Marketing For Small Business? Here's 5 Ways to Make it EASY!

marketing for small business

Marketing for small business and tearing your hair out? There's an easier way!

Did you know that instead of pasting together a gazillion different tools you could use one or two simple marketing tools to run your online business?

It's kind of like 'old school' versus 'new school!'

Are you an 'old schooler' or a 'new schooler?' πŸ™‚

It took me many grasshopper moons to realise I could just use an 'all in one' tool (and one email gizmo) to run my entire online business.

Old School or New School?

That tool I'm talking about is called DropFunnels. I think it'll help you too, that's why I penned this epic post about it! πŸ™‚

Here's a free trial so you can get your feet wet and see what it's about.

In fact, I run this website using it too. (Me not just talk about it, me use it too!)

And just in case you're wondering...

DropFunnels have Lite and Starter plans that have almost everything you need to start or grow your online business. (As well as a free fast start call to help you get going and understand where you need to focus on).

DropFunnels template funnel opt in
A DropFunnels template / hybrid funnel opt-in page.

Free your schedule


If you've been marketing online for a time you'd know it's a world of shenanigans out there.

From flashy sales funnels to pricey landing page builders... you can burn through time and money.

I've peeked into some of those other web builders just to see what they had going on. And you know what? They didn't have much that made them stand out from each other!

Here's an example...

  • ClickFunnels (expensive funnel builder, no SEO capabilities etc)
  • BuilderAll (offers a LOT of stuff, can be overwhelming!)
  • WIX (great if you just want a hobby business!)

Now I could be wrong, but if you are marketing for small business (or any business), an important factor is to keep things as simple as possible.

This is why I've stuck with DropFunnels since its conception 2-ish years ago. Basically, there's a whole bunch of things that make it EASY to use.

When I say EASY to use, I mean, EASY for business and your budget!

Note: like all new tools, there's a learning curve! None more so with DropFunnels. I'm still learning the finer points too! (and it has its idiosyncrasies!)

What DropFunnels includes

Let me explain what DropFunnels includes.

It starts with unlimited marketing funnels, to order bumps, up sells, down sells, pages and posts (blogs, authority websites, etc) and way more.

In other words, pretty much everything you need to convert leads into sales!

There's also some cool SEO (search engine optimisation) features included to make your website rank in Google without any coding or tech skills needed.

Need a membership site? You can build advanced membership courses with full control of student progress and drip content and/or lock content levels as well as providing quizzes for each topic too.

Just drag and drop your marketing materials onto the page in the DropFunnels builder to bring it all together! (It really is pretty easy!)

Let me show you what the DropFunnels editor looks like:

marketing for small business dropfunnels editor
The dropFunnels editor in its simplest form.

Having said that... DropFunnels may not be the answer to marketing your business. (It simply may not be the right fit for you).

I just love how I can produce content fast and get my website or blog ranking well in Google. And get paid forever! (Or something like that!)

Plus it's great that I don't need to think about hosting, updates, plugins...

Or if my website is still going to be online tomorrow!

Peace of mind, right?

How marketing is easier with DropFunnels

Finding the right marketing tools to get the job done can be like being the nutty professor suffering through a classroom of insufferably bored students.

And I'm probably simplifying things when I say DropFunnels includes a 'marketing suite' of everything you need, from sales funnels to order bumps and more.

Although, having said that, it's not quite as comprehensive as that BuilderAll tool I mentioned above. (That's probably a good thing!)

Note: BuilderAll has 'everything plus the kitchen sink' but I haven't used it. So as they say, always do your due diligence.

The marketing for small business suite of DropFunnels 'helpful tools' include:

  • High impact landing pages - marketing pages that you can use to collect leads.
  • Editable sales funnels - create unlimited marketing sequences for your marketing campaign and to promote your business.
  • A/B testing - make marketing decisions based on multiple marketing variables and improve marketing performance.
  • Lead magnets - marketing tools that you can use to get subscribers, leads or even new customers into your marketing funnels easily.
  • Full control over SEO - the DropFunnels marketing suite gets you a custom built marketing website you can optimise to rank in search engines like Google.

Now let's look at 5 ways you can make your marketing easier using DropFunnels...

1. SEO powered websites - no coding or tech needed

When you're marketing or promoting your products and services online it's always great if you can make the marketing aspect easier.

One of the most common struggles is...

A) building a website that ranks well in search engines like Google, and

B) looking good on mobile devices.

DropFunnels includes an SEO powered website builder - no coding or tech skills required.

That SEO tool looks like this:

dropfunnels seo example tool
An example of the DropFunnels SEO tool.

The DropFunnels SEO tool is actually easy to use, and works well for someone like me, and I'm a bit weird when it comes to things like that. πŸ™‚

It also manages to look pretty good on mobile.

No coding required and no need for a technical degree either.

Having said that, you'll need to have a good idea of what keywords you want to rank for! (Use Neil Patel's UberSuggest for clarity on your keyword research).

DropFunnels also runs on WordPress. WordPress literally powers 34% of the entire internet and tends to be a favoured tool for Google to rank content with!

