12 of The Best Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions

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by Martin Hurley · UPDATED FEB 26, 2022

affiliate programs with recurring commissions

Looking for the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions to get more prosperity and abundance happening in your life?

Here's 12 affiliate programs we think are worthwhile to spend time promoting. They’re mostly all recurring commission products or services which could mean - potentially, an ongoing income for a loooong time!

* Please note that these products contain affiliate links.

But first - what is a recurring commission?

A recurring commission is a commission that is paid to you as an affiliate or promoter, on a regular basis, for example, every month or every quarter. 

Here’s the list (in random order) of some of what we think are the best affiliate programs (aka 'players') in the industry:

  1. DropFunnels
  2. Active Campaign
  3. Jasper AI Tool
  4. Elegant Themes
  5. Shopify
  6. SamCart
  7. SocialPilot
  8. Google Workspace (G Suite)
  9. ConvertKit
  10. GetResponse
  11. Aweber
  12. SemRush

We'll dive into these recurring income products as we go on, discuss why it's worth your time to promote them, and how much you can earn from promoting them.

But before we get into it.

You might be wondering…

What are the best affiliate programs to join?

There's gazillions of affiliate (or referral) programs out there. As affiliate marketers, we certainly have our pick.

To be honest, I couldn't say which is the best affiliate program for you to start with. I'm sure some of great tools on this page will stimulate some ideas though.

You need to work out which ones you resonate with. Then hatch a plan.

I personally use DropFunnels, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and a few others so that's one reason I promote them.

One of the best ways to get clear on your whole affiliate marketing strategy is to watch Miles 'no BS' Beckler's free training on YouTube...

He has an hour long plus video just on getting your affiliate marketing strategy down.

Miles recommends doing it like this:

  1. Commit to an audience...
  2. Research the exact phrases and questions they are Googling...
  3. Create helpful content for them that answers their questions or helps them learn how to do what they're searching for.

Others recommend you just master the power of one.

One niche⁣, one offer⁣ and one method of lead generation.

When I say one I mean one.

With multiple website in different niches I've always found it to be a nightmare knowing which one to focus on!

Scroll down this page and in some of the images you might notice a pattern.

I had one niche and I was powering along with Shopify...

Then I jumped to the next shiny thing and shifted my focus entirely.

I didn't MASTER the power of one.

Got distracted by a million strategies and shiny things.⁣

Putting all this time in and not seeing results straight away hurts... especially when  creative entrepreneurs (like us) are always looking to pounce on opportunities!

So if you take anything away from this then I guess the key is to publish helpful content for other people. And focus totally on doing that.

Too many of us make the mistake of chasing the cash.

Me too! 🙂

I get it. Most of us want to get cash flow coming in fast.

I say - do the difficult thing, and make it count.

Commit to creating value for others.

Independent creators (like you) will take over the world, it's just a matter of time. 🙂

Now let's get into it...

affiliate programs - active campaign
A glimpse into my affiliate earnings from ActiveCampaign.

What is recurring income?

What is recurring income, or residual, passive income?

It's just a fancy way of saying do the “work” once, and get “returns” for months. (Or years!)

We can compare it to a 'one-time sale' where you might earn a commission for selling one product, like on Amazon, for example.

You can do both - but I prefer the recurring type of commission.

It's a better use of your time.

You're going to spend the same amount of time promoting the product anyways, right?

See, the great thing about being an affiliate is that you just need to send people to the product or service that best fits their needs.

It's basically a 'zero effort' way to close the deal.

The product or service then works its magic with an arsenal of marketing materials and clever sales copy to do the rest.

But anyhoo...

I think we're ready for those affiliate programs with recurring commissions, yes?

Affiliate programs with recurring commissions

In no particular order.

Like I mentioned, after some trial and error, you'll work out what resonates best with you.

There's gazillions more programs like this in the marketplace, in almost every possible niche you can think of.

These are just the ones that I am most familiar with. 🙂

What’s that you say?

Can a funnel builder tool also be a great blogging tool?

