How to Create a Perfect Landing Page Website In a Pandemic

Landing page website

Despite the daily news shenanigans, I’m about to show you how to build the perfect landing page website, find new opportunities and profit in a crazy, coronavirus world…

But first let me show you something…

Maybe you’ve heard of a financial tech company called Afterpay?

For months their share price was cruising around A$30.00…

Along came Coronavirus…

Their share price suddenly plummeted to A$8.90 in March.

Then rocketed back up to A$43.46 per share in May.

Corona-drop kicked to A$8.90

Within two months right on the dial @ A$43.46.

Had you snaffled a measly 100 shares @ $8.90 per share in March & sold your 100 shares in May at $43 per share…

You’d have pocketed a nice $3410.00 in profit.

($4300 – $890 = $3410).

Of course you’d be throwing that cashola into something great, right? 🙂

Or investing in more shares!

how to build sales funnels - afterpay

So maybe I’m just a rookie share investor…

But that looks like an opportunity if ever I saw one. 🙂

Even in times like this!

Meanwhile, back in the real world…

Let me ask you…

Do You Play Video Games At Home?

I mean, I don’t, but…

Do you know there a multitudes of peeps at home right this minute playing games like FIFA and The Sims on their devices, tablets and so forth?

My guess is, they’re also buying heaps of stuff online…

I mean, what else do you do, right?  🙂

Take a look at the industries & businesses crushing it…

  • Call Of Duty, FIFA, Nintendo, etc.  Profits up 40%.
  • Aerosol disinfectants… up 230%.

And the coolest of all, for us fitness freaks…

  • Peloton home workout bikes and machines… up 30%.
  • Online groceries and deliveries
  • Beyond Meat (vegan food) up 141%.

To be expected…

  • 3M Gowns, respirators etc, way up…

For all of us jumping on video calls…

  • SLACK (work stuff, connecting colleagues) – people are chattier and we are communicating more, albeit online. 20% up.
  • ZOOM ; 300 MILL people a day on this…

Success is leaving a lot of clues at the moment!

Big ocean of opportunities out there. 🙂

And not just in the share market either!

So if you’re building your little authority website, blog or really want to pump up your customer list, then let’s get your landing page website happening!

But first…

What is a Landing Page Website?

A landing page website is really just a type of landing page, or opt-in page.

Here’s one definition:


A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

— General Ly Speaking. 🙂


Basically it’s a page where someone can come along and buy your stuff or sign up to your thing.

Bonus points if you can get your landing page ranking in Google search!

If you are using a sales funnel tool like ClickFunnels, it’s relatively easy to build landing pages, but optimising them to rank in search engines is a totally different matter.

That’s why this WordPress based landing page tool is better.

It’s affordable. You can easily build a website in WordPress with it.

It gives you the growth potential to really brand your business.

It is completely code free, tech free, drag and drop.

All using the power of WordPress.

I probably mention it too much but it’s called DropFunnels and I use it here.

Some users were asked what their favourite thing about DropFunnels was…

sales funnel website

Only 5 months old, DropFunnels has doubled in users since their launch.


How To Create A Landing Page Website

Let’s take a step back.

The things you need to build a landing page website:

A. Landing Page Funnel (tool / software to make the sale & step the customer through the buying process – sales page, up-sell or down-sell, checkout page, thank you page etc.

B. Email Service so you can contact your customers

C. Traffic Source (could be Facebook ads, or Facebook groups, Youtube paid ads etc)

3 measly things!

That’s not too complex now, is it?

You also need your offer (thing to sell), or a bribe, as an incentive for people to sign up, or opt in to your newsletter.

But for now let’s get it done the easiest way possible.


Do not let your grand ambitions stand in the way of small but meaningful accomplishments.

— Bruce Lee


The first thing we need is our landing page / sales funnel.

Like I mentioned we’ll use DropFunnels because it allows you to actually create pages (including landing pages too!) that can be optimised for search engines.

Other landing page builders don’t really allow you to do this!

And most of them will cost you a lot more too. 🙂

The DropFunnels Starter Plan is a perfect place to start.

So let’s get this done…

#1 Head On Over to DropFunnels

how to build sales funnels

We’re going to grab that 14 day free trial and start crafting our offer.

I mean, heck, we could use other tools but this one takes the cake.

If you want to become a DropFunnels affiliate, the free sales funnel templates may help you refer coaches, consultants, authors, etc. in your sphere of influence. Just saying.

By using DropFunnels you get to build a total brand that gets found in search engines, and attach an authority blog or website to that too.

#2 Log in To Your Dashboard

Once you’ve set up your free trial, you’ll see something similar to this:

landing page website

Explore the other funkadelic elements to DropFunnels while you’re in there.

Notice in the left navigation there is a SEO tab.

That is good great news for you (and anyone who uses DropFunnels). 🙂

See the red arrow pointing to the free funnel marketplace?

Click on that and we’ll set up our sales funnel website…

All these sales funnel templates are free to use of course.


While you’re logged into the dashboard you’ll notice there’s a basic training area where you can access video tutorials on topics like:

  • How to integrate your domain
  • How to use columns and rows
  • Understanding modules, headers and footers
  • How to integrate your autoresponder
  • How to integrate Stripe (etc)

#3 Select A Sales Funnel Template

Now you should be looking at the free funnel marketplace.

You can customise and edit any of these funnels to your heart’s content.

So let’s get to it then.

