What is the Best Bluehost Plan? + How To Get The Best Deal!

best bluehost plan

First Up: If you are way too busy to read to the end of this post then in a nutshell… We touch on how to get the best Bluehost plan & which plan is most ideal for your needs. And the rest?

All about why we love using Bluehost & WordPress, of course. 😀

Ready to roll?

Getting Started

So, you’re thinking about starting a WordPress blog (or website) for your business or personal use? 

If so, you may have many questions running through your mind.

Questions like; how to start, where to begin, what to do, what you should have (etc) and my favourite…

Omg who invented all this stuff!

Because starting a blog or website can be a terrifying thought — especially if you’re not a geek or good at the “tech” stuff. 

But anyway, to tell frankly, you do not need to be an expert to start a blog or build a website.

Anyone can do it.

Whether you are old or young, whether you graduated from college or not. Trust me, this is as easy as 123. 😀


Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?

— Frank Scully


I know what you are feeling and going through right now. I have been through that situation before.

That’s why I am here to help you decide or open your mind (lol).

In fact, I will be your angel while we go through this whole WordPress and Bluehost thingy.

But before we go find our best Bluehost plan, let’s go and learn WordPress…

What Is WordPress By The Way?

Well, according to our all-knowing, internet friend Google… 

“WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today”

And this…

WordPress is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to as WordPress Themes.

— Wikipedia

Get all that?

Honestly I don’t even know what “PHP” or “MySQL” is. It damages my brain! (lol) 😀

But the bottom line is, WordPress is one of the best tools to use in blogging or website creation. 

Still with me? 

Now you know what WordPress is, let us go through the simple steps on how to set-up a blog or website. (BTW they are pretty much the same thing!)

These are very easy steps to grasp — even kids can follow it well.

Step-by-Step Guide – How To Set Up a WordPress Website:

  1. Sign up for web hosting like Bluehost. (We’ll discuss this later as it’s our main topic) 
  2. Choose the best Bluehost plan for your needs.
  3. Pick a perfect domain name that matches your website idea.
  4. Complete your hosting registration. 
  5. Install WordPress.
  6. Login and create some madness goodness!

Now that you know how to set up a WordPress blog or website, let’s go to our main topic — Bluehost Plans.

But first, just to clarify…

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, FastDomain and iPage.

— Wikipedia

And you should know this too…

What is Web Hosting?

You know how you need a physical location to set up, store and sell your products if you want to start a business in the real world?

Well, when you set up a website in the digital world, the same rules apply.

Have you got that?

Basically web hosting is essentially like storage or a home.

You have a number of files, photos, and HTML stuff, and any other codes that make up your website when you set up an online company.


A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.

— Author Unknown


Such files take up space and need a living space.

Otherwise the files would just sit on your desktop without an online home and no one would ever see them. And that would be sad, right?

A hosting company stores all these files on a server and they’re responsible for delivering them as soon as a browser submits a request by typing in your domain name.

When you pay for hosting services, you are simply renting storage space on the internet — just like you would rent a physical store for your business.

Am I being clear?

I know it can get a little confusing!

And The Best Bluehost Plan?

Like any other brick & mortar store you’d rent in the physical world, the hosting price depends on the characteristics, value, facilities, location, etc.

So now that you’re almost there, you might be thinking what the best Bluehost plan would be for the coming year 2020 for your blog or website…

And guess what?

It kind of depends on your budget.

And a few other things too.

How much is your budget by the way?

Leave a comment below if you have questions or if you have anything that you want to tell me. 😀

So let’s delve deeper, and together let’s find out what is the best plan for your upcoming masterpiece!

So what is Bluehost again? 

And more importantly…

How Important Is A Quality Host?

Bluehost is one of today’s most widely used web hosts.

Most hosting companies are a dime a dozen or they’re super expensive…

We’re looking for a hosting company that focuses on reliability, uptime, efficiency…

Big words I know, but important all the same.

As far as all the Bluehost reviews go, they seem to have the whole accessibility, reliability and high-performance service thing sorted.

They have done a great job of serving customers around the globe successfully. Like a few people I know. 😀

Your choice of web host influences your site more than you think. 

Actually your hosting company acts as the foundation for the rest of your site.

This is why you need to choose a quality hosting provider and (hopefully) end up with a high-performing, secure site that’s online when you need it the most.


Quick Bluehost Background Check

If you need to know the history of Bluehost here goes…

Beginning back in 1996 they were renamed Bluehost in 2003.

A prime time to get shares in them BTW. 🙂

Now they have a staff of over 750 employees and host over 2 million websites all over the world (hopefully including yours!)

Bluehost has been working with WordPress for over 10 years, dedicated to providing WordPress support, along with a WordPress core development engineering team.

This cosy relationship has made it possible for Bluehost to host WordPress inexpensively as well as keeping that high-performance thing too.

Bluehost is also dedicated to the open-source community. They are all built on the back of open-source software from their servers to internal tools and scripts.

