The Definition of Affirmations: What are Affirmations?

By Martin Hurley
Updated May 2023
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dream life career affirmations
Move towards your ideal dream life by using success and career affirmations.

Do positive affirmations work?

Affirmations are positive statements that can help us believe in ourselves and our abilities. They are powerful tools to inspire motivation, self-confidence and personal growth.

By repeating an affirmation over time, we can eventually start to believe it as truth and manifest the changes we want in our life.

Affirmations can be used to help combat negative self talk and beliefs, to reinforce positive feelings and attitudes, and to encourage action.

Here's some positive affirmation examples...

  • Things are always working out for me.
  • I am wealthy, prosperous, money is good.
  • I wake up to money everyday!

Affirmations can be used for various purposes such as improving self-esteem, developing a more optimistic outlook on life, or overcoming fears.

They can also be used in visualisations and meditation practices as a way to direct focus to positive outcomes.

Question everything

Affirmations can help us to keep our thoughts and beliefs in check. By questioning and evaluating the accuracy of our inner dialogue, we can reduce anxiety and stress.

"Question everything" is probably really good advice.

Bob Proctor explains it like this:

Energy is much better spent thinking positively and imagining good outcomes. Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions. So start using it to create what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Re-wiring your thinking

It is important to remember that affirmations are not magical solutions or quick fixes; they do, however, provide an effective way to rewire our brains for success over time.

Ultimately, affirmations can be a powerful way to break through barriers and create lasting positive change in our lives.

With consistent practice, we can learn to view challenges with clarity and optimism, and see the potential for growth in any situation.

Through positive affirmations, we can arm ourselves with confidence and self-love so that we are better equipped to handle whatever life throws our way.

Affirmations about self worth or confidence might be useful in certain situations too.

amazing career opportunities
Use success affirmations to visualise amazing career opportunities.

How to use affirmations

Affirmations can be as simple or elaborate as you want; what’s important is that the statements have meaning and are aligned with your values.

When writing affirmations, it helps to focus on present-tense language such as “I am…” or “I have…"

Here's some examples...

  • I am moving closer to my dreams. (Move daily towards your goals, dreams and inspirations).
  • The world needs my uniqueness. (No-one else is you. Own your uniqueness).
  • I wake up every morning with intention and purpose. (Knowing our why can help with motivation and determination).

Keep in mind that affirmations should be specific and realistic, as well as believable to you.

For example, "I am so happy and grateful now that I earn $1,000 a month from my online business."

You might want to change that amount to what best resonates with your current situation!

Ultimately, your affirmation should fill you with hope and confidence so that you are empowered to work towards achieving your goals.

Financial success

We all have our unique challenges in life, but through the practice of positive affirmations we can rewire our brains for success and ultimately manifest the positive change we are looking for.

So start your day by repeating an affirmation to yourself, write them down and review them throughout the day, or visualise them while in a meditative state.

By investing time into this practice every day, you can gradually cultivate more positivity and clarity in your life.

Believe in yourself and the power of affirmations, and you will be able to unlock your hidden potential.

Remember what Abraham Lincoln said:

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Things can work out in expected and unexpected ways sometimes, so start manifesting what you want in your life today.