How to Set up Your Shopping Cart Software in Just 15 Minutes (Or Less)

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by Martin Hurley · UPDATED FEB 18, 2022

shopping cart software

Pop quiz: How many shopping carts have you loaded with products then abandoned because you found out that the purchasing process…

  1. Lacked your payment method
  2. Didn't work at all; or
  3. Is broken in some way?

What about a poorly-designed shopping cart that is slow loading or has a confusing and ugly interface? (Don’t even get us started!)

You need great shopping cart software. Fortunately, good options exist.

SamCart is one of our favourites. It can help you avoid these pitfalls – and ramp up your sales. You can do two important things really easily…

  • Create a sales page quickly
  • Start selling wherever you connect with your potential clients!

So if you’re wondering what ecommerce platform can help you grow your bottom line then SamCart is a good choice. (You’ll soon see why we LOVE it over all the others!)

No one wants to blow the sale once you have a potential client so close to a conversion!

A staggering 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. This means that, for every 100 potential customers, 67% will leave your online store without purchasing anything.

Baymard Institute

SamCart lets you close deals with ease – and connect with your clients directly.

Solid shopping cart software is the cornerstone of a great sales strategy, and you need to make sure that your shopping cart closes the deal.

Making the buying experience as good as possible for your clients is everything when it comes to completing sales – and SamCart might just be the best option out there for sellers who don’t want to spend years building up a brand on the internet.

In agreement on that?

Then let’s run through how to set up your shopping cart…

shopping cart software
Get started with Samcart in 3 easy steps...

How to set up your shopping cart 

To begin, you’ll need to register for a SamCart account. ( Free 14 day trial here )

Depending on where you live, and if you have all the documentation ready, the registration process is unlikely to take more than an hour.

Once that pesky registration is out of the way, the rest of the shopping cart platform is easy.

You’ll also need to fill in some details on your sales page, but this can be as simple as adding your company’s name and logo (less than a minute to do).

To set up the shopping cart itself…

Just log in to SamCart with your details.

shopping cart software
Setting up your shopping cart software is simple.

From anywhere in the SamCart dashboard (see above)…

  • Click the Products Button in your menu bar
  • Then click New Product, and enter your details below:
shopping cart software setup
How to set up Samcart for use.

Here’s what those little red numbers mean…

  1. Product Name: The name of your product that will appear on all your pages (including product page, order summary page, etc).
  2. Product Description: A short (optional) description of what you’re selling.
  3. Pricing Type: Select if your product is a one time payment, recurring subscription, or a pay as you want product.
  4. Product Price: The price your customers pay when purchasing your product.
  5. Create Product: Your product is (almost) ready to go!

If you haven’t filled in the rest of your SamCart sales page, there’s more info on all those options below.

The basics of SamCart are super simple – and if you’re still wondering what ecommerce platform makes sales simple for your potential clients – keep reading!

Make the buying process simple

So, how can you provide your customers with an excellent and easy checkout experience without having to spend a gazillion hours developing or integrating complicated code?

Just use SamCart!

It is one of the most popular and effective shopping cart ecommerce platforms if you want to achieve a high level of conversions. (And who doesn’t?)

By focusing on your product instead of your store, you’ll be able to increase the number of sales without focusing on building a web presence.

The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.

~ Seth Godin

Shopping cart ecommerce platforms should be simple – and SamCart delivers!

Don’t get me wrong, a web presence is important! But when it comes to selling, your products need to be able to talk by themselves.

SamCart lets you create a simple sales page that clients can click though to a sale in less than a minute. Setting it up is a breeze, and you can use loads of pre-made templates to sell just about anything.

What sets SamCart apart?

I’m sure you are wondering how SamCart distinguishes itself from all of the other shopping cart software platforms out there?

Well, SamCart is all about making the buying and checkout experience easy and straightforward.

Every shopping cart software platform could learn from SamCart.

The less time your client has to spend completing the purchase, the more likely they are to buy and make you a profit.

Think about it!

Efficiency is the key!

How many times have you added items to your shopping cart and got lost looking at the catalogue, just to decide you’re not buying anything yet?

With SamCart your customers have a streamlined experience that allows them to easily select what they want to buy and pay for it without any hassle.

You can send your sales page out on any platform, and your potential customers don’t need to navigate though a website to close the deal.

shopping cart software dashboard
The SamCart shopping cart dashboard.

