How to Earn Money Blogging as a DropFunnels Affiliate

how to start affiliate marketing

by Martin Hurley · Updated Jan. 30, 2022

how to earn money blogging

Have you ever thought about how to earn money blogging... and wondered if it’s really possible?

This is what this blog post is all about. Except...

I’m going to show you how to earn money blogging… using DropFunnels.

Wait… what is DropFunnels?

DropFunnels is a SEO optimised, website builder software and blogging tool that allows you to build fast loading sales funnels, digital products, landing pages, courses, professional websites and way more.

In simple terms, an “all in one” software tool.

It’s also a good business model to promote too… but we’ll get to that.

There are many other tools you can promote too, DropFunnels is but one of many.

For me though, I like passive income… 🙂

That’s why I incorporate blog posts (or blogging) into the things I do… and why I focus on promoting just a FEW things… not a gazillion!

Leveraging the internets

You want to leverage a good business model in your blogging.

That might mean using DropFunnels, ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit or something completely different.

(Those are all alternative landing page builders that some people use).

You’ll of course bring your own unique skill set to the table.

how to earn money blogging with dropfunnels
Some of the DropFunnels templates that come included with DropFunnels.

Strangely enough we often find out what we really love by doing other things in the meantime, but…

The beauty about a software tool like DropFunnels is that you get to earn money every month from it, when you do it right.


Let me tell you how DropFunnels is different…

DropFunnels is like a combination of the best website builder / landing page sales funnel tool in one, simple to use, all in one platform (based on WordPress).

It’s been described as…

  • A WordPress funnel builder
  • A web page builder
  • The world’s most powerful platform to sell and deliver digital products
  • The best website infrastructure
  • A complete visual, drag-and-drop funnel flow system

This is why DropFunnels is a great tool to start earning money with from your blog.

It ticks all the boxes

  • High need (high demand for fast loading, search engine optimised websites)
  • Simple to use and set up
  • Runs on WordPress
  • An all-in-one tool that covers pretty much everything we need

But you might be thinking

Can you really earn money blogging?

Or to put it another way, can you become a DropFunnels affiliate and use DropFunnels to earn money blogging?

(An affiliate just means you’d refer people to DropFunnels at no extra cost and receive a small commission when they subscribe).

An even better question might be...

“What do you want DropFunnels to pay for?”

how to earn money blogging with dropfunnels
What do you want your DropFunnels commissions to pay for?

Of course...

It'll depend on your mindset, skill set, abilities and stick-to-it factor…

But we all have to start at the starting point at some stage…

The great thing about working for yourself is that it gives you amazing freedom… and it beats working for someone else any day.


Here’s my first DropFunnels affiliate earnings payment:

how to earn money blogging
My first $100 DropFunnels affiliate payout.

Took me months to get this far…

Still, I persevered and got there!

If I can do it, you can too.

In all honesty though…

It takes a LOT of time, effort and consistent “show up” days to make the whole “earn money blogging” thing produce results.

Unless you’re REALLY good at writing blog posts and SEO (or pay a writer) then it’ll likely take months, and maybe years to hit your $XXX recurring month goal.

Having said that...

It’s passive income so…

It’s still worth putting time into it!

Because when you do it well your blog post can still be found in the search engines months and years after you’ve written it.

Here’s an example (not the best but hey)….

how to earn money blogging
Is DropFunnels really worth it? My post in Google...

I wrote this DropFunnels review post in September 2020 and even though I’m on page 5 I still rank in Google. With zero promotion.

The thing is though…

People may read your blog post, but…

That doesn’t mean they’ll automatically sign up to DropFunnels through your link!

Wish they did, but… 🙂


How to earn money blogging using DropFunnels

The key is to produce (good) content consistently!

(As well as having a strong belief in your ability to do it!)

You may want to actually use DropFunnels too, as that’ll make blogging (or video blogging) about it much easier!

But how do I produce good blog content consistently?

Start by arranging your days so you make time to work on Income Producing Activities (IPAs) every day for like 2-4 hours or so.

Go easy on yourself if you don’t hit that daily goal. 🙂

The point is…

You’ve GOT to treat your blogging business or whatever you want to do like it’s a BUSINESS, not a hobby!