Well, I’m using DropFunnels for this post you’re reading right now!

With a name like 'DropFunnels' you might think it's all about 'sales funnels,' and that's understandable. But there's way more to it than that.

It's actually an all-in-one marketing system - built on WordPress (and WordPress has been referred to as the fastest and most popular infrastructure on earth!)

dropFunnels affiliate program
DropFunnels includes sales funnels, fast load speeds, SEO, posts, pages and way more...

With DropFunnels, you get unlimited everything: pages, users, hybrid funnels, membership courses, leads, SMS-ability, sales, SEO, link-trackers, posts...

It's also all drag and drop simple - no coding, no tech, no programmers, no themes, no plugins (and crashed websites!), no hosting, and no headache.

Grab a free trial here to see for yourself.

Or just promote DropFunnels as an affiliate! (Like I do!)

I recommend using the tools you promote (or at least giving them a good go!), as it’s then much easier to SHOW why it’s so good, and inspire others while you’re at it! 🙂

best marketing tools

Why promote DropFunnels?

DropFunnels is fast loading, all-in-one sales funnel / SEO website builder tool that runs on WordPress. It's a marketing tool that could benefit online entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, bloggers and work from homers (etc) because they can have an authority website online quickly without much technical know how needed.

What is the affiliate commission?

DropFunnels affiliate program pays out 30% recurring commission for each referred customer. More details available here.

How much can you earn?

You get 30% of each payment plan. That looks a bit like this:

- Lite plan ($49.00 a month), you earn $14.70 a month.

- Starter plan ($97.00 a month), you earn $29.10 a month.

- Agency plan ($297.00 a month), you earn $89.10 a month.

Made with the idea of giving business owners the ease of keeping in touch with their customers, ActiveCampaign specialises in email marketing, sales CRM (customer relationship management) and is the king of automation!

ActiveCampaign offers up to 30% in affiliate commission. To be an ActiveCampaign affiliate you need to be a signed up user. In other words, you need to be actually using ActiveCampaign yourself.

Although there's many other email tools out there (Aweber, ConvertKit, Drip, etc), ActiveCampaign have really hit the automation nail on the head.

affiliate programs with recurring commissions
Active Campaign has been a great affiliate program for me!

Write emails, drop them into an automation, choose what day, date and precise time you want customers to receive them, and good old Active Campaign will flick out those emails over the next 6 months or so, totally on autopilot! 🙂

Want to help your peeps write great email subject lines? Simply refer them to Active Campaign's free email subject line generator (with your unique affiliate link attached).

Like I just did. 🙂

best marketing tools

Why promote ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is email marketing with advanced personalisation and amazing automation capabilities. They are adapting machine learning and use predictive sending and predictive content to send the right message to the right person at the right time. They also have a great education team and deep dive tutorials.

What is the ActiveCampaign affiliate commission?

The ActiveCampaign affiliate program pays out 20-30% recurring commission for each referred subscription price paid. More details available here.

How much can you earn?

If a new customer pays $100 this month, you earn $20.00. If they pay $1000 a month, you earn $200.00, every single month, as long as they stay an ActiveCampaign customer.

We dived into using an AI tool called Jasper to help write faster and better content in this post: Is this the greatest AI blog writing tool ever invented?

Now sure, there's probably other AI tools out there that do a similar thing but wow, I LOVE using Jasper.

AI tools are the future of content writing online! And if your process includes writing blogs like I'm doing, then you always need content!

But writing good (1500+ words) content takes a lot of time.

Plus it can cost quite a bit if you are hiring writers...

AI blog writing tool
The Jasper AI blog writing tool is freakin' amazing!

Unless you leverage this new AI technology to get your writing done for you.

Hey - I use it! (The robots are friendly to your needs!) 🙂

You can actually use this AI technology to crank out perfectly optimised blog posts, long form articles, Youtube video scripts, Facebook ads, and way more.

I'm so pumped about the potential of AI tools I thought it would be smart to promote Jasper as an affiliate. I'd encourage you to do the same!

jasper ai tool

Why promote the Jasper AI tool?

