Using This ClickFunnels Alternative Free Page Builder Yet?

clickfunnels alternative

Did you know that a ClickFunnels alternative free landing page builder exists in the marketplace?

It’s true.

In fact, I created a quick video all about it below.

In a nutshell, you can, as a genius creator, start your creative project today. The cool thing is you don’t need a website. Or social media.

In fact, you don’t need to invest a lot of your precious time and money right now. All you really need to do is slap your idea on a landing page.

Sounds crazy, right?

A landing page, like I’m sure you know, is the first step in getting feedback from people you trust. It’s an ideal way to get validation on your idea, to see if your idea has traction, to “test the water.”

Once you’ve “hatched” your idea, one of the first things you need to do is to find out if your idea has wings. Are people excited to learn more?

This first step is now totally do-able, without any roadblocks! 🙂

Today you can start validating your ideas and moving forward with your business!

And you can do it using this ClickFunnels alternative free page builder. (I go through the steps below!)

You’ll see how EASY (and quick) it is to set up a simple landing page.

So let me show you how it works…

A ClickFunnels alternative free page builder?

Yes, and it’s a great alternative too!

Press play to watch the video. (Further details below!)

What you’re looking at is a free landing page builder from ConvertKit. In a previous life, these guys were an email marketing company focused on creative type individuals!

Somewhere along their journey a lightbulb moment went off, and they realised it made sense to focus on landing pages too.

We now focus on landing pages too in order to give beginner creators the ability to build a quick website and start gathering email addresses.

~ ConvertKit

This is perfect if you're in the beginning stages of your creator journey and are not quite ready to pay for an email marketing tool.

OR maybe this could be a perfect solution for your own customers?

Like we say, to start, all you need to do is put your idea on a landing page!

But anyways…

How is it different to other landing page builders? 

For starters, it’s free to use.

Let’s compare a few “start up” costs…

  • The market leader with all the gadgets is ClickFunnels, at $97.00 a month
  • Shopify for ecommerce enthusiasts is $29.00 a month
  • LeadPages will set you back $37.00 a month

It’s almost a no-brainer.

And you still get a lot of “goodies” on the free plan too!

Who is this landing page builder for?  

Like we mentioned, it’s designed for creators who don’t have a website and who are not quite ready to pay for an email marketing setup just yet.

Let me list out the cool benefits…

  • Grow your email list without financial roadblocks
  • Customise and personalise your landing pages
  • Perfect for creators like artists, designers, innovators (etc!)
  • Simple entry point for creators without complexity

And of course, anyone who has an amazing idea !!!

What’s included in the free plan?

With a free ConvertKit account you can build unlimited landing pages and prepare to grow an audience for your new project.

Like I explain in the video, you can choose from 30 different landing page templates, edit your content, and personalise the design and layout.

Here’s a run down of the bells and whistles…

  • 30 different landing page templates
  • Unlock broadcast & subscriber management by referring friends
  • Incentive email option
  • Thank you pages, opt in forms, coming soon pages (etc)
  • Access to a friendly community
  • Add your own domain too

And way more! 🙂

What does this landing page builder do? 

Lets you make unlimited landing pages and forms, use multiple templates, opt in and thank you pages, and start with 100 subscribers.

Cool things you can do are…

  • Get your idea validated
  • Offer content, products or services
  • Sell digital products, offer discounts etc
  • Freebies to give away

Pretty good little tool for zero cost, don’t you think?

How to get it now?

Click here to test it out right now.

You can also promote it as an alternative to say MailChimp or other free tools as a less expensive option to get started.

Your customers can start and “grow” into ConvertKit. They can start with the free plan until they need to upgrade to the paid plan. (That gives them access to more advanced features like sequences, RSS feed management and visual automations).

Like we said, there’s no need to invest loads of money or waste your precious entrepreneurial time figuring out how to start your business at the beginning.

All you need is a platform (tool) and the ability to grow your audience.


Let us know what you think of this ClickFunnels alternative free landing page builder!