How Do You Actually Build a Website With WordPress?

build a website with wordpress

Ready to build a website with WordPress?

It’s the year 2020 and you find yourself at home quarantined from the rest of the world. You go online to research how you can build a website easily…

The research even mentions how to earn a few extra bucks using your writing skills. Exciting right? And all it takes they say is 30 minutes.

All caught up in the idea of being able to communicate and interact with a worldwide audience, you decide you’re going to create an online presence.

Remember, fortune favours the bold!  🙂

So here you are…

You’ve set forth on a journey to create a website for yourself – so let’s make it happen!

So How Do You Build A Website With WordPress?

Well first of all, congratulations on choosing WordPress as your website builder! It’s a wonderful way for anyone to get online and start blogging. (We use it for our weird blog too!)

Actually WordPress powers around 37% of all websites on the internet. So you’re in good company!  

Build a website in wordpress

Above image: What the WordPress page builder looks like.

We’ll answer your questions (and others) as we go along…

But firstly…

How Much Will WordPress Cost You?

WordPress itself, is completely free to use.

However there are some other costs, mostly related to domain names and hosting. 

WordPress is actually a great tool for anyone – whether you’re a first time website builder or an advanced tech savvy user…

Or just someone who wants to make changes in the world!  🙂

Do You Need To Use A WordPress Website Builder?

It’s good to start with some sort of WordPress page builder tool.

There are, however, a few more steps to truly get you online.

To get visitors to come to your blog or website you’ll want a website address and web hosting (a place on the internet where you can place your all your files).

These steps do need a little technical know how. (We’ll go over it!)

Want To Start Writing Without The Technicalities?

What’s that you say?

You just want to start writing without learning how to code?

We hear you on that!  🙂

There are some non techie, “code free” ways to do this which take care of all the distractions – so you can just focus on producing your amazing content!

When your needs are taken care of then you can spend time on generating ideas for your website – instead of wondering how you’re going to build your website.

Build a website in wordpress

Above image: Ramen noodles merchandise idea.

Like coming up with wicked Ramen noodles merchandise!  🙂

A good example of this is a tool called DropFunnels. Why use DropFunnels as an example? Because, as you’ll see, it’s simple to use and a great time saver!

DropFunnels is built on the WordPress framework – but with all the bells and whistles you need to build a website, and much more.

What Is DropFunnels And What You Can Do With It?

Like we mentioned, DropFunnels is a platform which provides a host of features and lets you focus on your main tasks (whether that be building an authority blog or selling products or services).

You could say that DropFunnels takes all the tech out of setting up your own WordPress website!  🙂

That’s how it should be, right?

dropfunnels templates

Above image: You get a choice of DropFunnels templates as well.

But to see some sort of results, you need to be able to easily make adjustments and customisations as your own online ambitions grow with your website.

In WordPress these features can be added with the help of things called plugins and extensions. These are bits of small software that extend the capabilities of your WordPress website.

So Why Not Use WordPress Itself? 

I’m guessing you’re more interested in creating and authoring more content for your website, interacting with your visitors and not getting caught up in the tech side of running a website!

What DropFunnels does is provide you with the infrastructure which already has all the features you need (and much more) to scale your online presence.


Beware the barrenness of a busy life.

~ Socrates


The days of worrying about designing your websites look and feel or spending hours setting up plugins or hiring a designer are long gone.

Mind you, I still struggle to get a basic logo right sometimes!  🙂

With DropFunnels you can just start building and using your website in no time – with the comfort of a single solution that provides all the utilities you need – out of the box.

A Quick Membership Example

Let’s say your website is doing really well and the visitors love your content. 

They keep requesting you to produce more content. (Which is quite obvious, because you’re helping them so much, right!?)

Since your amazing content is in such hot demand, you decide to release some subscription based content. That way your visitors will pay to access the content.

So how do you go about doing this?

