Is This The Greatest AI Blog Writing Tool Ever Invented?

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by Martin Hurley · UPDATED MAY 2023

ai blog writing tool

If you're anything like me, you probably spend hours every week writing content for your blog or website. But what if there was a tool that could help automate that process and make it much easier?

Well, there is! (I'm using it right now!)

In this post, I'll introduce you to an AI writing software tool called Jasper. (The AI refers to artificial intelligence).

Maybe you've heard the news? Robots are taking over! But this is a whole different level to robots taking over the world. Automation bots have been around for quite some time now - so I wouldn't worry about them replacing your job anytime soon. 🙂

Jasper, your new AI robot friend, is really just an assistant who is happy to do everything he possibly can to help you achieve your content writing goals!

Jasper does need to be fed specific direction and commands so that he can generate posts and write articles, but hey, it's still early days for machine learning!


Keep reading to find out how this revolutionary AI writing software tool works and see exactly how I used Jasper to create this post you're on now...

How does this AI writing tool work?

First we need to understand a little about AI writing tools.

An AI writing software like Jasper is really just 'human edited / AI assisted' content.

This is because you still need to jump in and 'flavour' the content to your voice. You need to input commands and feed details about what you want to write about.

You see, Jasper has devoured about 10% of the Internets, so he's knowledgeable. If you're keen to know how he works, use this link to get 10,000 extra words to play with.

Jasper is not purely an AI article writer or blogging tool either.

He'll generate content ranging from perfect headlines to Youtube video topic ideas, from email subject lines to product reviews - and creative stories as well.

Pretty much anything that you struggle to write (or struggle to get started with), our little friendly AI writer Jasper can tackle.

So let's get started...

Using AI writing software tools

To start the ball rolling, the first thing I'll do (before anything else) is dig into some keyword research using UberSuggest (or any keyword tool of your choice).

Then I go in to Jasper to develop ideas for articles and titles, roughly based around that keyword.

Kind of like walking into your office to brainstorm ideas with your team... except we're using an AI writing tool, and it doesn't drink coffee (yet!)

As Jasper is an AI content generator he immediately whirrs into gear and punches out some title ideas, and a blog outline, so you know how to structure the post.

You kind of just follow the baby steps (describe content, add keyword, title etc).

This is what the article outline looks like...

ai tool give writing command
Building the article outline in the AI writing assistant software.

To be honest, this AI writer is way faster than me and comes up with great ideas too!

But can he write a blog?

Can AI write a blog?

I'm sure you know that creating content is still as important as ever.

Whether that's articles, Youtube videos, composing emails, Facebook ads... most content generation needs are easily tackled by Jasper.

I'm not sure how he'd go writing a complete book, but he can generate blog posts with ease.

If you look at the image above you can see I described to our AI writer friend what I wanted the written content to be about.

He will also keep your keyword/s in mind if you enter any.

Commanding the AI tool

Now he's going to ask you for a title (I have already chosen one), and then step you to the intro paragraph of your post (see image below).

Because Jasper is a writing software geek, I click the 'generate ideas' button and he generates a few different 'outputs' to select from.

Hopefully the image below explains what I mean...

ai writing software jasper
Creating your blog intro paragraph using the Jasper AI tool.

Of course you can edit the outputs from Jasper anytime too.

This is the 'human edited' part of the AI tool where you get to add in your unique voice and experiences too!

After you click 'generate ideas,' Jasper generated three intro paragraphs. Then simply choose the introductory paragraph you prefer.

ai content generator
The Jasper AI writing software generates multiple intro paragraphs.

Should you use AI to write articles?

What I particularly love about AI writing software tools like this one (weird right?) is that he's a genius at kick starting ideas...

He generates ideas in seconds, plus he's read WAY more of the internets than most of us...

So yeah, you should definitely use an AI tool to write your posts!

Not only will it be faster, easier and cheaper for you, but using AI writing tools is going to be as normal and natural as it gets in a couple of years!

So to continue...

Take your preferred intro paragraph (the one that reads the best) and click 'use this one' as you can see in the image below.

Then you'll see that the setup is complete.

ai writer jasper
Selecting an intro paragraph in the Jasper AI tool.