You may be wondering what (or who) is Jasper? The answer is: artificial intelligence trained to write original, creative content. Jasper has 'studied' the best writers out there (and read 10% of the internets) so he can help create original content that ranks in search, finish drafts quicker, end writer's block, scale up your marketing, write better copy and way more. So if you have clients who make money from writing... then introduce them to Jasper AI!

What is the Jasper AI tool affiliate commission?

The Jasper AI affiliate program pays 30% recurring commission for each referred customer, plus offers an enticing 10,000 bonus credits when your customer signs up. Click here for more information.

How much can you earn?

30% of the price:

- Starter plan @ $29.00 a month (you earn $8.70 a month).

- Boss Mode plan @ $99.00 a month (you earn approx $29.70 a month).

Your earnings can depend on how many words a person might need every month - and this can go ballistic quickly! 🙂

Elegant Themes is a WordPress-based theme maker that has been around for 10+ years. You might even know them better as the company who made the Divi theme. To this point in time, they've released 87 themes and 5 plugins.

Their Divi WordPress theme is the most widely used premium WordPress theme in the world (according to them). It definitely looks the part. Divi allows you to build and design beautiful websites without touching code and using too many plugins!

They use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual editor that allows a person to create spectacular designs with ease and efficiency.

You can also do split testing, integrate social media, sell products using the popular  WooCommerce integration, and many other delightful things!

ElegantThemes has a popular WordPress theme called Divi.

There’s a reason why Divi is a popular theme; it works!

Elegant Themes has 2 plans, yearly access at $89.00 and lifetime access for $249.00. For that reason, they offer a higher-than-most affiliate commission of 50%.

Technically speaking, ElegantThemes doesn't quite fit into our agenda of affiliate programs with recurring commissions, because it is a one-time commission payment.

Having said that... they have over 30,000 affiliates and pay out over $3 million commissions annually, and the amount you earn per sale just for recommending a WordPress theme is a good incentive.

wordpress theme builder

Why promote Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes is a super popular WordPress theme that includes the Divi builder plugin, magazine themes, email and social media plugins. They have a whole bunch of premade websites and layouts as well as a drag and drop builder.

What is the Elegant Themes affiliate commission?

Whenever you send a new visitor to Elegant Themes they're tracked which means you can then see your traffic statistics (as in, how many people go through your link and visit the Elegant Themes website). If this person purchases any ElegantThemes products, you get 50% of the sale.

How much can you earn?

Yearly access @ $89.00 so you earn $44.50 per sale.

Lifetime access @ $249.00 so you earn $124.50 per sale.

Elegant Themes is not recurring income in the sense you won't get paid every month. You receive a one-off payment. Having said that, the one-off payment is still pretty good. 🙂

You've heard of Shopify, right?

Shopify is the behemoth of selling products online. Calling themselves as the “Best E-Commerce Platform Made For You”, Shopify doesn’t joke around with that statement.

Boasting over 800,000 merchants powered and over 1 Billion revenue in 2018 (probably a LOT more now), they sure are loved by their merchants. There’s a high chance you are already familiar with them.

People sell things all the time. Shopify simplifies the process of making an ecommerce website. If you have an audience that wants to sell products online, they might be a great target for Shopify.

Can you see what's going on in the image below?

I was doing great as a Shopify affiliate for 3 strong years, then got a bit lazy with my promotions! Consistency is everything in this game! 🙂

Shopify is one of the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

Shopify pays handsomely for each new subscription, called a bounty. Shopify gives you the full amount of whatever the merchant paid in the first and the second month.

If they paid $9 and $17 during the first and second months, then Shopify pays you $26.

The most expensive plan costs about $2,000 per month, called Shopify Plus. They still give you the full amount, but one time only, no second month. Sad to say you won’t make another dime after two months have passed.

Or you can opt for the Shopify development store referrals which will give you 20% of their current monthly subscription fee for as long they are still paying to subscribe.

shopify ecommerce website

Why promote Shopify?

