Which Online Business to Start? Try This Crazy AI Writing Tool!

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by Martin Hurley · Updated MAY 2023

online business to start

If you're anything like me, you've thought (a lot) about which online business idea might be a good fit. Well, I'm here to tell you that the answer might be right in front of you!

That's right, a crazy AI writing tool might just hold the key to your own online business! Read on to find out how...

But first - what is this Jasper AI thing you're talking about and how can you use it to start or build an online business?

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool that uses natural language processing and machine learning to help write better content faster.

In other words, you can produce publish-ready content faster (without writer's block!)

But why would this be a smart online business idea?

Because it can help writers, freelancers, authors, publishers, entrepreneurs, content peeps and creatives to create content much faster than ever before.

Yep. Much faster than outsourcing writing jobs!

Much faster than researching it yourself.

And in many cases, faster than writing it yourself!

A great home based business idea?

Of course with a gazillion home business ideas floating around the internets, how do you know which business model is the ideal fit?

After all, there's numerous business niches out there!

Depends what you want to do, right?

And which 'model' tickles your fancy...

  • A dropshipping business...
  • A search engine optimization expert?
  • An online consulting business?
  • A print on demand store?
  • An online affiliate marketer
  • An email marketing specialist?

With so many business models out there... It's tricky to know which is the right one!

We've dabbled in dropshipping, hammered out digital products, even tackled a print on demand business that sometimes makes the odd sale.

We can't really say what's best for you, but... if you're hungry to start an online business then you've got the first part right!

product based online businesses
Sell your designs on Amazon Merch as a business idea.

Working on that profitable business idea

You can be successful if you stick to one business idea for the long run.

Whether that's running your own online store, doing social media marketing or offering online classes through Patreon...

But for this purpose we're going to hone in on what we think is a potentially lucrative business idea...

And that is, using the AI tool we mentioned as a new business model.

But does it work?

Well... we get paid to create content (see AI that writes articles) using this business model. We also know other people who receive $250 for one optimised article...

But we'll get into that.

Firstly let's touch on the magic of informational products, to cover the basics!

Creating info products as a business

When it comes to online business ideas have you ever considered creating information products like ebooks and so forth?

These type of info-products are probably the easiest to create.

They help people solve problems, and have crazy high margins and profitability (compared to a physical store).

Information products like these, as an example...

  • eBooks / Kindle (bring your own audience) etc
  • Templates you create ie; Canva design templates
  • Workshops (multi day / specific topics using Zoom etc)
  • On demand courses / prerecorded modules and lessons
  • Membership sites (can include ebooks, templates etc: vault content)

Any of those online business ideas have great potential...

But what if there was a way to make it much easier for yourself?

What does your home business idea look like?

What about if you could use the Jasper AI tool to write and sell AI assisted (human edited) posts and content as a service for other businesses?


What might that look like?

Let's see now...

  • You'd be your own boss (yeah!)
  • You might have your own website
  • You'd have your own products
  • Throw in a business bank account too!

What you wouldn't need to be doing is...

  • Running a dropshipping business or ecommerce store
  • Getting frazzled trying to do influencer marketing
  • Pointless social media marketing! (You might need to do a little!)

Visualising a successful online business

Like we say - you could go a thousand different ways here.

And of course there's nothing wrong with setting up an online store and a dropshipping business either, if that's your thing!

home business idea - jasper weekly hiring
The Jasper weekly hiring thread where you can find great assistants.

But embracing AI tools at this stage of the game will rocket you towards a profitable online business, when you do it right.

Check out this free training on how to start an AI content agency.

The thing about AI tools is that they can generate content for most of those info products we listed above...

Apart from workshops (run these yourself), and templates which are not far away!

Nutting out that small business plan

And AI tools are here to stay, and becoming the norm...

So if we stick to the basics of creating content (blog posts, social media, Facebook ads etc) then how good an online business model would this be?

And all you need to do is gain a basic mastery of this AI tool...

It might sound a little complicated so we're going to show you how we actually do this with a client (and we only use 3-4 tools to do it!)

What online business ideas can you use with Jasper?

There are gazillions of small online business peeps who CRAVE your help.

A billion consulting business owners, online store owners, web developers... Not to mention everyone else and their dog!

Sure - they have a vision about how to create a wildly successful online business, but...