While we rushed through that last bit I kind of forgot I needed a blog outline. A blog article needs some structure to it. (Rookie mistake!)

But all is not lost...

So far we have:

  • Described what the article will be about
  • Got the title sorted
  • Got a rough version of the intro paragraph

But we need to know how to shape the written post. As in, what's it actually going to be about? What are the right sub headlines to use?

Using AI writing tools

Fortunately in Jasper there's a little toggle where you can switch to 'power mode' which allows you to access all the templates available.

We click into power mode, slide over to the navigation and select blog post outline.

Add in the post title/topic, and a tone of voice (witty or helpful are good words to use), and voila! Jasper serves up an excellent blog post outline in seconds!

This is why I love this AI tool so much...

ai writing tools
Deep learning? Coming up with a blog outline is fast!

Mastering the AI writing tool

Now we have:

  • Described what the blog article will be about
  • Got the post title sorted
  • Got a rough version of the intro paragraph
  • Hammered out an article outline (yeah!)

I'm sure you get an idea of how insanely quick and easy this is!

Still a lot of learning involved but...

If you can master an AI writing tool this year and get really good at producing content with it, then you're never going to be out of work!

(And it's not as if using an article writer is 'hard' work either!)

So - tell me, do you think AI tools are the future of online content yet?


You can see all the cool features of boss mode here if you want.

Once you have all your ducks in a row then we need to start giving Jasper some commands so he can get the job done.

ai tool giving commands
Giving a writing command to your AI tool.

How we use the Jasper AI tool

Like we mentioned, you use commands to tell Jasper what you want.

Running a command like the one pictured above will generate new content for you. (In some ways, you get what you ask for!)

Here are some command suggestions you can use:

  • Write an intro paragraph about how {paste your text summary here}
  • Write a paragraph about how {paste your text summary here}
  • Rewrite the paragraph above

I then copy all the content Jasper generates and paste it into the writing area (content editor).

You can see what I mean in the above image. The content editor is a bit like using Google Docs or a text editor, with your H1, H2, H3 tags, images, etc available.

Once we've done that we're ready to send Jasper out into the internets again and return with some enticing content!


Using a blog AI writing tool

Here's an example of a command I wrote to Jasper...

Write a paragraph in first person about how jasper AI tool works... how is it good for blogs and writing content? why is it better than hiring a writer?

After I clicked the Command & Return (Mac) button, this is what Jasper came up with...

I'm a big fan of Jasper AI. It's a great tool for creating blog posts and writing content. I used to hire writers, but it was expensive and I never knew if the content they produced was any good. With Jasper AI, I can create my own content quickly and easily. The best part is that the AI engine constantly improves, so the content gets better over time.

Pretty good, eh?

Jasper nailed that one on the head!

Is AI writing better than outsourcing?

Did you notice that Jasper mentioned that hiring writers is expensive?

If you outsource writing, you need to put a job up, wait for writers to reply, check examples of their work, negotiate on price, hire them...

Then wait days (or weeks) to receive the content! (Fingers crossed in the meanwhile hoping the content is good enough to publish!)

How much is your time worth to you?

jasper machine learning ai
The Jasper AI blog tool has a similar layout to Google Docs.

When I came across Jasper I immediately thought it's better than spending gazillions on outsourcing writers, and why I jumped straight into Boss Mode.


What about AI copywriting tools?

You can keep hitting the 'compose' button and Jasper will fetch the most appropriate content for your blog post, and he'd keep writing... and writing.

But it's probably important to keep him on a short leash.

It's a bit like a new puppy. You need to control him, otherwise he'll run away with your words and go chase rabbits or something!

He is also great at producing copy. In power mode you get templates like AIDA framework (attention, interest, desire, action) and others like the perfect headline or email subject lines!

So what does this AI tool cost, you might ask?

How much does Jasper AI cost?

Pricing goes by the words you use... so if you just need short copy like headlines, product descriptions and so forth (< 20,000 words a month), then the price starts at $29 a month.

If you need < 50,000 words a month, then Boss Mode might be more your thing.

Boss Mode allows you to write long form content, emails, stories etc, for $59 a month. (I use this one).

See the Jasper AI tool pricing below (NB is in Australian dollars).

