Two Recurring Income Ideas You Can Take And Run With

recurring income ideas

Sometimes, when you’ve got recurring income ideas on the mind, you come across a few well crafted words that you really resonate with…

If you can’t you must. And if you must you can.

It took a while for the meaning of those words to sink in.

But they’ve been a nice little motivator since.

Reverberating around my head for days. Interrupting, inspiring.


So what about those recurring income ideas then?

Ok so listen up:

There’s an abundance of good recurring income products and services out there, so I’ve heard.

But, if you’re anything like me, you may have a lot of trouble finding them.

Multiple streams of income?

I first looked at Bob Proctor’s offerings as he has high end ticket products. (I’m a Bob Proctor Alumni student).

Bob is big into the whole MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) thing.

Multiple streams of income is the way to go, right?

Weird as it is though, Bob uses CJ (Commission Junction) for his affiliate management.

In the past I used CJ for a long time, and they’re great when you’re bringing the dollars in.

But if you’re just starting out, and not pulling in new earnings consistently, they have this thing where they suck a chunk of cash out of your account every month.

Can be somewhat nightmarish.

That experience made me reluctant to deal with CJ again.


While I was out there, braving the elements, searching and researching to my heart’s content for recurring income ideas, I came across a very interesting concept…

(This is a rough-edged, 1000 foot view approach…)

The first is ClickFunnels. ( Free 14-day trial here )

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that helps you sell your products easier.

Although ClickFunnels is good at what it does, the curiosity belongs to the next find.

Will you be my patreon?

The second one, and this is going to sound crazy, is Patreon.

Now just hear me out before you say it’s not a recurring income producer.

With Patreon, you sort of find patreons to support or sponsor your creative endeavours.

My understanding is you need to have some sort of creative element to you - ie you’re a photographer, artist, creator, designer, film-maker, etc.

You’ll need to find the “right” people who would

  • Be keen to support your mission and;
  • Have deep enough pockets to not be concerned about the monthly support.

The way I see it, with Patreon, if you have 100 people that contribute $50.00 a month each, then that’s $5000 a month into your account.

With millions of people on this planet, how hard would it be to find 100 who’d happily support your endeavours?

Is $5000 a month enough to pursue the creative?

Of course the question really is…

Is that enough for you?

So anyways…

Let’s have a quick chat about ClickFunnels.

Now the beauty of ClickFunnels is they have a gazillion priced products on offer, everything from webinar hacks, funnel scripts, free trials, free books, higher ticket goods, etc.

If you give something a go and it doesn’t work out, you certainly haven’t failed. You just learned.

~ Richard Branson

So let’s say (ballpark) you have 10 people signed up to ClickFunnels.

By my rough approximate calculations that looks like this:

  • $97/month plan, earn $40 per person (10 x $40 = $400/month)
  • $297/month plan, earn $140 per person (10 x $140 = $1400/month)

As long as the person sticks to using (and paying for) ClickFunnels.

Pardon my French but…


You do the hard yards once, find the “right” customer (who really really NEEDS ClickFunnels!) and you rinse and repeat that.

How hard would it be to find ONE customer (who NEEDS ClickFunnels in their life?)

Could you find ten people?

This is a million times better than getting paid ONE TIME for an affiliate product, don’t you think?

And both approaches will take roughly the same amount of YOUR (precious) time!

In conclusion

I personally think this is one of the best recurring income ideas on the internet like, TODAY.

But hey, I could be wrong.

Technology is changing so fast the world is a totally different place tomorrow.

Even Elon Musk offers Tesla credits for referring a beautiful Model X to your besties.

As for Patreon…

Bid me fortune as I have some good ol’ exploring to do on that one.

I already signed up, just need to study how all the buttons work.

Then like many things I do, I’ll take a deep breath, close my eyes and then go ask a few patreons to support me!