Shopify basically powers millions of businesses worldwide. Originating from a store selling snowboards online over ten years ago, it's now known as an all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business. Shopify is one platform that lets you sell wherever your customers are - whether that's online, in-person, or anywhere else.

Shopify has 70+ customisable, responsive themes, a drag-and-drop store builder, custom domains, plus you can create your store without coding or design skills.

As a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores (free Shopify stores that can be used to develop a store for your client). Setting up a development store and handing it off to your client allows you to earn a recurring commission.

What is the Shopify affiliate commission?

The Shopify Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers and content creators who inspire and teach their audience about entrepreneurship with Shopify. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetise your audience and earn commissions from each new Shopify merchant referral. However, to join the Shopify affiliate program you really need to own and run an active website and have an established audience.

What is the Shopify affiliate commission?

You're eligible to receive a commission for merchants that you refer to a paid Shopify plan through your affiliate link. There is no maximum number of merchants you can refer because Shopify wants you to earn as much as possible. 🙂

How can you earn as a Shopify affiliate?

The sky is the limit with Shopify! You could make a full time income pretty much from just promoting Shopify!

SamCart creates really cool ecommerce sales pages...

If you want the technical version then... “SamCart is a web-based checkout platform that features conversion-optimised checkout templates along with 1-click upsell, order bump, subscription and payment plan capabilities that are designed to maximize profits from every sale.”

In other words, if you're selling stuff and you want to sell more, and optimise the things you're selling, then take a peek at SamCart. 🙂

They have a drag and drop builder, pre designed templates, allow you to sell in any language or currency, allow one-touch purchases through Apple Pay or Google Pay (etc), and let you add your own custom domain to every sales page too.

The owner, Brian Moran, understands the importance of the checkout process and focused on lowering the cart abandonment rate as low as possible from his service.

launch digital product samcart
Samcart is one of the top affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

How is SamCart different to Shopify?

SamCart is purely a high-optimised checkout platform, and Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce store for selling your stuff.

Both can be helpful to your audience, depending on what your audience wants! If your peeps want to sell things online then a Shopify ecommerce store might be a good fit.

Or maybe they want a great checkout page. Then SamCart might be the solution.

samcart shopping cart

Why promote Samcart?

SamCart is a really cool ecommerce platform that integrates with just about everything on the market (WordPress, Stripe, Paypal, Drip etc). People who are selling things online want an easy way to boost conversions, maximise customer value and run their business without worrying about technology. That's where SamCart fits. They go way deeper with the checkout page - advanced subscriptions, cart abandonment, your own affiliates, one-click upsells and more.

What is the Samcart affiliate commission?

SamCart have different plans - Launch, Grow and Scale. Here's what they cost per month:

Launch @ $49.00 / month (simple one page website)

Grow @ $99.00 / month (more conversion features and integrations)

Scale @ $199.00 / month (everything for selling at scale)

What can you earn?

You can earn up to $995.00 for each new SamCart user you sign up. All your commissions (up to 40%) are recurring year after year too.

We’ve found that those that love SamCart and have an audience of business owners have the most success, but you can see massive success even if that’s not your audience. You can crush it if you’re willing to work hard and use the high-converting assets we provide, even if your audience is small. (- SamCart)

Ever wanted to be a more productive social media marketer? (Me too!)

You can do this with SocialPilot.

SocialPilot basically brings all your social publishing, reporting and engaging activities to one dashboard so you can save time and effort.

Instead of the odd Twitter post here and there (ahem), a few Facebook posts, touching base on Instagram now and then, you can sort of 'automate' the whole thing. 🙂

In fact you could schedule a whole month’s worth of posts (up to 500) if you wanted to do that too. You can also share important time-sensitive posts immediately or schedule them by adding a date and time manually.

Although there's other social marketing tools out there too - like Buffer ($99/month), Sendible ($99/month) or HootSuite ($129/month) - SocialPilot flies under the radar at only $50/month.

And the thing is - who doesn't use some kind of social marketing to get eyeballs onto our business?

