunnels dashboard simple to use? The dashboard itself is good. It's the tiny space to add in your search engine optimisation details that I find a bit fiddly.

Can you plug DropFunnels into Google Analytics? Yes... easy to do... although they could have a few more help videos on precisely how to set it up. Especially with new Google updates coming out regularly.

Can you create powerful sales funnels?

Sure... but what is a powerful sales funnel? 🙂

To me, the best thing you can do with your online business is to create content that helps your people out (and ranks in Google too).

That's powerful, right?

You can do this by using any of the unlimited funnels available to you in DropFunnels.

How does it compare to ClickFunnels?

I've used ClickFunnels and there's no doubt it's an amazing tool.

But the two software tools have a lot of differences. DropFunnels is built on WordPress for speed optimisation and search engine visibility in a single site.

It is built with a maximum of efficiency. This is why you have the option of having only a single account for the best SEO.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, helps you to create a sales-focused marketing funnel that is not really intended to rank in Google. It also has a lot less features.

DropFunnels review summary

DropFunnels might be a newer product on the market but there are some healthy, and well-established competitors, out there.

You could even see DropFunnels as a disruptor, kind of like Tesla has done.

Overall, it is considered a solid four with the potential to reach five stars. It's remarkably similar in terms of digital marketing requirements to platforms such as ClickFunnels or LeadPages.

However it's more of an 'all in one' solution. Not only can you create websites using the platform, but you also get access to several other tools for creating effective landing pages, courses and membership pages as well.

DropFunnels affiliate program

DropFunnels does have an affiliate program where you earn 30% of the recurring commission based on the DropFunnels plans referred to above.

There are some promotions and affiliate competitions you can use as motivation to get some recurring sales as an affiliate. 🙂

Currently DropFunnels uses PayKickStart to manage their affiliate commissions.

Who created DropFunnels?

My understanding is Jordan Mederich was frustrated with the lack of digital marketing tools currently available.

He asked himself questions like why can’t funnel building be easy? And what if it was based on WordPress?

And the rest, we say, is history! Along came an 'all in one' tool with options for building a website that was easy to use, without all of the extra bells and whistles.

A marketing tool affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs!


Hopefully after you’ve waded through our (slightly bias!) DropFunnels review, you might find yourself keen to try it.

They have a 14 day free trial here which is a good way to get a taste of it before you fork out any coin.

No doubt DropFunnels will make gradual improvements over time. (I like seeing what crazy ideas Jordan Mederich tackles next!)

Are you an adventurous person fond of learning new things?

Do you want a software tool that will be around for YEARS?

Then DropFunnels is it.

DropFunnels is a great SEO tool built on a sound WordPress building system that makes it stand out in the online universe of sales funnels and landing pages.

DropFunnel is a good choice for you if you are in a start up phase of your business or if you already have a business, but you want to change or switch.

So... that's our DropFunnels review done and dusted… Remember, success is built on habits. Don't get bogged down on the small details. Value your time and go for it!