Lurn FB Academy Review: 5 Days and 5 Nights Later

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First published AUG 01 2018

lurn fb academy

After 5 long days inside the Lurn FB Academy…

You burst out into the fresh air…

Pumped with confidence and a clarity to know…

That if Facebook was a country, it’d be the largest country in the world.

And there’s like, almost 2 billion people on Facebook…

But you’re swimming with way more than a few mind altering facts.

You now know how to use Facebook to reach a targeted audience.

Plus you know Facebook advertising has some pretty cool benefits…

  • Targeting - Facebook ads are highly targeted
  • Low Cost - Get started for as little as $5
  • Scalability - Easy to scale and duplicate ads
  • Viral Potential - People can comment on and share your ad
  • Ease of Use - You don’t have to be technical inclined to set up great ads

You now see Facebook in a whole new light!

And although you still jump on and put up some crazy snaps, say hi to folks…

Mostly you’ll use Facebook to observe what the advertisers are doing.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

~ Oscar Wilde

And boy those little Facebook “ads” sure grab eyeballs.

You see coolness and you’re sucked towards it…

Like a giant, swirling, online vortex!

I mean, hey… who wouldn’t be “enticed” by something like this?

lurn fb academy facebook ad
A Robert Kiyosaki / Lurn Facebook ad example.

I guess that’s an “OK” Facebook ad. 🙂

You're doing something right when 13,400 people share your stuff!


I firstly explored James Wedmore’s FB Video Ads

It’s good but circa 2015 and Facebook advertising has changed a LOT since then!

Stuff can be hard to follow if it’s “aged” and things age quick in the online social world…

Although the fundamental basics are right on the wicket.

In fact good old Facebook seem like they are updating the user interface every week or so.

So anyways…

I know there is a balance needed between consuming and creating.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re consuming TOO much…

Youtubes is not included, right?

And on the other hand we need to learn stuff, right?

And I could be wrong but if you’re learning you need to consume.

So I guess we gotta balance it out with creation.

For me that’s writing, creating Youtubes, photography etc.

(AKA the “production” house).

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.

~ Paulo Coelho

So I made a decision recently that I was going to (roughly) specialise in ONE area.

Decided to go with Facebook ads.

Seeing as I had completed James’s FB Video Ads…

Had a crazy itch to learn more, to really get into the nuts and bolts…

The Lurn FB Academy

Came across Anik Singal’s Lurn FB Academy

Now I’ve known this guy for probably 10 years online.

But it’s only now that I’ve started paying attention to him.

Maybe because he offered up a great little (free) Facebook Ads Bootcamp first?


Smashed through that one.

Absorbed every bit like an enthusiastic monkey.

Scribbled tons of notes.

Then threw caution into the wind, watched his webinar and signed myself onto his Lurn FB Academy.

Sat down in my studio and for 5 days, poured over the videos, took more rabid notes.

Totally immersed myself in it.

Got through all the videos (except for the gazillion hours of webinar recordings).

Snapped up my FB Academy Certification, which hopefully means I’m certified mad (always knew it).

Go on, take a look: ↓

lurn fb academy certification
My Lurn FB Academy certification.

And my man Anik, I got to tell you; he’s a master presenter.

Especially if you’re a VISUAL learner like me – you’ll get a lot from it.

As he sort of draws, pencils out or “illustrates” the concepts…

He calls the Lurn FB Academy a place of transformation.

You get served up clear, precise, bite sized chunks.

Articulate and intelligent, but the best thing is he’s a motivator, so you end up feeling like…


Think about the information available through Facebook – interest, likes, age, location, gender – this type of detailed information allows you to target the EXACT customers you want to reach.

~ Anik Singal

But the real results?

The real results will be when I actually turn advertising into profit.

And I ain’t truly done that yet.

Mind you I only got my FB ads certification like last night.

There’s that, and then there’s landing a client…

Because that’s part of it too. I want to land some clients and run their Facebook advertising.

Which might be somewhat optimistic.

But then again…

And so, at the end of the day I’m still a total rookie.

Gobbling it all up as fast as accurately possibly.


So what do I think about the Lurn FB Academy?

It’s freakin brilliant!

Glad I put myself through it.

It’ll cost you like US$697 or so.

Access to live calls with Anik and other successful Facebook ad geniuses… priceless!

Imagine you could offer up your Facebook ad / landing page and get some super valuable feedback.

Anyways… it’s 4pm and I got to jump on the bicycle.

Talk soon, and make sure to get that course!

You can become FB Certified Mad, just like me!