DropFunnels Review: Is DropFunnels Really Worth It?

drop funnels review

Did you know you can detox yourself from the costly add-ons and time-suck that afflicts most online businesses? Read on to discover how in this DropFunnels review…

But first, this: 

According to DropFunnels…

Switching to DropFunnels gives you speedcontrol, and more money in your pocket…


Users save an average of $2300 per year by cancelling their ClickFunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Thinkific, Podia, WordPress hosting, plugins, themes and more!


Hard to believe, eh?

(Got to admit I haven’t heard of some of those names!) 🙂

But after cancelling my ClickFunnels account ($$) & switching to DropFunnels, I can now say goodbye to link trackers, extra plugins, and even web hosting!

As for that time suck…

How many times have you gritted your teeth and been nice to the web host live chat guy because the database update corrupted, another plugin burnt out overnight?

Anyways… we’ll get into that. 🙂

Important things first.

Right now, you might be wondering…

What The Heck is DropFunnels?


DropFunnels is the world’s first and only all-in-one, tech-free, plug and play, unlimited marketing system to grow your business on WordPress.

Just so you know, not only do I use DropFunnels, but I’m also an affiliate for them, which means I earn a tiny commission when you use my link to try out their product. 🙂

dropfunnels review funnel

Above image: DropFunnels course / coach funnel template…

So as we were saying…

Drag and drop, no code, no tech, launch in 5 minutes type thing.

Search engine optimised (SEO) powered too.

In a nutshell, a marketing, blogging, membership, funnel building machine that runs on WordPress!

Or if you need visuals then…

Voila! You’re looking at it! This blog is fuelled by DropFunnels.

(And that’s only the blog part!)


When we said “costly add ons” I mean the nasty things that bite you when setting up your online business. Especially if you want to have some resemblance of professionalism, that is!

Things that bite into your hip pocket like…

  • Sales funnel websites $$$
  • Website themes
  • Website plugins (as needed)
  • Website hosting (can cost a chunk of change)
  • Link trackers (so you know where people come from, and where they go!)
  • Search Engine Optimisation plugins (like the Yoast SEO plugin – $)
  • Your precious time saved! (No C-panel, CSS, hosting setup, plugin updates!)

How much is your time worth to you?

I know there’s people out there who will tell you DropFunnels costs too much. From where they’re at, maybe it does.

drop funnels review

To that, I’d say, compared to what?

But still, for a measly $49.00 a month for the DropFunnels starter plan…

You sure do get a lot of cake: 🙂

dropfunnels review benefits

(I’ve heard the price will go up, so stay tuned).

Certainly for many things the more you “pay” the more “value” you get.


Don’t just bargain for success. Pay the price!

— Israelmore Ayivor


I spend a crazy sum of money paying for Share Advice because that has allowed me to make a nice 20-30% plus profit on my share portfolio.

Couldn’t have done that by just guessing and hoping.

You need to invest a certain amount to have that knowledge.

Not that you want to be a total tightwad when it comes to money. 🙂

It’s just that, in life, you tend to get what you pay for. (And you pay for what you get!)

So Why DropFunnels?

In business, you need to factor in the COST of your TIME.

The fact is, when you decide to get professional and all with your personal brand presence & your fancy marketing getup – then it helps to “look” the part too…

I probably can’t talk because I hand drew my logo for this blog on my iPad. 🙂

But still, I needed something that at least looks kinda good. Plus I wanted a great looking authority site. Funnel templates that loaded fast.

That usually means paying for a WordPress page builder or alternative, a sales funnels template and then duct-taping it all together (then praying it works!)

If that’s where you’re at, ask yourself this…

How many of these things do you do often?

  • Updating your website’s plugins? (See image below)
  • Updating your website’s core functionality (see image below)
  • Dealing with your web host live chat when your website has gone haywire?
  • Wading around inside C-Panel trying to remember what SSQ does…
  • Adding some simple code to a page to make something work
  • SSL Certificates and all that jazz…
  • Checking your website health (so it can actually rank!)
  • Trying to find the right theme!

What if you need an opt-in page or simple sales funnel template to get clients on board?


wordpress updates dropfunnels

Above image: A WordPress website dashboard (not DropFunnels!)