Now, just checking in…

Can you still follow me or are you having a hard time understanding everything because of the technical jargon? 🤔

Let’s go to the main topic now: Bluehost plans

If you are just really starting up and have a tight budget, the Basic Plan is best.      

Bluehost Features And Advantages:

Really Groovy

  1. Incredible Server Uptime
  2. Very Fast Server Speeds
  3. Bundled Daily Backups
  4. Very Beginner Friendly
  5. Long Track Record
  6. Flexible and Scalable
  7. Solid Customer Support and Documentation
  8. App and Integration Library
  9. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  10. 10/10 for support and assistance. Helpful and quick!
  11. WordPress hosting: 100% compatibility with all WordPress features and plugins.

Not As Groovy

  1. Renewal Price Increases 
  2. Unlimited Hosting Is Limited
  3. Costly Upgrades and Add-on Features
  4. No ASP.net/Windows Hosting
  5. No Free Site Migration
  6. Lack Of Hosting Focus

To be totally honest I don’t even know what some of those things mean!

Maybe you tell me what ASP.net means??


I guess we don’t need to know every single thing about it, right?!

The main thing to note is…

The really groovy column is longer than the not as groovy column. 🙂

So we’ve finally made it to our main topic…

Bluehost Hosting Packages: A Breakdown

Like we mentioned above Bluehost offers a wide range of hosting packages to suit almost every kind of website owner.

Their biggest focus is on beginner shared hosting and optimised WordPress hosting, but they offer a handful of other types as well.

So please check below on what plan or packages suit your budget.

Bluehost Shared Hosting

One of Bluehost’s most common hosting offerings is shared hosting. Shared hosting is typically the world’s most popular method of web hosting.

That, however, is mostly due to the fact that most site owners never expand their sites large enough to need to upgrade to higher hosting rates!

Here’s a brief breakdown of the different Bluehost shared hosting packages:

best bluehost plan

Your choices of Bluehost shared hosting

As you can see, their Basic starter package starts at US$3.95 per month, while the Plus package will run you US$5.95 per month.

The Choice Plus plan is US$5.95 per month, while the Pro plan costs US$13.95 per month. 

The Bluehost Plus Hosting Plan

If you’re just getting started online the basic plan will suit you just fine, but as your site grows you might want to upgrade to the PLUS or PRO plans.

Leaning to the Plus plan? You’re better off choosing the Plus package option.

Both are the same cost at the moment, but the prime plan offers additional features such as domain privacy add-ons, more detailed page backups, and more.

This cost may not stay forever, though.

Quick heads up: Sometimes you can find really cool specials on offer, like Black Friday sales (etc) where you can snaffle up hosting and domains for like up to 60% off.

Keep eyes peeled for those sales!

Once you make a purchase, it is always worth checking the cost, as introduction hosting deals tend to change their pricing quite often.

Many users may want to choose from the very start a higher level shared hosting package.

The higher-level shared hosting packages, for instance, are loaded with features like…

  1. Unlimited website storage
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Support for an unlimited number of websites right outside the door

Unlimited doesn’t mean infinite, but in more depth below, we will get to that.

The highest level shared hosting package is the Pro package.

This package has all the prime plan features but is fitted with additional features such as a different IP address.

Warning: technical jargon ahead…

It’s not necessary to have a dedicated IP for every form of website owner out there, but it does offer some unique benefits:

  • Email reputation. If you’re on a shared host there’s a chance of IP blacklisting, if another person on the same server uses their account for nefarious means. Ie spamming people etc.  (With a dedicated IP, your site will be completely isolated from other accounts and users).
  • Server script requirements. Some website applications and scripts won’t run properly without a dedicated IP. This is generally pretty rare, but some website owners will need a dedicated IP to have their sites function properly.

My fearless boss has a Bluehost Pro Plan because he runs a few sites.

He raves about the live chat too, which he said he only uses when he’s totally bamboozled!

(BTW: Sometimes web sites will go down, plugins will flip out, and other weird things happen. All when you don’t want them to).

Welcome to the internets friend!

Who Benefits Most from Shared Hosting?

If this is your first website, the best plan for your needs is probably shared hosting. Over time, you can upgrade your web hosting package as your needs expand.

Shared hosting is going to be the cheapest hosting option you’ll find and will provide your website with all of the resources required for it to grow.

And, if you start a site that isn’t going to have that high traffic demand, then shared hosting is going to be a great match as well.

So, in summary:

If you plan to have one website, then go with the Bluehost Basic Plan.

If you are planning for world domination and you want multiple websites…

Then the Bluehost Choice Plus Plan is the one for you. 

Right at this moment you get a free domain^ name with all your Bluehost hosting plans too…

^ That is a free Bluehost domain for the first year.

So… I hope you now know the best Bluehost plan for your needs, and I sincerely hope I did not distort your mind too much!

Let me know if you’re still ok….

Please leave a comment, a rant, let me know what time is it where you are, a suggestion or whatever you want to say. 😊