Well if you have say, a standard WordPress website builder like Divi for example, then you have to go find a suitable plugin which solves all your “membership”  requirements…

divi wordpress theme

Above image: How to build a website with WordPress using The Divi theme.

Or you need to hire a developer to code extensively on WordPress to be able to do what you want.

Who has time for that?  🙂

But with DropFunnels you can do it all in just a matter of minutes.

Having said that, Divi is still a great option to consider if you want to build a website with WordPress.

Does DropFunnels Save Time?

The thing is, DropFunnel has all these functionalities built into it and as it’s WordPress based, you get the goodness of both WordPress and an incredible amount of add on features all under a single roof.

All it takes is a few mouse clicks and you can set up subscription based service on your website.

That’s the beauty of using DropFunnels. 🙂

(Note: There are some other non-WordPress based tools that do a similar thing, like this one that lets you create a free landing page).

In a nutshell, it can make things much simpler. You can focus on the key aspects of running your website and growing your tribe or your online business – without becoming a part time tech nerd!

Nothing wrong with being a tech nerd, if that’s your thing!

How To Use DropFunnels To Build A Website

As DropFunnels is a service you’ll need to subscribe to a plan.

That’s right. It’s not free.

But it’s relatively inexpensive too.

DropFunnels does provide a 14-day free trial however, which is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the nuts and bolts.

OK So How Do I Go About Making My Website?

Head over to DropFunnels and check out the plans that appeal to you.

dropfunnels pricing plans

Above image: The DropFunnels pricing plans.

As you can see – DropFunnels provides multiple plans which you can subscribe to on a monthly basis.

DropFunnels Pricing Plans Overview

DropFunnels Starter Plan

The DropFunnels Starter Plan is $49.00 a month.

It’s perfect for you if you are a beginner blogger or just want to build an authority website, or change the world. 🙂

(We use the Starter Plan, btw).

  • You get a single site (one domain) with multiple add ons.
  • Access to ALL the features.
  • Create unlimited blogs, pages, or subscription based services.
  • 10,000 allowed visitors per month (if you’re hitting that you’re doing great!)
  • Sales funnels and hybrid marketing funnels as well
  • Drag and drop, no technical skills required.

DropFunnels Pro Plan

The DropFunnels Pro Plan is $149.00 a month.

This plan is perfect for you if you have a business which is getting great results – like bringing in a good solid income and getting lots of daily visitors.

You get all the benefits of the Starter Plan plus an increased number of allowed visitors per month.

DropFunnels Agency Plan

The DropFunnels Agency Plan is currently $297.00 a month.

This plan is perfect for businesses with multiple websites to manage. You’re looking at an unlimited plan with unlimited visitor counts.

So hopefully you can now see how you can build a website in WordPress using DropFunnels…

Without the tech-nightmare!

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate to advanced users, or whatever your business might be.   


Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity.

~ Bahá’u’lláh


So Let’s Build A Website Then

Once you have subscribed to a plan and registered, you’ll be presented with your very own Dashboard. The brilliant thing is that the entire software runs from the comfort of your own internet browser.

Whether that’s Chrome, Firefox, Safari, on anything else you use!

The Dashboard, or your “back office” tool, lets you configure just about every aspect of your website.

Dropfunnels dashboard

Above image: A peek inside the DropFunnels Dashboard.

Your Dashboard is a great place to get an overview of a couple of useful things:

  • The number of visitors coming to your sites and;
  • Keep tabs on your earnings if you have subscription based content.

It is simple yet powerful.


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

~ Confucius


As a DropFunnels beginner, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of options available.

Rest assured – there are tons of tutorials and resources available to guide you through the basics of how to use your brand new WordPress website builder.

In the Dashboard you’ll have a visual editor so you can edit the complete look and feel of your website.

But I Don’t Know Anything About Designing A Website

You actually don’t need to know “how” to design a website.

You can use the visual editor to modify the look and feel without touching any code.