What if you want to track your links, so you know where your customers are coming from? (Bitly – pro version, and ClickMagick link trackers cost a monthly fee too!)

What if you want that sales funnel page that you spent freakin’ hours on, to rank in Google?

What if… 


I’m sure you get the picture. That’s why I went with DropFunnels.

Now let’s get some questions out of the way.

Can DropFunnels Run My Website?

Pretty much.

But first…

We’re not saying DropFunnels is the perfect fit either…

They’ve had some code issues. (To be expected with a startup!) And I noticed a few little caching type issues that I can’t seem to make right yet.

That’s why we talk about this stuff in this DropFunnels review – so you know what you’re getting. 🙂

That said, DropFunnels can and will do a great job of replacing your current WordPress page builder, blog, or ClickFunnels pages.

Heck, maybe even your Shopify store too! (To be confirmed on that one).

dropfunnels review laptop

It can’t, however, replace the M-150 that magically appeared in my hand! 🙂

Why Did They Create DropFunnels?

And why can’t funnel building be easy? (And what if it was?)

Here’s the big problem with creating sales funnels…

  1. Your sales funnel is not optimised for SEO*
  2. Your sales funnel is slow loading (people leave and don’t purchase)
  3. You miss out on the online / branding ability
  4. Most sales funnels tend to be costly and expensive
  5. No blog or authority website ability (makes it hard to build your brand)
  6. Restrictions on design, leads, contacts, funnels, etc

*SEO = Search engine optimisation. (Not optimised for SEO basically means your funnels won’t “rank” in search engines like Google. Of course, some folks don’t want their funnel to rank. I, on the other hand, LOVE to see my content ranking in Google!)


It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.

– Eugene Ionesco


I guess that’s why (the co-founder) Jordan Mederich, created DropFunnels.

He asked one very deep question…


Why can’t there be an all-in-one, drag and drop, no code, no tech, launch in 5 minutes, SEO powered, marketing, blogging, membership, funnel building machine?


That runs on WordPress too?

Granted, that’s a big question to ask (and ponder). 🙂

Is This Really A DropFunnels Review?

That’s the plan.

It may not seem like it at times, but I’m picking my brain for every cool random thing about DropFunnels after using it for months…

I’ve thrown in to this post some DropFunnel examples and demo pages that you can peruse.

Do your homework (due diligence) before buying anything, and ‘question everything’ is good advice.

DropFunnels Pricing Overview

dropfunnels pricing

You may be wondering about the DropFunnels pricing…

In my humble opinion I think the DropFunnels price is a no-brainer for what you get.

But like I said before, you really need something to compare DropFunnels pricing with. Otherwise the price is a little random.

Basically though, the DropFunnels Pricing is as follows:

  • DropFunnels Starter Plan currently $49.00 / month
  • DropFunnels Pro Plan currently $149.00 / month
  • DropFunnels Agency Plan currently $247.00 / month

Grab the DropFunnels free 14 day trial here to get started! 

So let’s look at the DropFunnels price compared to ClickFunnels…

DropFunnels Pricing Compared to ClickFunnels

A gazillion folks rave about how great ClickFunnels is and I’m sure they’re right.

ClickFunnels does one thing really well…


They build great sales funnels optimised for making sales and getting customers.


ClickFunnels though, costs you $97.00 / month, and then goes up to $297.00 / month.

However you don’t get the authority blog / website thing with ClickFunnels, and your ability to do search engine optimisation with your sales funnel pages is severely limited.

Which is totally ok by the way – if you just want to build sales funnels and you’re not into establishing a personal brand! 🙂

dropfunnels add page

Above image: Adding a new DropFunnels page…

If we compare DropFunnels to ClickFunnels pricing wise, then DropFunnels is going to give you way more “bang for your buck.”

Plus it’s built on WordPress, utilising a WordPress page builder that’s simple to use.

And it gives you heaps of other cool abilities too, as we’ll get into below.

Who Can Take Advantage Of DropFunnels?

You can, if you…

Operate your own business, run a website, want to improve your brand, want to sell products or services, (without the tech nightmare…)

Have a vision of building an online business (tools, software, services etc…)

If this is you, then…

You might want to have a quick peek under the hood!

DropFunnels has a 14 day free trial here to whet your taste buds.