They also want your expert helping hand to get more customers.

start an online business
Using Jasper paragraph generator to get results.

And you can help them by...

  • Doing SEO (search engine optimisation) for their website / blog
  • Crafting rank-in-Google blog posts / articles
  • Social media post ideas
  • Help them set up their social media accounts or market research
  • Facebook / Youtube scripts / outlines / ad copy

And guess what?

You can easily create this type of content using that Jasper AI tool!

Determine your niche and business idea

So how do you do it?

In our case the first thing we did was HUSTLE.

Hustle = talk to folks and find out what they want (and how you can help them!)

We reached out to a person who has an online business in the first aid / CPR industry. We also contacted others who never got back to us!

A month or so later this guy gets back to us and says hey - do you want to do the SEO for me?

We're like, sure boss. Let's go.

Anyways, long story short, we craft a wicked blog post for the guy.

Now, get this. We don't know much about first aid and CPR courses (even though I personally have my First Aid qualifications). LOL

But 'ol Jasper AI rockets out there and brings back all the goodies about learning first aid, CPR benefits, why it's so important, and so on.

A small business consultant?

Cool, eh?

Maybe it's actually possible to be a small business consultant overnight!


That blog post looks a bit like this...

home business idea jasper
We used the Jasper AI tool to help create this article for a client.

Yep... we didn't even really know what we'd end up doing for the client.

Just said YES and hatched a plan.

Of course we flavoured bits, added some images, tidied it all up with some rough market research, and voila! A 1000+ word article done in under an hour.

Client loves it.

Everyone's happy.

Is this a simple way to start an online business or what?

Or it might just be a fluke, who knows?

What about other online business ideas?

The point is we jumped in with a crazy vision to help out small business owners...

And lo and behold, it turns out they're really into it...

And boy, do they need your help!

using ai tools home business idea
Ever heard of AI art? It's a thing, and it's amazing!

So sure... you could play around with creating your own products, or build out a funky little Shopify online store, but...

The simplest approach might just be building your own small business online that serves freshly minted, AI assisted, human edited content!

As you serve up a perfectly optimised, keyword rich article that Jasper (and Surfer if you want) cooked up in no time!

Pivoting your home business idea


We posted the article on client's website with plans to optimise his website as well...

But, we had to pivot, (change direction). You might have to do it too.

We thought our SEO idea was a smokin' great business idea. But we went too broad... discovered it's kind of difficult to do everything for someone!

Solution? Just focus on creating articles only.

But don't let this put you off! Every successful business goes through a little suck period!

The point is the client pays us!

Note: We use UberSuggest paid plan to research the specific keywords with the settings on Australia or USA locations. (Free plan is good to start with).

But you might be wondering...

Is AI a good online business idea to start?

But is AI really a good online business idea to start?

Revenues for AI tools are going through the roof, according to the stats!

ai stats business ideas
Revenues from the artificial intelligence (AI) software market worldwide (in billions).

You have to create content if you want to be found online.

You know the equation, right? Goes something like this:

  • Grow audience with content marketing
  • Find out what your audience wants
  • Follow up with email & helpful offers

The thing is it's freakin' tough to keep coming up with content all the time...

A SEO consultant?

This is where good ol' Jasper AI comes in...

You could, as an online business idea, simply emulate our approach.

And use Jasper to get content created easily and quickly, especially if you need to create content (especially SEO content) for a client.

Anything like this could work...

  • Create summaries, reports, articles, and more
  • Craft blog posts and articles including outlines and topic ideas
  • Create video topic ideas for Youtube and online courses
  • Facebook ad headlines and content
  • Email subject lines and email content

And that's just the start!

Reasons to start an online business

How many business owners do you think would be willing to pay you to create content like this? (You only need one or two!)

Especially if you smash it out in half a day!

Suddenly it's like creating high-quality content for businesses in a short amount of time is totally doable.

home business idea jasper boss mode
Jasper boss mode is a good fit for agencies, entrepreneurs and content writers.

How can Jasper AI help your business?

So how can this amazing AI tool called Jasper help your business?

It just makes things easier.

  • Writer's block? Solved.
  • Staring at the keyboard and a blank page? Solved.
  • Researching a topic you know very little about? Solved.

Sure, you need the patience to learn this AI tool, and there's a hefty learning curve, but...

What is the best online business?