All you need to do is go to the editor, drag and drop the page elements that you need and you’re good to go.

dropfunnels template editor

Above image: DropFunnels page editor (with modules editor on the right side).

If that seems a little too technical then you can always simply edit one of the pre-formatted posts or pages that come with DropFunnels.

Has it ever been this easy to build a website in WordPress?

So I Start Out With A Blank Page?

The thing is, DropFunnels have made it a no-brainer.

It might look complicated, but don’t let the looks fool you!

The DropFunnels website builder is advanced yet simple and intuitive. All you need to do is select a base template from the options which comes with many of the page elements already present.

Then you can modify that as per your needs. Like this:

dropfunnels editor

Above image: DropFunnels website page editor tool.

Feel free to add backgrounds, colours, audio, video elements and different styles to your page elements just with the click of a few buttons.

Move around different parts of your page and resize as you see fit. Once you’re pleased with the design then go ahead and save it.

That’s it. Simple isn’t it?

So I Can Design All This With Just The Visual Editor?

That’s right. With DropFunnels you get to build and design your own website in your own way without getting caught up in any of the technical aspects of website designing.

Plus, like we mentioned, you can use the pre-formatted page or post templates to build out your ideas really quickly and easily.

How Do I Write My First Blog Post Now?

Well now that you’ve got the look and feel of the website down with the help of the friendly website builder, it’s probably time to post your first blog post. 🙂

With DropFunnels managing your posts and making new ones is as easy as it gets.

In addition to the ease of use, DropFunnels provides you with a ton of features which help you make your website content more appealing, like images, videos and simple drag and drop elements.

dropfunnels post editor

Above image: DropFunnels post editor screen ready for your next blog post.

Do I Need To Know About SEO?

SEO is a way for search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to index (and rank) your website. 

In simple terms it helps these search engines to know what your website is all about.

So lets say your new DropFunnels website is a adventure travel blog where you post about your recent journeys to New Zealand.

Now lets say I want to read articles on travelling to New Zealand.

So how am I going to find out about your website?

I’d probably go to Google and search for “travel blogs + New Zealand” and instantly Google will spit out a list of websites related to that topic.

google search seo

Above image: Google organic search results.

So in order for your website to be listed in the Google search results it is very important to follow some basic rules. (These rules are collectively known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation).

I Don’t Know SEO. Should I Hire An SEO Expert?

Fortunately, with DropFunnels you don’t have to concern yourself too much about about designing or SEO.

You could even say…

You have your own SEO expert when you subscribe to DropFunnels!

DropFunnels comes with SEO optimisation tools built in.

Have a look at your SEO options:

dropfunnels seo tool

Above image: The DropFunnels search engine optimisation tool. 

So let’s start with posting a simple blog post and exploring all the options that we can play around with…

On the Dashboard you’ll see have an option of Posts. Clicking on Posts gives you the options to Manage and Add new posts.

We’ll click on Add New.

Dropfunnels post templates

Above image: Click on Posts then Add New will let you edit or create a new post. 

Here you can easily add a title for your post and the actual content for your post. You can use the text editor to add multiple page elements.

Go ahead and try out all the possibilities.

Here’s a rough example…

Build a website with wordpress

Above image: Editing a post in DropFunnels.

You can also enable the visual editor clicking on the DropFunnels options.

Playing Around With Categories and Widgets

When you create a post or a page, it is not enough to just focus on only the content. You need to arrange your website in such a way that it is easily accessible by visitors.

You can let your visitors search for specific content or have your posts organised by categories.

See how we have categories in the sidebar?

And if they click the category of Reviews then they see all the posts under the Review category.

dropfunnels review category

Above image: Clicking on Reviews under Categories shows all the related posts.

It might sound a little complex, but all new things come with a learning curve!

A bit of practise can do wonders.  🙂

With the DropFunnels website builder it’s simple and fun. You’re won’t break anything when you’re playing around inside the Dashboard!