Even though DropFunnels is a new platform, it has (pretty much) everything you need to get started.

Here’s an example of some DropFunnels funnel templates (free to use)…

dropfunnels sales templates

Above image: DropFunnels funnel templates you can edit or ‘drop in’…

The basic ‘starter tools’ you get with DropFunnels include:

  • Opt-in funnel pages
  • Sales funnel pages
  • Order forms etc
  • WordPress page builder
  • Heaps of other stuff that I think we’ve mentioned!


The greatest gift is not being afraid to question.

– Ruby Dee


Creating A DropFunnels Membership Site

You can securely create a membership site, sell and deliver your content on DropFunnels easily.

You can deliver a link to your clients, and they can access any product by simply using a login with username and password.

dropfunnels membership site

Above image: Setting up your DropFunnels membership site is super easy…

The best thing is that they permit you to create both Free and Paid membership sites.

DropFunnels allow you to create membership sites, pages and posts without limitations.

Having said that, I haven’t used DropFunnels for a membership site yet, so I’m just going on some of the feedback I’m seeing out there.

Other Sales Funnels vs DropFunnels

Below are some of the clearest differences between DropFunnels and other sales funnel websites.

This might help you decide which is most suitable for your needs…


  • Simplest
  • Impressive for page speed
  • Provide all in one solution
  • Technical
  • Suitable for those interested in creating both a blog and sales funnel with a single domain

Other Sales Funnels

  • Somehow complicated
  • Ordinary page speed
  • No all-in solutions provided
  • No technical skills required
  • Suitable for those interesting in connecting multiple domains

What Can You Create With DropFunnels?

Ever thought about creating something really amazing in a single platform?

Well you can build pretty much most things with DropFunnels.

Ready to dream up some great ideas?

DropFunnels is not just a sales funnel builder. In fact, it’s WAY more than that.

DropFunnels lets you build…

  • Blogs and authority websites
  • website pages & posts
  • Complete sales funnels and yes even “hybrid” funnels
  • Membership sites
  • Course hosting
  • Custom checkouts

Features Of DropFunnels

I personally like the amount of customisation that DropFunnels hands you.

You can literally build anything that your beautiful heart desires!

Probably the best thing is knowing that ANY content you create can be search engine optimised.

dropfunnels seo options

Above image: DropFunnels comes fully optimised for SEO…

I mean, heck, they just released a ‘name your price’ funnel where your customer can pay you whatever they feel your service or product is worth!

That, my friend, is a killer idea.

Another new function recently added is one – click import. This allows a ClickFunnel user the ability to switch to DropFunnels, save $50 per month (and enjoy a faster loading site!)

DropFunnels also claim they invented the concept of the “Hybrid Funnel” and I admit it sounds great!

The hybrid funnel (you can pick any Funnel Themes) allows you to build a fully featured website that can rank, but performs and converts like a sales funnel!

So anyways…

Other Cool DropFunnels Features

Like we mentioned in this DropFunnels review, it’s important to “question everything” – especially before you go and trust your personal brand to a piece of software!

You’ll want to have a reasonably good understanding of DropFunnels before initiating any work with it.

dropfunnels design modules

Above image: Examples of the DropFunnels page design modules…

There are some other sales funnel builders out there that are similar. ClickFunnels is the most obvious one, but also Builderall, Kartra, and I’m sure you’ll uncover others.

Other DropFunnels features to get excited about include:

  • Everything you need easily available (see image below)
  • Extensive Mobile-Friendly Pages and Posts
  • Limitless Funnels and Step Funnels
  • Custom Checkouts & One-click Up-sells
  • Vast Membership sites & Courses Availability
  • Limitless loading of Pages
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • Integral Link Tracker 
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Strong Hosting Included
  • Professionally Well-designed Themes
  • Headers & Footers can be Customised
  • Great Support Team (on Facebook 24/7 – the support is brilliant!)
  • Fast Page Loading Speed (this is HUGE)
  • Drag and Drop, Plug and Play Visual Editor

That’s just a handful and I may have missed a few!

Not that a website page builder (like DropFunnels) is all about features.

You need the features, but how does the software actually benefit you?

Let’s look at what’s great, and what’s not-so-great…

DropFunnels Pros and Cons

The more you know about pros and cons of DropFunnels, the easier your decision will be to use it, or another tool entirely.