There's a learning curve slapping up an outsourcing job looking for writers too. (And then spending weeks trying to find a writer who fits!)

Oh yeah, no need to hire a team of writers anymore...

Of course... using an AI tool is not the be and end all. You still need to have a target audience in mind!

Plus this home business idea won't be for everyone!


Is it an online business idea to start from home?

Going back to my client experience...

We still think it's kind of the perfect online business idea to start from home!

Like, what do you really need?

  • Laptop / PC / iPad / MacBook or similar
  • Internet connection x 1
  • 1 x Jasper AI subscription (starts at US$29 / month)
  • Free version of UberSuggest (or similar)
  • Patience to learn the ropes (Jasper Facebook page is brilliant!)

And stay away from Youtube until you've done your work for the day!

Here's my simple 'crib' setup...

home business ideas studio
My crib setup where I slave over a hot Mac!

It's definitely one way to create alternative sources of income, right?

Is it an online business you can start with $1k (or $5k?)

You can easily start this type of new business if you have $100 a month available.

We currently spend US$59.00 / month for Jasper with the 'boss mode' plan. (Plus the same amount for Surfer SEO now).

You can always purchase Jasper AI as a yearly subscription and save about $10.00 / month or so.

What other things do you really need?

You need the hustle, to go talk to everyone you meet about how you can help them get more customers, and...

  • Know your target audience
  • Some savvy as a freelance writer...
  • Basic understanding of how a service based business functions...

Examples of online businesses to test out

Until they're so tired of your hustle they yell "OK! Do my SEO for me then!"

And maybe, down the track, you can get Surfer SEO as well. Surfer syncs with Jasper and apparently helps you rank MUCH better...

Which is another benefit you can rave to your client about...

So, is it an online business you can start with $1k?

Heck yeah!

Full disclosure: there are other passive income success stories out there that might sound pretty cool too!

You'll probably wade through a few of them in the learning phase!

Can you use a virtual assistant for your own business?

You want to be honing your digital marketing skills at all times.

Many small business owners end up using virtual assistants as it's easier.

You want to be working on your business, not in it, right?

hustle movie - start an online business
In need of motivation? Watch Adam Sandler in Hustle (Netflix).

You can train up the VA to conduct market research, create a social media presence and use the Jasper AI tool to run your little 'article production house!'

No need to be spending your dollars renting commercial real estate either!

What online business ideas do you suggest?

A service based business is the way to go.

Your 'service' is to create content (mainly articles, but be open to what they want) for a client.

Use the tools we recommended (Surfer SEO, Jasper AI, and maybe a free ConvertKit landing page if you need one) to kick start your article production house...

Here are your free 10,000 words written by AI

There's no need for an online store (but these marketing tools may help). Then reach out to people and network as much as possible.

Got to put the hard yards in for this sort of thing!

Beware of shiny object syndrome as it'll tickle you with the newest ideas, latest strategies and tactics! (Determine which tools are mission critical for you!)

What about a subscription box business?

When the client is paying you monthly then it's a subscription.

You'll need to work out a basic agreement with the client. Like, 1 x keyword rich article, optimised for search engines (with images, headline etc) for $200 a month.

Focus on getting something great done for the client first!

Then they'll be happy to pay you!

jasper boss mode virtual assistant
Here's why you'd activate boss mode in Jasper.

What tools do you use for this home business idea?

Ah, that's right... the marketing tools we use...

  • Jasper AI tool (Boss Mode is best at $59 a month)
  • Surfer SEO ($59 a month) is worth every cent
  • UberSuggest (free plan) as needed for keyword research
  • ConvertKit (free) if you need a landing page

You can always start with just Jasper then move to Surfer SEO down the track.

How much is Jasper AI?

If you run with Boss Mode then Jasper is $59 a month.

That's like $200-$500 / month cheaper compared with outsourcing a writer!


We crammed a lot of online business ideas in this post.

The working theory is basically...

Jasper AI tool + content creation = happy client.

(Use Surfer SEO as needed).

Is this the best online business model? Probably not... but it works.

Robots can't take over the world if it's your job to work on the robots.

So in summary:

  • Get the Jasper free trial here
  • Hustle your potential customers for SEO / website opportunities
  • Know and understand your target audience
  • Do the work for them!

So get your feet wet and get busy. You got a job to do!