How To Sign Up For ClickFunnels in 7 Easy Actionable Steps!

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Updated JAN 2023

sign up clickfunnels free trial

Ever thought about using ClickFunnels?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post you can grab the ClickFunnels free trial, your ClickFunnels 14 day trial affiliate link, and discover some sneaky ClickFunnels alternatives too.

ClickFunnels, as you may know, lets you build high converting landing pages.

These landing pages (or sales funnels) are powerful tools to have at your disposal.

Based in Idaho, USA, ClickFunnels run the annual Funnel Hacking Live events, and are known for a crazy stunt called the dream car giveaway contest.

Basically a gazillion people happily use ClickFunnels in their sales process. But, did you know that other landing page tools can do a similar thing too?

clickfunnels dream car giveaway funnel hacking
The ClickFunnels funnel hacking live trailer.

The ClickFunnels free trial

In a nutshell, the ClickFunnels sign up process is like...

  • Click the ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial Button
  • Create ClickFunnels account
  • Add billing (credit card) details
  • Choose ClickFunnels version ( $97 a month or $297 a month )
  • OnBoarding videos (& Get Free #Funnelhacker T-Shirt)
  • Receive ClickFunnels welcome email

Now let's dig deeper into why everyone and their dog seems to love ClickFunnels...

russell brunson clickfunnels swagger magazine
Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels in Swagger magazine.

So what is ClickFunnels anyway?

You may have heard about it and asked yourself what actually is ClickFunnels?

If you already know what ClickFunnels is then just scroll down to the sign up section…

ClickFunnels is an online 'all-in-one' software tool that lets you create simple sales pages, use marketing automation to sell your products and services and pull in more customers, without having to hire or use a tech team!

So if you do any of these things...

  • Ecommerce, coaching or consulting
  • Blogging or network marketing
  • Agency or freelance work
  • Sell information products or just getting started…

Then ClickFunnels may be a good fit for you!

ClickFunnels alternatives

ClickFunnels have made it their mission to be great at doing that one thing – easy to use, high converting landing pages that are brilliant at what they do.

They integrate with most other software tools you might use too (Shopify, email autoresponders, Drip, EverWebinar, Zapier etc).

So... ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that helps run your online business. But, like we mentioned, there are some cool ClickFunnels alternatives too.

Of course, it all comes down to what you want... (Ie; converting landing pages, to rank in Google, or something else entirely!)

Anyhow... here's two ClickFunnels alternatives we recommend...

We're not saying that these ClickFunnels alternatives are better than ClickFunnels. Just pointing out that similar marketing tools exist...

The free ClickFunnels alternative

free clickfunnels alternative convertkit
ConvertKit is a free ClickFunnels alternative, without the bells and whistles!

Now if you're using a free tool to build landing pages then you won't get all the bells and whistles that come with a paid ClickFunnels account.

But, you still get good quality landing pages, and although basic, an entire marketing funnel as well.

The tool we're talking about is ConvertKit, and yes, they have a great free page builder tool to get your hands dirty with.

Maybe it's a bit like comparing apples to oranges but if you're on a tight budget then starting with ConvertKit might make sense.


The 'low cost' ClickFunnels alternative

We couldn't mention ConvertKit and not DropFunnels!

DropFunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool that lets you build fast landing pages and sales funnels, as well as optimising for search engine optimisation (SEO).

clickfunnels vs dropfunnels
ClickFunnels vs DropFunnels - which is best?

Built on the WordPress framework, it lets you have unlimited landing pages, drag and drop capability, and all the features you need to run your digital business!

Whereas ClickFunnels is all about sales funnels that convert, DropFunnels is more aimed at building an authority website or blog to rank in Google...

Best way to really know what we're talking about? Take a peek at DropFunnels.

Why sales funnel software?

Sales funnels are just a marketing tool to 'funnel' your peeps (visitors) through some steps so that they can get the thing they want...

Sales funnels tend to only have a few options. The viewer either puts in their details (email etc) and therefore 'commits' (shows interest), or clicks away.

Compare that to a website with a gazillion 'clickable' links and multiple (random) choices!

Sales funnel software lets you build unique landing pages or use customisable, pre-built sales funnel templates to get sales pages set up quickly too.

In a nutshell, just to show you how simple it is to create funnels, you’d…

  • Fire up ClickFunnels select build a new funnel from the drop-down menu
  • Choose your main goal: generate leads, generate sales, or run a webinar
  • Pick which style of sales funnel you want to create!