SocialPilot is particularly good if you have clients who want you to handle their social media marketing.

If your method involves promoting clients through social media then the SocialPilot affiliate program might be a good fit.

social pilot marketing tool

Why promote SocialPilot?

SocialPilot calls itself the number 1 social media scheduling and publishing tool. Sure, there's others, but SocialPilot costs quite a lot less and offers the same, if not more, curation tools. Using a social marketing tool like this also saves you (and especially your clients) time and effort. Add your social media accounts, post your updates and start to see increased engagement and leads.

What is the SocialPilot affiliate commission?

You get 30% recurring commission for each referred customer. Curious? Check out their 14 day free trial here. You get 1000 posts daily, 200 social accounts, social media calendar, bulk scheduling and way more.

How much can you earn?

It depends on the plan so lets run the numbers:

- Small Team plan @ $42.50 / month, you'd earn $12.75 / month.

- Studio plan @ $85.00 / month, you'd earn $25.50 / month.

- Agency plan @ $127.50 / month, you'd earn $38.25 / month.

That's on the yearly plans. The monthly plans are slightly more pricey (which means you'd earn more too). 🙂

Ever used Google G Suite or Gmail?

Maybe the question should be - who doesn't uses Gmail? 🙂

It's easy to get a little nonchalant about the suite of fantastic productivity tools that are under the mighty Google umbrella.

Google has evolved over time and after going through a few name changes (which can be frustrating for affiliates!) they are now known as Google Workspace.

They have some pretty cool productivity, software and collaboration tools that you can personally use as well as promoting as an affiliate.

google workspace affiliate
Google Workspace has a recurring affiliate program too.

These productivity tools allow you to run your business like a seasoned professional, set up custom emails (ie; personalised email address at your domain like [email protected]), share files securely online, video chat from any device and more.

You mightn't think that Google would have an affiliate program but it does, and it's a pretty good one too. There were some early day hiccups but after the rebrand to Google Workspace it's been mostly happy sailing since.

Google provides tools like pre-populated templates and monthly referral codes which are handy to use in promoting as a referral partner.

Just understand that they're quite a large company (!) so you're somewhat on your own when promoting their wares. 🙂

best marketing tools

Why promote Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is great to promote because almost everyone knows Google, so they have incredible brand recognition. Many of us use Google Docs, gmail, Google slides or Google chat and so forth. Google Workspace have a 14 day trial so your customers can try them out to get an idea of the value first.

What is the Google Workspace affiliate commission?

Google Workspace plans start at AU$8.40 per user per month (Business Starter), AU$16.80 per user per month (Business Standard), and AU$25.20 per user per month for Business Plus. The cool thing about promoting productivity and software tools like Workspace is that people tend to stay with them for a long time. That means you could be earning a recurring income for a long time!

What is the Google Workspace affiliate payout?

The Google Workspace payout is based on the plans. It ranges from AU$10.00 to AU$29.00 per user per plan. In my books it's great to promote because it's very handy - many people could really use a professional email, especially if they don't yet have a website. More details here.

ConvertKit is a full-featured email service provider (ESP) created by Nathan Barry. Over time it's metamorphed into a creator marketing platform - kind of built for creatives like writers, artists, authors, designers, and so forth.

It allows people to grow their audience with beautiful landing pages and sign up forms, use email editors and sales funnels, and sell digital products and subscriptions with no technical needs required.

Thanks to its ease of use, automation and other features, it's one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies around. It also offers customisable sign-up forms and landing pages to help bring in more email subscribers.

convertkit affiliate insight
My ConvertKit leads depend on how I promote them!

One thing ConvertKit have that might entice affiliates to promote is a free landing page builder like this one. The idea is that the user will (hopefully) upgrade to a paid plan at a later stage. 🙂

ConvertKit can be a good fit for people who are not quite ready to pay for a fully functioning email tool yet.