You also get small side widgets while creating a new post. These widgets contain categories that you create and assign to your posts.

There’s also TAGS and featured images and a few other things!

But really, it’s as easy as checking a few boxes.  🙂

So What Are Pages And Posts?

Pages are used to create static content for your website which doesn’t change over time – like a CONTACT page for example.

Here’s an example of the Pages on our blog:

dropfunnels pages

Above image: A list of your DropFunnels pages.

Whereas Posts are little articles that are indexed with date, time and can change overtime.

With DropFunnels you can create both Posts and Pages. You can also modify the look and feel individually for those pages in the same way.

You can do that by using the text editor as well as the visual editor add-on provided by DropFunnels.

Managing Your DropFunnels Posts

Once you start adding posts there might come a time when you might need to review or edit an old post.

This can be easily done using the Dashboard. Once you click on Posts and All Posts, a list of all your posts is displayed. You can now go ahead and edit them individually.

As an author you get a nifty feature of saving your posts as a draft. Let’s say that you’re in the middle of writing an article but for some reason you need to come back to it later on.

In that case you can save your current work as a draft.

Peeking in to the ALL posts option you’ll be presented with all the articles – whether they’re Drafts or published posts.. From here you can simply open a Draft once again for re-edits.

DropFunnels Has Options Galore!

Just a few other things to take note of!

All websites created today really need to have social shareable links. These are links that can be easily shared by your website visitors to various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many more.

With DropFunnels creating shareable links is a breeze.

Not only do you get an integrated link generator, you also get a preview window to see how your website link will look once you share it on Facebook or Twitter.

dropfunnels social preview

Above image: The DropFunnels social preview.

You also get a intuitive DropFunnels content analysis helper which analyses your posts content and other page options before you publish.

This might sound a little complex but it happens automatically.

The content analysis lets you know if the page is fully optimised so as to make it more relatable to the visitors and search engines like Google.

Here’s what that looks like:

dropfunnels content analysis tool

Above image: The DropFunnels content analysis tool.

These inbuilt features make DropFunnels stand out among all the other website page builders out there.

Are There Other Services Similar To DropFunnels?

There are similar services – but they’re in quite a different ballpark.

Like we mentioned, there are WordPress themes and plugins like Divi available.

Divi is also a WordPress website builder that just happens to be crazy popular! 🙂

What Makes DropFunnels Different Compared To Divi?

Divi has similar functionalities as DropFunnels, but the services and utilities are not tightly coupled.

With DropFunnels you get all the utilities built into a single infrastructure without moving to and fro.

For example, with DropFunnels you get…

  • Your hosting costs covered
  • plugins built-in (so no updating needed!)
  • Page or post editor
  • Sales funnel related tools

All at the price of a simple monthly fee.

Whereas with the other WordPress page builders you’ll need to pay for your hosting, some SEO services and extra plugins too.

Plus you need to “tape” it all together as well (so it works)!

This can be rather confusing for anyone creating their first website!

Final Thoughts

Putting all those add ons together can put a damper on your creativity and the amazing freedom of creating a website quickly.

As you see building a website with DropFunnels is relatively easy.

I know it might look “complicated” but after you get in there and play around with it, you’ll find it rather intuitive to use. 🙂

It’s a one of a kind platform with so many different “built in” services – whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or a agency with a portfolio of websites to build or manage.

Moreover, the marketing and sales tool (like the social sharing and SEO tools) make it a very worthy website builder to grow your website easily.


Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

~ Peter Marshall


So if you’re looking to go online without the hassle of pasting together all the pieces of a website from different sources then it might be worth considering DropFunnels as your one stop website builder.

I’m sure you’ll love the experience of running a website with the comfort of just a few clicks.

DropFunnels takes care of all the aspects of owning a website – from hosting management to site management – so you can…

Focus on creating an amazing online presence!  🙂

So how do you plan to build a website with WordPress?

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