It didn’t take me long to decide to use DropFunnels.

I wanted an authority site and blog which could be optimised for Google, was super fast loading and gave me a lot of creative and brand freedom.

But anyhoo…

Pros of DropFunnels

DropFunnels has many great points. Here’s a brief review of those advantages:

  • Limitless page building capability
  • Builder is easy to use (plug and play, drag and drop)
  • Unlimited sales funnel templates
  • Advanced and integrated SEO
  • Great ability in ranking your sales funnels on Google
  • Functions in Conversion Optimised Content
  • Good variety of Pre-designed & customisable Widgets
  • Coding friendly builder (yay!)
  • Can create blogs and authority websites
  • Easy to edit your blog posts, website pages
  • Runs on WordPress

Cons of DropFunnels

What doesn’t have a negative side?

As you know, everything has two sides, one positive, the other negative. It’s the same with DropFunnels (it is new software btw), so it has some disadvantages like other new startups.

But you can’t stop appreciating (and using) a good thing just because it has some negative points.

Here they are…

  • To do really advanced stuff, you’ll need some technical skills.
  • There may be a risk of bugs, as it is a new platform.
  • It only permits you to connect a single domain. (Better for SEO, btw).
  • Currently there are only a handful of pre-built funnel templates.
  • It doesn’t allow you to use external plugins.

The cons of DropFunnels could almost be considered as pros. 🙂

Just because DropFunnels is new doesn’t mean it’s unstable and too risky.

The biggest thing for me was adapting to using just one domain per user. It makes sense, especially for search engine optimisation.

After all, you really want to be working on ONE domain as your brand and not spread out all over the place with sub-domains for this and that.

One website takes enough time already!  🙂

SEO wise, sticking to just one domain is a million times easier too!

dropfunnels widgets

Above image: Examples of the DropFunnels widgets…

DropFunnels Examples and Demo

Let me research some more DropFunnels examples for you.

The most obvious is my passive income blog which runs on DropFunnels. Be sure to check out different blog pages and posts.

Other Questions?

Is there really a free trial? Yeahhh! The DropFunnels 14 day free trial is available here

Can you use your own domain? Yes!!!! ( I’m doing it with this blog! )

Can my blog help me rank in Google and search engines?  Take a peek at my screen grab below…

dropfunnels search ranking

Above image: My DropFunnels blog is doing “pretty good” in Google (will get better soon!)

To quote DropFunnels…


Since we’re built on WordPress (the same infrastructure that powers LITERALLY 43% of the entire internet…), your blog is built to help you rank fast and start collecting all that free organic traffic goodness.

Do you need to add other plugins to make things work?
  You don’t need to use external plugins which is great because updating plugins can be a nightmare sometimes! 🙂

DropFunnels has everything built in. (They don’t use plugins in order to avoid conflicts and site crashes while increasing site speed and usability!

Can you cancel DropFunnels at any time? Yes, of course. 

Are there any hidden fees?  None that I know of!

Do you need your website hosting? No, as DropFunnels hosts your website and funnels for you.


Hopefully after you’ve waded through my (clear as mud) Pros and Cons of DropFunnels, you might find yourself keen to try it.

They have a 14 day free trial here which is a good way to get a taste of it before you fork out any coin.

No doubt DropFunnels will make gradual improvements over time. (I like seeing what crazy ideas Jordan Mederich comes up with next!)

Are you an adventurous person fond of learning new things?

Do you want a software tool that will be around for YEARS?

Then DropFunnels is it.

DropFunnels offers amazing creative potential at a lower rate compared to ClickFunnels.

It has great SEO potential and is built on a sound WordPress building system that makes it stand out in the online universe of sales funnels and landing pages.

DropFunnel is a good choice for you if you are in a start up phase of your business or if you already have a business, but you want to change or switch.


Invest your time creating solutions to people’s problems and you’ll never lose a minutes sleep worrying about how to pay the mortgage.

~ Siebold


Currently use ClickFunnels?

Then take a peek at this DropFunnels Switch funnel before you spend too much more coin.

Hope you liked our DropFunnels review… (I seriously think it’s one of the best products on earth!)

Click here to see DropFunnels in action!

Let us know what you think of DropFunnels in the comments below…



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