I've been yapping on about why ConvertKit is a good option to ClickFunnels (probably a good angle of approach to take btw) in my Quora posts and I've managed to get a few folks engaged with ConvertKit from it.

convertkit pricing plans

Why promote ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a good fit for creatives (artists, work from home folks, designers, musicians, authors, etc) as it has low barrier to entry - a completely free landing page builder which is actually really good. You can be live within minutes, use your own domain, and edit the templates to your heart's content - no strings attached!

What is the ConvertKit affiliate commission?

For each referral through your unique link, you earn a recurring 30% of each payment ConvertKit receives from that customer. More details here.

How much can you earn?

ConvertKit have plans for every stage of the creative journey. How much you'll get paid for referring people to them depends on how many email subscribers someone has. For example:

If someone has 1000 subscribers then this is how the numbers look:

- Free plan @ 0$ a month. You earn a happy feeling on this. 🙂

- Creator plan @ $25.00 a month. You'd earn $7.50 a month.

- Creator Pro plan @ $50.00 a month so you'd earn $15.00 a month.

When you happen to refer someone to ConvertKit who just happens to have an email list of 95,000 people then the numbers look like this:

- Creator plan = $516.00 a month so you'd pocket $154.80 a month.

- Creator Pro plan = $673.00 a month so you'd pocket $202.00 a month.

GetResponse is another email marketing tool that offers a website builder, marketing automation, conversion funnels and way more.

They also have a bunch of free marketing tools which could be helpful to clients (especially if they are just starting out), like the GetResponse free-forever plan (no credit card required btw).

In some ways, GetResponse is similar to ConvertKit although the latter is more focused on creatives - authors, writers, designers and so on.

The GetResponse affiliate program pays out 33% every month.

GetResponse's free plan (up to 500 contacts) allows you to have a landing page, website builder and custom domain. Their other plans add more functions like autoresponders, sales funnels, webinars, ecommerce features and so on.

Paid monthly, this is how that looks:

Basic plan @ $15.00 / month (1000 contacts).

Plus plan @ $49.00 / month (1000 contacts).

Professional plan @ $99.00 / month (1000 contacts).

Once you get more contacts the plan pricing naturally goes up.

The cool thing is that GetResponse pays 33% every month in recurring affiliate commissions, as well as a $100.00 upfront commission as an affiliate bounty.

That word 'bounty' has a nice ring to it, eh? 🙂

getresponse email marketing tool

Why promote GetResponse?

GetResponse is pretty funky when it comes to choices for affiliates. You can choose to get your commission recurring or upfront, they have an AI driven website builder, they pay you 33% every month, and they'll slip you a cool $100.00 affiliate bounty for every sale you make. But what are they exactly?

GetResponse is a complete all-in-one online marketing platform, offering powerful, simplified tools to send emails, create a website, webinars and automate all of your marketing. (- GetResponse)

If you're an affiliate, freelancer, blogger (yay!), content creator, marketing expert or consultant, Youtuber, digital entrepreneur (etc), then you may find GetResponse to be an excellent digital marketing solution for either yourself or clients.

What is the GetResponse affiliate commission?

GetResponse pays 33% every month in recurring affiliate commissions, as well as a $100.00 upfront commission as an affiliate bounty. (They are two different affiliate programs and you can sign up for both if you want). There are no limits on how much you can make. The more referrals that convert through your affiliate link, the more you’ll earn. 🙂

How much can you earn?

On the Professional plan you'd earn around $33.00 / month, if the person has 1000 contacts. (33% of $99.00). If they have say, 50,000 contacts, on that same plan, you'd pocket $122.00 / month. (33% of $370.00). Pretty good eh?

Not another email marketing tool! 🙂

I've listed a few on this page but the fact is that when it comes to affiliate programs with recurring commissions, email tools really take the cake. And Aweber has a looong history of doing email marketing too.

But why use Aweber? Well... they are a little different to the rest. You can use Canva (great design tool btw) to add designs inside your Aweber account, build simple automations, landing pages, funnels and way more.

Stock images, drag and drop simplicity, segmentations, tagging, and other tools make Aweber an attractive email tool for either yourself or your clients.

