How to Use Jasper AI to Make Money from Writing Online

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by Martin Hurley ยท Updated JAN 2023

make money from writing online

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "write what you know." Well, that's what I'm going to do in this blog post. I'm going to show you how to use Jasper AI to help make money from writing online (or offline too, if that's your thing!)

Jasper AI is an amazing tool for content creation. It can help you write better, come up with ideas for articles, and write articles faster and more efficiently.

In today's blog post, I'm going to show you how to set up Jasper AI and start making money from your writing!

But before we jump right in lets find out what Jasper actually is! ๐Ÿ™‚

NB: If you currently outsource your writing then make sure to read this post. I also show 'real time' examples of how I use Jasper here.

What is Jasper AI and how does it work?

So what the heck is Jasper AI?

Well, Jasper is about to become your new best friend once you get to know him!

But before you tell me this AI stuff is all wrong let me explain...

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence tool (or AI writing assistant) that helps you produce better content. It does this by checking grammar, plagiarism, suggesting revisions and helping you write up to five times faster than usual.

Additionally, Jasper AI can help you find new writing opportunities and track your progress over time.

make money from writing online
Activate Jasper's Boss Mode and get more content writing goodies!

But it can also do way more than that...

Jasper can help take your writing to the next level by:

  • Improving the quality of your sentences
  • Creating a wealth of blog post content and topic ideas
  • Expanding sentences and paragraphs
  • Coming up with perfect headlines and sub-headlines
  • Creating search engine optimised product descriptions

And a gazillion other cool things like Facebook ad headlines, Amazon product descriptions and Youtube video scripts, just to name a few!

As groovy as Jasper sounds, it won't magically write ALL your content for you (unless you want that!) nor deposit funds in your private Swiss account just yet... ๐Ÿ™‚

It's a magic bullet for me though because I've had my share of nightmare stories with outsourcing writers!

You still need to do the work... LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

This includes thinking about what you want to say, researching keywords, and suppling Jasper with good quality input. (You "command" what you want him to do... ex: "rewrite the above text in first person for this audience.").

Here's a quick example of using the Ridiculous Marketing Idea template...

make money from writing online
Using the Ridiculous Marketing Ideas template for an example!

Note: I just wanted to show you the profound power of Jarvis! ๐Ÿ™‚

How to use Jasper AI to make money from writing online

So how can you use Jasper AI to make money from writing online?

If you're a freelance writer, agency or blogger, then you know that writing quality content is essential to your success.

But what if you could get help from an AI tool to make sure your work is the best it can be? (Kind of like what I'm doing now!)

There are a few ways...

First, you can use Jasper AI to improve your writing. By using the AI tool to revise your work, you can ensure that your writing is of the highest quality.

This should help you get more clients and better-paying gigs. (Jasper does a terrific job at outlining blog posts, rewriting paragraphs, expanding sentences etc).

Second, you can use Jasper AI to submit outlines, proposals or guest post concepts. You'll need to do the legwork on this yourself but Jasper can handle the writing side.

make money from writing online
The Jasper Facebook group has a weekly hiring thread too.

In this case you might use the 'Unique Value Propositions' or 'Text Summariser' templates to help you do this (all available inside Jasper Boss Mode).

Lastly, you can use Jasper AI to create powerful word copy - to do this you might use some of the Jasper templates like 'Facebook Ad Primary Text,' 'Google My Business Product Descriptions' and even 'Email Subject Lines!'

You could also...

  • Promote yourself as a specialised AI trained freelance writer / editor (who has mastered using Jasper AI) on sites like Upwork, and (AI is the future so get in now!)
  • Use the Jasper weekly hiring thread on their Facebook page to find people who are looking for writers. (Job descriptions include type of work, rates, contact info, and more).

It might pay to hop on the Jasper live daily trainings too...

make money from writing online
Join the Jasper tips and tricks for live training.

So there you have it!

By using Jasper AI, you can (potentially) make money from writing online. Whether you're a freelance writer, a copywriter or a blogger, Jasper AI can help you improve your writing and find new opportunities.