Should look a bit like this:

landing page website

Follow the red arrows and click on the MarkTing funnel.

Or any sales funnel that takes your fancy!

We’re just using the MarkTing funnel as an example.

Clicking on details reveals an inside look at the funnel ingredients. 🙂

Just like this…

landing page website

Hot dog!

Nice eh?

Now you can either preview or drop in the funnel template.

Drop it in just means you’ll add it to your DropFunnels account.

All this stuff happens automatically as long as you press the right buttons.

Next you should see this step…

add sales funnel step

It’s asking – do you want to add the funnel to your dashboard, or discard it?

Let’s click ‘add funnel’ and be done with it!

Unless you want a different funnel. If that’s the case, hit discard.

Hitting ‘add funnel’ will load your funnel into DropFunnels.

Then you should be directed to this page…

dropfunnels sales funnel


Your shiny new funnel is there all ready to be edited!

Now let’s do some basic edits with our sales funnel website…

#4 Editing Your Sale Funnel Website

This is the part where everything gets funky.

What I mean is you get to play around and edit your funnel.

edit sales funnel website

If you click on the link (highlighted in red), your funnel opens in a new tab.

Ready to be edited!

Clicking on the Funnel Steps shows you the different sales funnel stages.

This MarkTing funnel has 3 stages:

  1. HOME PAGE (to attract your customers)
  2. SCHEDULE PAGE (to schedule an appointment)
  3. THANK YOU PAGE (to thank your customers etc)

Those sales funnel stages (or pages) look like this:

sales funnel stages

Each can be edited of course.

Note that we haven’t set up your website or domain name yet so your URL will look different to mine!

Now it’s your turn to have a go.

When you click on that URL link I pointed out, your funnel opens in a new tab.

Should look roughly like this…

dropfunnels landing page website

Right now you can view your funnel but not edit it.

To edit it the way you want, click on that DropFunnels link (circled in red).

Once we click that, you’ll see a page like this:

editing dropfunnels page


Now you can enjoy some editing!

Heaps of learning material in the dashboard BTW.

Throughout the MarkTing funnel template you’ll see Book Your Strategy Call buttons

Clicking on them takes you to a schedule page you can sync up with Calendly. (The free basic plan is excellent).

Alternatively you could offer a free resource (ebook PDF etc) in exchange for your customer’s email details.

So whether you want to host an event, (webinar etc), generate leads or sell products, you will be able to find a funnel that suits your needs.

You can’t break anything in there btw. 🙂

Like we said, it’s pretty much drag and drop.

Basically you should have a working sales funnel website now.

Of course we haven’t set up email, SEO, or your domain name yet.

#5 Your Domain Name And Email Setup

To integrate your email autoresponder in DropFunnels it’s probably best to watch the tutorial videos as they are more detailed than what I can explain here.

dropfunnels integrate autoresponder

Those excellent tutorial videos can be found in your DropFunnels dashboard.

You can find them on the right hand side.

Access your sales funnels there too.

Looks like this…

dropfunnels basic training

Like we were saying, an autoresponder just allows you to automatically send out email to people who sign up or opt in to your newsletter or list.

If you don’t yet have an autoresponder and want to build your list, I recommend:

Aweber – Inexpensive, super simple email tool

Active Campaign – Powerful email tool with excellent automations

I’ve used both and I prefer Active Campaign, but that’s a whole different story!

Having a email software tool allows you to contact your customers, build a list, sell more of your stuff, and you know, run surveys and stuff like that.

#6 Push Traffic To Your Sales Page!

This is probably the hardest part of all.

Seems like it’d be easy, but it’s no walk in the park.

Your best bet for this is to study Neil Patel on Youtube. He’s a master of SEO (search engine optimisation) and ranks way too well in Google. 🙂

Here’s some suggestions for you…

You could start your own Facebook page, Instagram page, or Youtube channel. (Ie utilise social media… find out where your ideal customers hang out!)

You could show them how to do something.

Or build them an opt in funnel.

Or give them coaching.

Whatever it takes, right?

Remember, content marketing is super powerful – it’s what I’m doing here! 🙂

neil patel seo

Learn everything you can about your chosen sales funnel tool, whether thats DropFunnels or something else.

Then post and publish content that is related to that and helps people out.

You know, kind of what I do with this blog! 🙂

Other Suggestions

  • Reviews can work really good
  • Network with your groups and friends
  • Use Quora if you like to write quick, fast published posts that can get good views. (I get 5K+ views a month on Quora)
  • Paid advertising within Google Adsence, Facebook ads, Bing, Youtube etc.

My friend Spencer Mecham has a cool way of looking at things:

He has a Rule of Ones:

  1. Start with the email & landing page
  2. Get email automation done (week or two)
  3. Pick one funnel, one lead magnet, one traffic source (ie Youtube) 
  5. One product (DropFunnels etc) 🙂

Is that slightly more than one?

Let’s simplify that even more…

  1. One offer
  2. One group of people
  3. One traffic source
  4. One hour spend a day on it!


You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get.


  1. Who is 1 person I can reach out to every day?
  2. Put out ONE piece of content DAILY
  3. Consistency every day!
  4. Ask – what things are you struggling with?

So hopefully you now have a good idea how to build your landing page website (or WordPress website builder – whatever you want to call it!)

It’s very do-able, and even more so now in a crazy world.

Remember how well those AfterPay shares did…

Leave a comment and let me know what you think and how you go with DropFunnels!



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