No need to browse through a catalogue, hack though options, create an account for a specific purchase, or any other unnecessary processes.

Simple sales – big profits!

SamCart focuses on the product level, not the store level. Users are not here to browse, the goal is easy sales that create nice returns.

We want empty shopping carts and a high conversion rate!

Or should that be full shopping carts, and high conversion rates?

Either way is good! 🙂

Choose your style!

SamCart allows you to customise your products page by using existing page templates or their drag & drop editor (online store builder) if you have a specific design in mind.

Just by dragging & dropping, you’ll be able to add testimonials, terms, and conditions, form fields, images, or any customised content you want.

SamCart have a cool template library!

You don’t need any design knowledge or experience!


  • Zero coding required
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Library of pre designed templates
  • Drag and drop conversion widgets

Here’s an example of the SamCart fitness template...

samcart fitness template
A SamCart shopping cart page template.

We’re just seeing the shopping cart section so it doesn’t look like a fitness template! 🙂

The point is that you can build something like this with the drag and drop content builder. Or just use the available templates.

Either way you’re closer to selling more of your online courses, digital ebooks, gym memberships, or whatever else you can possibly imagine!

See the entire library of SamCart’s hybrid page templates here.

All of the designs you create, build or use are also compatible with mobile devices like phones or tablets without any extra steps.

I have to say that the templates are stunning, so there is a good chance that you won’t find the need to do more than a few slight adjustments.

Not every user will have coding or design knowledge, and with SamCart, you don’t need to have any!

Increasing your revenue is simple

SamCart also allows you to increase your revenue in other ways.

By taking advantage of the super cool “order bumps,” you allow customers to buy more products by providing relevant additions they might be interested in.

The A/B testing option also gives you insights to see how your customers react to different approaches, allowing you to improve your selling strategy.

Businesses that offer 1-Click Upsells regularly double their average customer value. SamCart makes implementing 1-Click Upsells so simple, that you could have your own 1-Click Upsells running in just a few minutes, with zero complicated technical hurdles.

~ SamCart

In addition to being a simple shopping cart ecommerce platform, SamCart helps you learn what works the best.

Advanced reporting and smart pixel tracking allows you to know where the money is coming from and focus your efforts to make more.

How would you like to pay today?

SamCart offers support for some of the most popular payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and

You’ll be able to add as many products as you want, in any language (yes, really!) or location, and easily take advantage of digital wallets.

samcart pay what you want
The SamCart ‘pay what you want’ shopping cart.

This last option is pretty valuable in my opinion. It is becoming more common for customers to use payment methods like Microsoft, Google, or Apple Pay.

(Got to admit, I’m starting to use Apple Pay more and more myself!)

They also have a simple, and brilliant way to acquire new customers called Pay What You Want Pricing.

As you can guess from the name, it has a tendency to boost conversions by letting customers have a choice in how much they pay you! 🙂

All these cool options make for a convenient checkout!

An option for every budget

Ok, so this is the part that might concern you the most.

SamCart can be more expensive than other platforms, but it offers a lot for the money.

While the basic plan can be more expensive than the competition, you’ll find it’s totally worth it!

SamCart has 3 different tiers that offer different features that are sure to adjust to what you need.

SamCart shopping cart pricing

There is no paying for stuff you won’t use with SamCart.

The plans start at $49.00 to $199.00 a month. Save on the subscription by paying for a year!

The difference between the tiers is the plugins you’ll have at your disposal, management options, and some integrations for the highest tier.

But don’t worry, chances are the first tier has everything you need to start with!

SamCart doubled my conversions instantly. And now being able to easily do subscriptions & recurring membership, our lifetime value is skyrocketing. Add in the extra sales I make from add-on and one click upsells, and SamCart has literally multiplied the size of my business.   

~ Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Long story short

There are so many features that it’d be impossible for me to discuss them all.

This is why SamCart offers a free 14-day trial you can take advantage of to try the product in any tier.

If it doesn’t fit your needs, no worries!

shopping cart software templates
Example of SamCart page templates.

SamCart is a really good option when it comes to improving the checkout experience and increasing conversions – and with that subscription fee, you’ll be able to tap into its existing market of shoppers.

While the price might be higher than other alternatives, it is worth every penny. You need to make sales as easy as possible – SamCart will make that happen!

Click here to start your 14-day free trial of SamCart today.

So what shopping cart software do you currently use?