Pros and cons of using Jasper AI for writing

Jasper AI can be a great help for those wanting to earn an income from their writing. I can now draft out a 2000 word blog post in about 1-2 hours...

Which is pretty fast for me, being a bit of an AI rookie! (I'm sure I'll get much faster with practise!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Previously I would have had to outsource the writing which meant assessing writers, then waiting weeks with baited breath to see the results...

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to using Jasper AI for your writing.

First, it is important to remember that Jasper is still a relatively new technology, and as such, it may not be able to provide the same level of accuracy as more established tools.

Additionally, because Jasper relies on artificial intelligence, there is always the potential for human error.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that using Jasper AI to make money from your writing is not a guarantee of success.

While the tool can certainly help, ultimately it is up to YOU to produce quality content that readers will want to read.

make money from writing online
Most people want to use Jasper to create blog posts.

Other things I've noticed...

There's quite a steep learning curve (which is to be expected, right?) You also need to learn how to navigate Jasper's varied templates and some of the "recipes" they provide too... (I'm yet to go there!)

Jasper can also be a bit like your favourite uncle who, after tasting a few wines on a Friday night, has a lot of opinions - but you're not really sure if they're telling the truth, or totally bending it! ๐Ÿ™‚

But I'm happy to weather this sort of thing with AI tools. You can always fact check the results you get from Jasper!

As a young Jaspernaut learning the ropes you probably want to make sure to edit everything you do in Jasper AI as he continues to fine tune the AI engine over time too...


Assuming you have a basic understanding of what Jasper is and does, let's explore how to get started using Jasper AI so you can get yourself into the money zone (or at least become an expert AI writer!)

Just remember that the tool is not a magic bullet, and success will ultimately depend on your ability to produce quality content.

With a little hard work and a truck load of dedication, you can use Jasper AI to help you achieve your writing goals!

make money from writing online
Go into Templates then into Long Form Assistant.

How to get started with Jasper AI

First, you'll need to create a free account with Jasper AI. Once you've done that, you can start creating your first project.

For this example, we're going to be writing an article about "How to Use Jasper AI to Make Money from Writing Online." ๐Ÿ™‚

You can get 10,000 words free here when you start a trial with Jasper AI.

I've simplified this a little but all the basics are here about how I create a post like the one you're reading now...

Next, you'll need to choose a template for your project. For this particular project, you'd go into Templates (left side) and then click on Long-Form Assistant.

Then you can create a new document...

make money from writing online
Then I go into the Blog post workflow...

You then have two choices:

  • Start from scratch
  • Blog post workflow

In my case I used Blog post workflow as it steps you through the sections of your blog post so you can help Jasper AI understand what you want to write about.

Now, you'll need to fill out some basic information about your project. Once you've done that, you can start writing your blog post!

If you're not sure what to write about, Jasper AI can also help! Simply type in a keyword or topic, and Jasper AI will provide you with a list of related content that you can use in your article.

You may also want to combine different templates like the Long Form Content Editor and the Blog Post Intro Paragraph, for example.

(It helps to set a good example of originality at the beginning, because Jarvis follows the pattern).

make money from writing online
Creating a new blog post in Jasper AI.

After clicking on Blog post workflow you're taken to the New Blog Post page where you can start creating your article or blog post.

Then just follow the prompts...

It might look a bit confusing but it's kind of easy once you get the hang of it!

Of course this is just one way to create articles or content in Jasper AI. You can't break anything while you're in there so dig in and share the wealth! ๐Ÿ™‚


It's said that confidence comes from doing... well, I can now say that the more I use Jasper, the better I get at it!

The more time you spend time with this gratifying AI writing tool, the higher quality results you'll get, and the faster you'll produce new content.

It's almost like an unfair advantage! ๐Ÿ™‚

So whatever written word ideas or articles you need now you know how to make money from writing online (and offline) and you can do it all from just using Jasper AI!

See you inside!