You can even turn a sales funnel into a page and then optimise it for SEO purposes.

Try doing that with ClickFunnels. πŸ™‚

Groovy eh?

2. Unlimited pages, sales funnels, order bumps & more

Unlimited pages just means you can build a business website, blog or even an authority website... whichever suits you best.

No need to create everything from scratch either (unless you want to) because there are hybrid funnels or website templates you can just click and drop in.

Now let me ask you a question.

Do you click away if a page doesn't load fast enough?

Who doesn't, right? πŸ™‚

Well, one of the cool things about DropFunnels is that it loads at high speed. This is a ranking factor in Google's eyes.

Fast page loading speed is essential.

I threw my own DropFunnels blog under the Page Speed bus to show you what I mean:

dropfunnels speed report
DropFunnels speed report for my blog. Look I'm an A student!

Agonise over getting the perfect score?

A high score is good enough. You can always optimise further down the track!

3. Drag and drop elements easily

You can create amazing marketing materials (with some basic 'how to' instructions) with the drag and drop editor and DropFunnels templates.

What 'drag and drop' really means is that it's just a matter of clicking with your mouse and dragging an item to where you want it to go.

Like this:

marketing for small business dropfunnels blog themes
Building a funnel, post or page in the DropFunnels editor.

It's easy to edit too, once you get the hang of it!

You might find it's easier to 'drop in' one of the many hybrid templates available. (They all are included with DropFunnels).

The DropFunnels templates are available in these areas:

  • webinar registration
  • lead generation pages
  • coming soon and thank you pages
  • sales pages and video sales letters
  • checkout pages
  • course index (membership) pages
  • long form sales letters
  • blog themes and authority templates (etc)

When you're in the 'DropFunnels editor' you have creative freedom to build anything you want.

This can be particularly good for website creators or web designers who want to create new DropFunnels templates and sell them in the marketplace... (Yep, you can do that too!)

Note: It can take a while to grasp how the DropFunnels editor functions.

I create my website pages and posts, then I just 'clone' these and paste in my new content.

No need to reinvent the wheel just yet. I'll save that for next year!

Here's the magic 'clone' page (or post) button...

dropfunnels clone tool
The DropFunnels clone tool is handy for pages, posts etc.

4. Drip content on advanced courses and memberships

You get full control over your membership courses too: lock content levels and quiz students on what they have learned before they move on to more advanced material.

Hopefully they've learned something! πŸ™‚

Add some 'drip content' into the mix (content that is released over a period of time) and you'll have marketing that targets your customers more efficiently than ever before.

Now I haven't used the membership part of DropFunnels yet but...

If you have a group of people paying to gain skills and access your products or services every month then you might want to consider it.

This is what one of the few membership areas looks like:

dropfunnels membership example
An example of the DropFunnels membership area.

5. Save heaps of the green

I know I've barely touched on the ins and outs of DropFunnels. πŸ™‚

The cool thing is, you can literally list out what you'd save if you had to purchase other software tools to do any marketing for small business.

Here's what I mean. Use DropFunnels and say adios to...

  • ClickFunnels or LeadPages (save $97 - $497/month)
  • SquareSpace, WIX, etc
    Kajabi, Teachable etc ($149-$399)
  • Link Trackers ($$)
  • Website hosting (can be from $10-$500/month)
  • Paid plugins or WordPress website templates

You get the idea.

They all have their place by the way. Each to their own. πŸ™‚

Mind you, it feels kind of good to cancel ClickFunnels, and stop paying for hosting, link trackers and paid plugins once you go with DropFunnels.

There's also other cool things that are pretty impressive for an 'all in one marketing tool' like DropFunnels.

Like these:

  • SMS conversational chat (chat with your customers through SMS)
  • Legal signatures on checkout
  • Link tracking tool
  • Free trial so you can see if it fits your needs!


Ask yourself this...

"Self, do I want a beautiful, shiny, gorgeous website that has all the bells and whistles? Or a streamlined, fast loading content machine that ranks in Google?"

If you want the shiny website then WIX is free. πŸ™‚

I'll take the fast loading content machine myself.

That's not to say DropFunnels websites and funnels are not pretty! I'm just saying there are people (ahem*) who spend TOO much time fine-tuning a design...

Instead of focusing on what's really important. (Like producing content!)

* I'm getting better at it! πŸ™‚


Another thing I like about DropFunnels is that it incorporates the hosting.

But why is this so good?

Because it allows you to focus on what's important. Like creating and publishing content (blog posts etc)... or creating a website that gets seen by your customers in Google.

When you don't need to think about hosting... or making sure your website is online... or which plugins to use... or is my website fast enough (etc)...

Then you get to knuckle down on productive tasks.

And you're not assembling all these different tools together in order to just be discovered online.

"Invest your time creating solutions to people’s problems and you’ll never lose a minutes sleep worrying about how to pay the mortgage.” - Siebold

You can pretty much do it with DropFunnels, and with maybe an email tool as well, if you need it.

This, in my humble opinion, is a secret weapon that'll allows you to do any sort of marketing for small business. You dig?