How to Build a Website in WordPress With a Great Opt in Page!

Build a website in wordpress

Ever wanted to build a website in WordPress with an amazing opt in page?

Searching for a WordPress website builder that gives way more than you ask of it?

Looking for the best tools to build a website during the pandemic?

You’ve arrived.

Life as we currently know it is totally changing.

For digital marketers it’s not such a massive change. We already spent a LOT of laptop time in our studios and bedrooms working on top secret projects. 🙂

Some of us had mastered the isolation thing way before Covid 19 came along.


While I was partaking in my compulsory 14 day hotel isolation (lovin’ it!) these last few days I managed to smash out a little video that I thought everyone would love.

The Youtube views (or lack thereof) indicated of course that a gazillion people loved it.

Maybe the subject was just a bit too dry.

Maybe a bit “old school.”

Maybe the thumbnail image was all wrong.

Maybe no-one got time to build a website anymore… 🙂

And here I was thinking it was a really nice piece of work too.


The subject was how to build a website in WordPress with an amazing opt in page.

I used DropFunnels (shameless plug) to build the whole thing.

In fact I’m using it to run this website right now.

Got me a real nice looking opt in landing page set up real quick.

Did that by using one of their free templates.

Did you think I was going to build it all from scratch?

No sir. Ain’t no one got time for that! 🙂

And I created this whole blog website thingamabob with DropFunnels too.

It runs on WordPress and is search engine optimised.

That’s nerd-speak for getting your groovy content ranking in Google…

And hey…

Everyone has time for that!

So let’s see that video then, shall we…

How to build a website in WordPress

With a rockin’ opt in landing page! 🙂

Click the play button on the video to watch...

Maybe I’m a little zoned out and I can’t tell what makes a “good” video anymore.

It is my 13th day living totally inside a hotel room BTW. Looking a little intense there.

Despite what people say you don’t really go mad.

You just start er, doing some weird things.

Hey hold on.

I was always doing weird things. 🙂


I really do think that DropFunnels is a great tool to use to build a website with.


  • You don’t need to purchase hosting either.
  • You don't need plugins.
  • You don't need to know how to code.
  • And way more great reasons!

It’s a no brainer. 🙂

Give it a test run...

But all is good.

The beautiful thing is that I had my MacBook Pro with me.

Great Internet speed.

Nice views.

And way, way too much food.


(Don’t know how I’m supposed to burn through all that food BTW!)

But honestly just happy to be back in Australia.


Can’t twist your arm and make you get DropFunnels (even though I’d like to!)

They have got a nice little 14 day free trial here though.

Just saying.

So you can give it a test run and press some buttons.

And any challenges just hit me up.

I’m getting pretty good at using DropFunnels now.

Or at least I think so!

I hope my video helps you build a website in WordPress easily!

DropFunnels is fast loading, all-in-one sales funnel and SEO website builder tool that runs on WordPress. As a marketing tool it benefits online entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, bloggers and work from home folks (etc) because they can build an authority website and sales funnels quickly with no technical know how needed. I use it for this blog / website you're on now. 🙂