Aweber pays up to 50% referral on new signups.

They also have a free plan for those starting out which includes landing pages, email templates, ecommerce functionality, and more. Their Aweber Pro plan starts at $16.50 a month (500 subscribers) and goes up to $146.15 a month for 10K plus subscribers.

So how does this help you?

Because Aweber also pays you up to 50% on referrals which is quite likely the highest referral payout in the industry.

In terms of numbers, if you refer 50 people to Aweber and each sign up for a $19.99 / month plan (and continue paying), you'll earn a tidy sum of $6000.00 a year.

What are you waiting for? 🙂

Go check out Aweber right now!

best marketing tools

Why promote Aweber?

Aweber pays one of the highest referral payouts in the industry (up to 50%) and it's super easy to get started as an affiliate (called advocates). Just sign up here, grab your referral link and start sharing it (in an ethical manner of course!)

You start on 30% commissions, then as you refer more people (within a 12 month period), you go to 40% commissions, then up to 50% commissions. This could be quite a nice payday especially if you are consistent and a little hungry. 🙂

Aweber also has what they call the 'advocate's toolkit' which includes re-postable content, statistics, success tips and more for anyone who wants to promote them.

What is the Aweber affiliate commission?

30% commission and as you refer more people you can go to 40% commission, then up to 50% commission. Hey - the world's your oyster!

How much can you earn?

This all depends on how many people you can sign up to the Aweber email tool! Just tell them - hey, Aweber has been around since the days when we used modems to access the internet! They have amazing support, a great all-in-one solution that includes landing pages and proven templates, and way more. 🙂

As I'm sure you know by now, SEO (search engine optimisation) is any action done to improve the visibility (ranking) of a website when searching for something on a search engine like Google.

Sites that show up in the search result don’t get there randomly. They worked their websites by following the ‘rules’ to beat other websites and be on top.

Semrush sells its service as a SEO tool to help people do their SEO better and faster. It does keyword research, tracks keyword strategies used by the competition, analyses on-page aspect of SEO, site audits, backlink lookups, and way more.

Semrush has earned itself a place as one of the top SEO tools on the market, and is definitely worth looking into if you have clients that could use help in this area!

semrush affiliate program

Why promote Semrush?

Semrush is an online "visibility management platform" that exists to make sure you (or your clients) get measurable results from your marketing. 7 million marketers worldwide currently use Semrush, they have 45+ tools and seamless integration with Google and other task management platforms. With one platform you can measure, check, research and grow your traffic whether that's SEO, PPC, content, social media or just competitive research. Semrush gives you the statistics you need to track your marketing strategies, and way more, so for some businesses it's a super valuable tool.

What is the Semrush affiliate commission?

I thought Semrush had a recurring commission referred system but it seems to be now a 'pay to join' model. It is quite generous though - $200.00 for every new Semrush subscription (montjly or annually), $10.00 for every trial activation, plus a small amount ($0.01) for every new signup. But there are a few caveats: Semrush prefers you to have at least 1K traffic / followers, as well as regularly update your blog (posting at least one to three times a week). 🙂

How much can you earn?

You earn $200.00 for every new Semrush subscription sale; $10.00 for every new trial activation; and $0.01 for every new signup.


Having the right game plan and long and short term expectations is key

Knowing what kind of audience you have is the first step to choosing what will be the product you promote.

Don’t have an audience? Start building one. (Hit up Miles Beckler on Youtubes like I mentioned to get his expertise on that).

I got to tell you though...

This stuff is not exactly easy.

Expect a long dry drout before the rains come.

My friend Spencer Mecham suggests you "make an offer everyday and put out content everyday" which is genius advice.

Yep, it's hard to do that too.

But... everything is hard before it's easy. 🙂

You can create social media and Youtube accounts to promote your content. Post things on those sites every day or so - or take a step further by establishing your own website.

Pick one thing you want to promote and get started now.

Russell Brunson made this observation:

This generation is drowning in information but starving for motivation. Sometime all it takes is to start.

You got this!