Although it's probably an unfair advantage to compare the cost of Jasper AI versus outsourcing a writer!

ai tools jasper cost
What does Jasper cost? (You might want to use Boss Mode!)

How an AI tool can help you write better blog articles

The amazing thing is that Jasper can jump start writing for you.

Like we mentioned, we do this by giving him a command.

For example, the sub-title of this paragraph is "How an AI tool can help you write better blog posts."

Now, normally, this might take me quite a while as I sit at my keyboard, stare blankly while pondering how to best start the paragraph while listening to the birds outside..

But not this time.

This time I use my AI writing bestie Jasper to kick the paragraph into gear.

Let me show you how it's done...

Note: The key to all this is understanding and comprehending how Jasper AI works! (That way you can best use it for composing the content you need!)

Using the AI writing assistant

I wrote a simple command to Jasper like this...

Write a paragraph in first person about how an AI tool can help you write better blog posts.

Jasper replied with...

I used to struggle with writing blog posts. I would spend a lot of time trying to come up with a topic, and then I would get stuck trying to come up with ideas for the post. It was frustrating, and it often felt like I was spinning my wheels.

Then I discovered Jasper AI, and it changed everything. Jasper is an AI tool that helps you come up with ideas for your posts, and it makes the entire process so much easier. All you have to do is type in a few keywords, and Jasper will give you a list of ideas to choose from. It's amazing!

Not only that, but Jasper also helps you write your posts more quickly and easily. You can simply paste your text into Jasper, and it will help you to improve your writing. I can't imagine trying to write an article without it now! If you're looking for an easy way to improve your blog posts, then I highly recommend using Jasper AI. You won't regret it!

There you go.

Jasper nailed it again.

He seems to be able to stitch stories, experience and life knowledge together in a mostly helpful way.

artificial intelligence jasper
Explain It to A Child and Sentence Expander will blow your mind!

Automated article writing software

You could imagine how easy it would be to send him out into the internets to keep generating content until the whole post is done! (Or get him to write you a book!)

Some day he might even be able to write a complete 2000+ word article... (I've heard rumours of it).

He also mentioned something important in his last paragraph.

He said you can easily improve your writing. In the Jasper AI tool, there's also a gadget called content improver. (As well as one called sentence expander!)

To use content improver, you just paste in your writing, press a button and it re-writes a few fresh versions, Jasper style.

This is great for updating or improving older articles!

Or even rewriting meta data, headlines etc, so they are more Google enticing!

There's even templates called 'Explain It To A Child' and Creative Story.

I know. It's mind boggling. (Can't wait to get him to write me a complete, top to bottom, Amazon product review!)

So yep. When it comes to generated content, Jasper can certainly help with ideas.

He's also somewhat easy to use... however, there's quite a hefty learning curve. This might explain why I bounce all over Jasper's home when composing my articles!

Can an AI tool help improve blog writing skills?

The thing about this AI blog writer (or rewriter) is that he will do the initial legwork, the structure or framework of a blog post for you, but...

You still need to go in and shape the posts in your unique voice and perspective.

Like, for example, this article.

I'm writing the bulk of it... but Jasper helps me (in real time) improve it...

He helped me start the introduction paragraph, and rewrite other bits so that they're easier to read. (At least I hope they are!)

And most of what Jasper does is done in seconds.

So your content creation process becomes much faster...

What about machine learning?

It's early days for me when it comes to machine learning or the like...

But, compared to how long the content writing process used to take me... I'm 100% glad I went all in with an AI writing assistant!

ai tools jasper software
Jasper AI includes product review blog posts too.

Examples of AI generated blog posts

I'd like to give you some really amazing AI generated content examples but...

I'm still totally new to grasping this AI content stuff myself.

Instead let me share some of the content generation options Jasper gives you:

  • Google ads descriptions
  • Instagram photo post captions
  • Review responder
  • SEO blog posts, titles, description, product pages, landing pages
  • Quora answers
  • Business or product names
  • AIDA framework
  • Facebook ads (headlines and text, etc)
  • Social media posts

There's a way more writing tools available too...

Just remember, you need to do a lot of behind the scenes legwork to teach this robot to sing!

Jasper 'riffs off' what you've already written on the page and fed into the description box. You need to steer his writing with descriptive sub-headings and so forth.

