7 Lavish Landing Page Examples That Digital Nomads Will Love

landing page examples

See yourself as a digital nomad? Then these landing page examples might just be incendiary enough to propel you to become a full time online entrepreneur...

On that note...

Landing pages are strange things. 🙂

They come dressed in dazzling designs and flavours.

There's like opt in landing pages and landing page templates.

Hybrid templates and hybrid landing pages.

Or just plain old sales funnel templates, if you will.

I don't know but geez;

Seems to be a gazillion different names for them!

End of the day, they all do one thing...

Get you more customers!

They do that by...

Persuading people to sign up to your email list, or buy your stuff!


That's it, in a nutshell.


I called them lavish because they're...

Really Easy To Use!

dropfunnels review opinion

At least the landing pages we're talking about anyways.

Like, pretty much drag and drop.

Import the images you'll need.

Edit the text to bring your story, vision or idea alive.

All that funky stuff that goes with creating an offer! 🙂

You dig?

Still, you might be thinking...

What's the deal with these landing page examples?

Well, they're free, but there's a small catch.

Just a tiny, weeny one.

Good news is, there's a way around it.

And that, my friend, is a magical thing called a...

14 Day Free Trial...

Brilliant, eh?

Don't say I don't do anything for you, ok? 🙂

But just before we dig into these magnificent landing pages...

Let me explain how freakin' great they are.

And why you'll love them!

Here's 10 (really) good reasons:

  1. They're WordPress based
  2. They're fast loading (great news!)
  3. Hosting is included (even better!)
  4. They cover some great niches (dentists, real estate, business, etc)
  5. Optimise them for the search engines (SEO)
  6. You can run an blog or an authority site too
  7. No updating WordPress plugins every week!
  8. A lot cheaper than other sales funnel builders out there...
  9. Replaces a bunch of other tools you currently use
  10. They look good! (And they perform!)


Guessing you might be hanging to see the...

Funky Landing Page Examples

So let's get to 'em!

I've presented just 7 landing page examples.

But to get started with your free templates there's some steps to take.

I know. Shock, horror.

It's not hard. Just a few things to do.

Like we mentioned, these landing page templates work with WordPress.

But it's sort of a different set up than normal.

It all runs on this thing called DropFunnels.

dropfunnels review

I'm typing this using DropFunnels right now.

That's right.

You're looking at a blog that runs on DropFunnels.

Weird, eh?

Looks just like any other website, right?

It is much like a normal blog type website, but it...

Runs On Crack Cocaine!

I'm joking, but it feels a bit like that. 🙂

DropFunnels kind of manages your blog, authority site, landing pages etc.

It's speedy, easy to use, plug and play ready.

I can't really promise you'll have a landing page in 5 minutes.

But you can set it up pretty darn quick all the same.

Here's how DropFunnels explains it:


We invented the concept of the Hybrid Funnel. With our "Funnel Themes" you have a fully featured website that can rank, but performs and converts like a sales funnel! Pick your theme and filter your visitors directly to your offers...



Here's the steps to get your templates:

  1. Start your free 14 day trial with DropFunnels here.
  2. Click on the free templates page inside DropFunnels back office (pic below)
  3. Add in your details and start building!

Here's the DropFunnels back office I was talking about...

dropfunnels review

The DropFunnels free funnel marketplace highlighted in red

You'll see this welcome page as soon as you log in.

It's pretty much that simple.

Especially if you already know what you want to say!

Or what your offer is going to be about.

Anyways, here's the first of our landing page examples:

1. Authority Template

landing page examples authority template

Authority landing page template

Check out how I meticulously re-created this landing page template here. 🙂

This landing page template is called Authority.

So if you have expertise in something then this one is for you!

It has a call-to-action repeated throughout.

Also included is a simple opt in page that collects name and email, along with a thank you page that creates a seamless experience for your subscriber*.

*In their words.

Looks pretty groovy, don't you think?

That's why I use it on my own opt in page. 🙂

Preview the expertise landing page template here.

Polish it to your needs.

And now for something completely different...

2. Plumber Template

landing page examples plumber template

Plumber landing page template

This landing page template is for plumbers, small businesses, repair services, etc.

It's designed for lead generation and speed.

What do you think?

Includes a tab style design for service offerings and a lead generation page (plus confirmation page) to capture your visitors information.

3. Ecommerce Template

landing page examples ecommerce template

Ecommerce landing page template

Funnel Juice
is an ecommerce template for folks who want to run their own business.

Really good if you're selling physical products or drop shipping.

It's a simple 4 page funnel design for any ecommerce product.

Includes a sales page, checkout page, up-sell offer and order receipt page.

See below for a more in-depth look...

4. Dentist Template Landing Page

landing page examples dentist template

Dentist landing page template

Way too happy to be in a dentists chair!

This is a simple, visually strong dentist template for any professional in the field.

Add your own booking appointment software and watch the leads pour in.

Now let's call out any coaches or consultants...

5. Coach or Consulting Template

landing page examples coach template

Coach or consultant landing page

This coach or consulting template could be seen as a bit more professional I guess.

It's a funnel template for industry experts who sell courses or offer coaching services.

Offers the 3 pages; home page, confirmation page and a thank you page.

Thumbs up all around.

6. Web or Marketing Agency Template

landing page example web agency template

Web agency landing page

This web or marketing agency template has strong shape and colour.

Funnel pack includes the home landing page, opt in landing page and thank you page.

All these landing page examples are free to use when you get DropFunnels btw.

Now for the realtors amongst us...

7. Real Estate Landing Page Template

landing page examples real estate

Real estate landing page template

I'm sure this real estate template comes across as professional and trustworthy.

You agree?

Paste in your own sparkling images to make the page pop.

And just so you know...

ALL of these themes and funnels can be customised with the DropFunnels drag and drop visual editor!

There's also an abundance of pages, templates and page elements in the page editor.

You'll see all this when you're playing with DropFunnels.


Let me give you an example of the Funnel Juice ecommerce landing page...

The Funnel Juice ecommerce landing page pack includes:

  1. Sales Page
  2. Checkout
  3. Upsell Offer
  4. Order Receipt

Simple, but a few different elements in the pack.

Here's a detailed look at the ecommerce sales funnel (top half):

landing page examples ecommerce

Makes you want to slam some greens in a blender right away!


That's 7 groovy landing page examples you can take and use right away.

Of course there's a slight learning curve, like all new things.

There's some huge advantages to using DropFunnels over some of the other landing page builders out there...

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the price. (Starts at $49 a month).

(Remember that includes your hosting, and lots of other bits and bobs).

Other landing page creators start at $97.00 a month.

Good luck optimising them for Mr. Google! 

There's also a flourishing...

Friendly Facebook Group

Which will help you out with any DropFunnels questions you have.

The owner doesn't shy away from partaking in the discussions.

You definitely don't see that everyday.

So like I said, to get started, take advantage of that 14 day free trial.

Bring your ideas, content, and your genius vision!

You got this!


Well done is better than well said.

--Benjamin Franklin


Get your authority website happening, landing page up.

You can always refine it as you go.

Take imperfect action!

And let me know how these landing page examples helped you out!


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