Sounds kind-of simple, eh?

How to start using ClickFunnels

So if you're still reading this (and you haven't flown off to use DropFunnels or ConvertKit), then lets go through the steps to get ClickFunnels happening.

Just follow the steps below…

Step 1: Go to ClickFunnels

The first step to signing up to ClickFunnels is to go to the ClickFunnels landing page. Use this link to do that (opens in a new tab).

Once you click that link you will be taken to a page that looks like…

It's easy to grab your ClickFunnels 14 day free trial.

Hit the big blue 'Start your Free 14 Day Trial' button.

Now that page may change a bit as the ClickFunnels geeks are known to tweak things!

Points to note:

  • How simple ‘drag and drop’ and easy ClickFunnels is to use
  • Build sales funnels that convert
  • Use a shopping cart as needed

So far so good!

Step 2: ClickFunnels Free Trial

Notice how that big blue button says “Start Your 14 Day Free Trial?"

A free trial is always a good thing in our books. That means you can hammer it a bit to see if it's a good fit for you!

There may also a small quiz on that page too.

If you do the quiz (its goal is to point you towards a funnel for your specific needs) then you can also click the button under the quiz that says “Go To Step #2 Now.”

Now you should be ready to create your account…

Step 3: Create your ClickFunnels account

start 14 day free trial clickfunnels
Make sure to test out that 14 day free trial!

So we’ve popped over to the ClickFunnels landing page, and clicked the big shiny blue button that says “Start Your Free 14 Day Trial."

Now that you’ve done all that correctly you’ll land on a page that says “Create Your Account Now.”

It also says “Start Your 14 Day Free Trial” (No contracts, downgrade or cancel your account anytime with a single click from your dashboard).

Enter your full name, email address and create a strong password.

Then click that big green button that says “Get Started.”

Step 4: Add your billing details

clickfunnels billing information
Adding your ClickFunnels billing information.

Once you have clicked that “Get Started” button you’ll be taken to another page which asks for a few more details.

This page is where you’ll enter your credit card details.

Add in your details and so forth.

Nearly there...

Step 5: Choose a ClickFunnels version

which clickfunnels version
Choose the $97 or $297 versions of ClickFunnels.

At this stage you can get the $97.00 a month version or the ClickFunnels platinum (full suite) which is $297.00 a month.

You’ll get your 14 day free trial either way!

Step 6: ClickFunnels on-boarding videos

We found out recently that ClickFunnels have some cool little 'on-boarding' videos that are available when you sign up.

It’s a good, short and sweet overview.

By watching the videos you get a free #funnelhacker t-shirt too, as well as a whole bunch of free funnel templates and stuff.

So if you made it this far then welcome to the funnel hackers tribe!

Step 7: ClickFunnels welcome email

clickfunnels welcome email marketing automation
The ClickFunnels welcome email.

All things going well your funnel hacker t-shirt should be on its way. And about now you’ll be receiving a nice little ClickFunnels welcome email.

Like all online things keep in mind that ClickFunnels, like many tech / software companies, evolve and change to the times.

So even though we’ve sort to accurately describe each step, things may change, text and buttons may morph a little.

Like we said, those folks at ClickFunnels are crazy tech geeks!

Other ClickFunnels features

Questions that you might have...

How to get your ClickFunnels 14 day trial affiliate link

You can get your ClickFunnels 14 day trial affiliate link here.

ClickFunnels has its own affiliate program that is highly regarded by many. Definitely something to explore!

How to get your ClickFunnels free trial

You always want to test out (hammer!) these tools before you commit to spending your hard earned dollars on them!

That's why we suggest starting with the ClickFunnels free trial.

The 14 day free trial gives you a taste of how ClickFunnels does marketing automation, how to build out an entire marketing funnel and so forth.

What is the best ClickFunnels alternative?

The best ClickFunnels alternatives depend on what you want! Just starting out? Go the free route, which is to use the ConvertKit landing page builder.

Or go the time-tested WordPress route with DropFunnels. This fast, all-in-one, drag and drop page builder lets you optimise your pages and posts and way more!

Why use ClickFunnels?

As we mentioned, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that allows you to use marketing automation to expand your online business towards more profits and customers.

You'd use it because it will help you smash your goals. Try it and see!