So consistent content… building your brand… helping people out… having a target goal…

Will help you to…

  • Earn money from ad revenue
  • Earn DropFunnels affiliate income (or other affiliate income)
  • Sell your own digital products
  • Teach others how you do it!
  • Become a DropFunnels rockstar affiliate!
  • Develop unbreakable self confidence!

My target goal is 33 people signed up to DropFunnels Partner program.

Here’s what that looks like...

how to earn money blogging with dropfunnels
You only need 33 peeps to hit $3000 a month recurring...

Is that achievable or what?

Could you reach out to 33 people who would REALLY benefit from using DropFunnels?

In 1903 they said the Wright brothers couldn’t fly either! But look at us now!

Creating the blog content

As my man Paddy says “Are you creating a brand or putting out content somewhere online? And if not, why not?”

You want to create content that helps someone in the field that interests you the most.

This is exactly what I’m doing with this blog post…

  • I USE DropFunnels
  • Then I create content about it
  • I promote DropFunnels as an affiliate

Think of all the ways you could promote a website builder sales funnel software tool like DropFunnels…

Here’s some example questions you could blog about…

  • How did you learn about DropFunnels?
  • Challenges you had with other WordPress sites
  • What made DropFunnels more attractive?
  • DropFunnels vs (another funnel builder)
  • What does DropFunnels cost?
  • Is DropFunnels worth it?

Get your imagination flying and visualise them ideas…

Use your mental (higher) faculties (perception, imagination, reason, memory, will, intuition) to create the world you want! Never settle! 

- Leland Val Van de Wall

Even if you spend an hour a day reaching out to people or businesses who could use a sales funnel or new website.

I’m sure you’ve seen heaps of websites out there that desperately need some attention!

Or you spend an hour a day penning a new blog post…

Getting the picture here?


If you’re planning to use DropFunnels then you’ll need to know about…

The DropFunnels affiliate program / partner program

The DropFunnels affiliate program is still in its infancy but there are some good tools you can start promoting (blogging) with…

Probably the easiest are the free 14 day trial funnels, but…

As an affiliate you’ll need a DropFunnels account first. You can get a 14 day trial here.

There are some cool authority designs available for your blog posts too.

Notice how they can be targeted to specific niches or occupations like real estate, dentists, chiropractors etc.

how to earn money blogging with dropfunnels
Some of the occupations and niches you can target as a blogger.

There are other affiliate training assets like social graphics for Pinterest and so on…

Traffic strategies including Quora and Google Ads are being added over time.

For me, I have over 96K Quora answer views but…

That doesn't necessarily translate to sign ups…

Try doing that with ClickFunnels. 🙂

Groovy eh?

how to earn money with quora
My Quora views are going ok but is it the best strategy?

How much can you earn from the DropFunnels partner program?

If you refer someone to the Partner monthly (and you’re ALSO in Partner), you get 30% monthly recurring…

So let’s say the person you signed up pays $297 a month for DropFunnels partner program monthly…

That means you’ll pocket $59.40 a month…

Unless you are in the partner program… in that case you’ll pocket $89.10 a month…

Hopefully this earning potential image makes it clearer…

how to earn money blogging with dropfunnels
The DropFunnels affiliate commission structure...

You get the 10% bonus for any plan you’re active on.

If they sign up for the year, it's $599.40 per year. Or $899.10 per sale if you’re in the yearly partner program.

Not too bad for a bit of midnight oil and elbow grease!

To conclude

This post was about how to earn money blogging but…

I have sort of transgressed a bit into why DropFunnels is a good idea.

If I can recommend anything, it’d be to just share your experience with using DropFunnels and how it's solved some of your challenges.

You could even offer a free authority build website, using one of the designs in the affiliate library. If they love it (especially when they find out how easy it is), you know they'll stick for a long time!

Basically you want to show people how to use DropFunnels and see results.


Just know that everything takes time…

Consistency is key… over long periods of time, this is where the magic happens.

Everyone’s journey is going to be different.

Think from how you want to live. 

Action to take right now

Now you know how to earn money blogging… you have a starting point, your income producing activities and now you just need to work on them everyday… 🙂