Looking For The Best Passive Income Ideas? [UPDATED] [2020]

best passive income ideas

Looking for the best passive income ideas to fast track your earnings? Over pay-you-peanuts-one-time partner products? Ready to focus YOUR precious time on ways to generate passive income?

Ready, set, go…

This page is going to give you a way to source businesses you resonate with and would be comfortable promoting. Please note: these are recurring AFFILIATE products.

There are an abundance of “other” passive income ideas out there like photography, music and film royalties, rental homes (kind of passive), random vending machines, and so forth.

I talk more about “automated” income ideas and MSI (multiple streams of income) in my passive income guide (link below).

But in this case the focus is purely on recurring affiliate products.

You’re cool with that, right?

You don’t need to have used the actual affiliate product, but it can help if you’re already using (or plan to) use it.

For example, I use DropFunnels, so if I want to do a review (or something), then I can easily talk about it.

Now I know you’re super busy so there’s two ways you can do this:

  1. You can download my in-depth passive income guide here
  2. You can look through the ultimate recurring affiliate list below

More details below…

Many of the products on the list below I use – or they have been recommended from trusted sources.  🙂

But always do your own diligence!

That kind of means to research your specific niche or area of interest.

Here’s most of the passive income ideas we mention…

List of Passive Income Ideas

In no particular order:

  1. ClickFunnels

  2. Active Campaign (* sign up to Active Campaign to be an affiliate for them)

  3. Aweber

  4. GetResponse

  5. SEMRush

  6. Social Pilot

  7. Shopify

  8. WPEngine

  9. DropFunnels (* this site is built and runs on DropFunnels)

  10. NinjaOutreach

  11. Konker

  12. Udimi

  13. TrafficForMe

  14. ClickMagicK

  15. Thrive Themes

  16. Sam Cart

  17. BlueHost  (* not recurring)

  18. Gsuite

  19. Advertising Boost

  20. Convert Kit

  21. Chiirp

  22. UseProof

  23. LiquidWeb

  24. World Wide Brands

  25. Elegant Themes

Click on each name to see further details and offerings… 🙂

Of course there’s plenty more from where they came from!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, something to whet your appetite a little.


There’s some solid affiliate programs in there that have great long term history, as in, have been going strong since the internets began. 

Ok so not quite, but you get my drift.

Others are the newer kids on the block.


Create a vision of who you want to be, then step into that picture as if it were already true.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do Good Things

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Alternatively use this list of the best passive income ideas wisely and ethically.

Let me know how you go with it…

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