It's kind of about finding the right tone for the content you want to produce. (Experiment with 'kind, compassionate, understanding, empathetic' for starters).

You get to be really creative with your content creation!

You can do things like use Boss Mode to create a short article, then turn that article into a YouTube video...

Or use the press release intro module to write press releases each month!

What are the benefits of using an AI writer?

So what are the benefits of using an AI writer like Jasper?

Now sure, I could answer this, but Jasper is way quicker.

Let's see how he does...

  1. Increased productivity - With Jasper, you can create content quickly and easily. This allows you to spend more time on other important tasks.
  2. Improved quality - Jasper's AI technology ensures that your content is high quality and error free. (Plagiarism free too).
  3. Enhanced SEO (search engine optimisation) - With Jasper's help, your articles will rank higher in search engines, resulting in more traffic for your website.

Simple, but on the wicket, eh?

And what about...

  • Saving time on your marketing tasks this week
  • Helping you break through writer’s block into creative thinking
  • Scaling your bandwidth to take on more work
  • Eliminating your need to hire a copywriter (landing pages & product descriptions)
  • Make your existing content more compelling to read
  • Improving your copy’s conversion rate, and
  • Finally getting around to doing that writing project you always wanted

Cool eh?

You can also get a SEO keyword tool plugin (called Surfer SEO) that works in conjunction with Jasper to add keywords and further optimise your articles and content.

new jasper ai writing tools
The new Jasper writing tools are brilliant!

Natural language processing

Let's now ask Jasper to write a conclusion for this article.

Yep, this is the last command of the day...

Conclude with thoughts on the usefulness of AI tool for improving your blog writing skills.

I've told him to go finish off my conclusion as this has been a long article and I'm ready to knock off for the day.

He came back with...

With a few simple commands, Jasper has created a fascinating article that will help you better understand the power of AI. He's also given me a much-needed break by writing this conclusion paragraph for me! I hope you enjoyed reading about how artificial intelligence can be used to your advantage in a variety of ways.

Pretty good eh?

So do AI writing tools work?

Well, Jasper has me hooked!

I suggest you use it daily so the 'outputs' get to match the content marketing ideas you have...

Now let us re-write the conclusion slightly...

With a few simple commands, Jasper can create fascinating articles that will help you better understand the power of AI, as well as creating content for any other projects you have on the go!

He's also given me a much-needed break by writing this conclusion paragraph for me!

Other questions

For me the normal process to write content involved HOURS (often days).

Sometimes I'd even put writing off altogether!

But with Jasper I'm confident I can actually start producing high quality content - whether that's purely to generate articles or long form content or something else.

Like we mentioned, you still need to put the time and effort in - it's just a lot easier to create content with an AI writing tool - as strange as it may sound!

Does the AI tool have many grammar mistakes?

I'm not seeing grammar mistakes, although you can sync Grammarly with Jasper too.

There's a free trial available here if you're interested (plus you'll get 10,000 extra words).

Can you write product descriptions with AI?

It's easy to create high quality content with Jasper, and relatively easy to get him to punch out product descriptions as you need...

For this you'd use the 'Amazon product features' or the 'Amazon product description' templates. The 'review responder' or 'feature to benefit' templates might help too.

Do AI writing tools always create relevant content?

Not always! This is where you need to use your skills at managing the tool so you can get the best quality content out of it!

To help do this you can give it question starters like: How, why, can, is.

For generating new sentences, you can start the sentences yourself and let it finish. And when using the paragraph generator it can really help to feed Jasper stats and facts for better results.

It does tend to take a while to get the hang of this...

But hey - it's AI software!

The key is to practise being a good boss to Jasper, and let him be himself sometimes, while you focus on producing high quality content!

Can you generate unique article drafts?

Jasper creates original creative content that is keyword-rich and plagiarism-free.

You have full control over AI writing tools like Jasper, but...

You still need to fact check as you'd do with any marketing copy or content writing piece you create.


So that's it.

Now I'm going to use Jasper to create a meta description for this article and then post this on my blog. Too easy!

Remember... advanced AI writing tools are powerful. All you need to do now is fight the good fight with your pet robot and start producing quality content that helps people out!

Remember to get your free 10,000 extra words here.