5 Reasons This ClickFunnels Alternative for WordPress Rocks!

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by Martin Hurley · Published MAR 24, 2020

clickfunnels alternative for wordpress

It’d be easy to call this a ClickFunnels alternative for WordPress but it’s way more than that! It is based on WordPress, but it really is in a league all of it’s own. So get ready to geek out over some SEO based blogging and authority website building…

So on that note I apologise for below video.

But your homeboy had to give it a shot! 🙂

clickfunnels alternative
Just don't call it a ClickFunnels alternative!

That “digital storm” blew over, eventually… 🙂


You call it whatever you want.

In case you’re wondering what it is, then here you go…

It’s called DropFunnels and it just dropped.

You can see the sales page here

In a nutshell…

DropFunnels is a search engine optimised blogging tool and authority site builder, with drag and drop, marketing sales funnels built in.

A mouthful, right?

So why DropFunnels?

Just like Elon Musk and Tesla, DropFunnels is a marketplace interruptor.

DropFunnels might even be the ‘ultimate online marketing system’ out there.

Some people seem to really like it…

clickfunnels alternative for wordpress
People seem to really like DropFunnels!

About its only association with ClickFunnels is the sales funnel builder.

DropFunnels hands you the tools to build and establish your online presence, like, you know, get your content ranking in Google,

And it uses WordPress (yippee!)

With high page speed loading times…

Not to mention your ranking ability in search engines.

And it costs (way) less than ClickFunnels too.

So to say that again…

  • Search engine optimised
  • Built on WordPress
  • Click tracker built in
  • Marketing sales funnels
  • Approved URLs
  • Drop and drag, non tech…

I know some of those terms might sound like jargon. But they’ll come in handy down the track. (Eventually I’ll explain how they work).

What it all means I guess is that you can now build a ‘real’ brand presence!

Rather than building your online brand identity using purely sales funnels that generally wouldn’t let you rank in Google.

Sound like your cup of tea yet?

A ClickFunnels alternative for WordPress?

Like we said, we’re not supposed to call it that…

But anyways,

Here’s my ‘made in the bathroom’ video on DropFunnels…

I used to be a huge ClickFunnels nerd (with Funnel Hacker t-shirt to prove it).

ClickFunnels have created a movement of people and a ‘family’ of entrepreneurial “interruptors.”

All focused on helping you change your life for the better!

Their focus was on doing one thing well – building high converting marketing sales funnels.

Maybe it’s just me but I could never get ClickFunnels to work the way I wanted it to.

It always bugged me that I couldn’t do any ‘proper’ search engine optimisation with my freakin’ ClickFunnels business…

Anyways, I’m sure you catch my nerd speak.

So let’s explore the DropFunnels benefits…

#1 Reduce your software stack

You’re going to save your coin with DropFunnels.

DropFunnels has sales funnels for beginners and professionals alike.

It’s also going to reduce the cost of your software stack.

Take a look at this:

clickfunnels alternative
Reduce the cost of your software by using DropFunnels.

I know it’s the Internets so everything costs money.

But ClickFunnels is like $97.00 to $297.00 / month.

DropFunnels is $199.00 / month or $49.00 / month for one website.

Note: Check the updated DropFunnels pricing here.

Plus your hosting costs are nil.

You’ll save on WordPress hosting like Bluehost ($10.00-$20.00 / month).

Plus no Link Tracking costs, or plugins to purchase. (This is huge).

And you still get your own drag and drop sales funnels…

Crunch your numbers on that…

You can thank me later when you see how easy it is, and how much coin you save.

#2 SEO / rank in Google

At last, a tool that does what ClickFunnels does, but better.

Like Neil Patel says, SEO gives the little guy a chance to compete with the big guys.

SEO means search engine optimisation BTW.

I mean, if you’re going to produce content, why not get your content in the search engines?

How much money are you losing because you’re not ranking in SEO?

~ Frank Kern

It’s the Internet!

Everything’s gonna cost you something!

DropFunnels has a nice SEO side to it. You can see it in the video above.

Maybe, because DropFunnels just ‘dropped’ it’ll be difficult to show ranking proof.

But when you have a play with it you’ll see the huge range of SEO options you get.

#3 Blog or authority website?

Into blogging? Like to get your content seen?

Like to build authority websites around your niche or expertise?

DropFunnels make this easy too.

Super simple.

Over searching high and low for the right CSS code to make improvements on your blog?

For the love of everything sacred in this world, let’s just keep things simple (and know your page loads real fast too!)

Do things differently.

Expand your mind about the possibilities.

So are you ready?

Good. Get-it-done.

Take a quick peek here at DropFunnels free 14 day trial.

Don’t put this off.

#4 WordPress based

Almost everyone and their dog uses WordPress. There’s good reason for that.

It’s known for its reliability and ease of use.

And if you’re familiar with WordPress then that’s a no brainer.

DropFunnels will become a superior product in the marketplace.

People tend to ‘stick’ to good products (ie like an autoresponder), so you want to start them on the best platform you can, in fact…

It’s wise to start your journey on the platform that gives you the best chance of success.

And this ClickFunnels alternative for WordPress (I said it again) might just do the trick.

DropFunnels calls itself “The Ultimate Online Marketing System! Unlimited Sales Funnels & Landing Pages, Built on WordPress.” Just so you know, I’m an affiliate for them and receive a small commission when you purchase through my link! 🙂

#5 Blazingly fast load times

I’d struggle to give you hard facts on load times as DropFunnels is so new.

But there is a lot of chatter on the DropFunnels Facebook group about the great load times.

Plus I know they really went to bat on making high page speed and fast load times a priority.

You might also be asking…

Is DropFunnels right for me?

Only you will know that.

Like I said, people tend to ‘stick’ to good products so start them on the best platform you can (especially if you’re teaching others how to do digital marketing)…

And start your own journey on the platform that gives YOU the best chance of success…

14 Day free trial

Yeah they have a free 14 day trial too, so you can test ‘er out.

Expand your mind about the possibilities of this cool WordPress tool.

I’ve been using DropFunnels for (update: 2 years plus now) and I’m absolutely thrilled with it…

And hopefully this totally “not” a ClickFunnels alternative for WordPress will be something you LOVE forever too! 🙂